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Artiste Brush Cleaner helps to keep brushes hygienically clean. Used between makeovers, this brush cleaner also improves longevity by extending the condition of the brushes.


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Best in it's price range

This brush cleaner works really well for any type of makeup on any kind of brush. It's really effective so the product comes off the brush fast and means that you don't have to wipe it a hundred times as with some other brands (which keeps the bristles in place). I love the spray bottle rather than just a lid which usually wastes a lot of product. Handy size to use for travel and store in your makeup kit.

I've used this plenty of times and still have so much left in the bottle so it's really affordable.

The scent of alcohol is very strong so beware of using this with a hangover lol. I'm not sure whether the amount of alcohol used in this will effect the quality/softness of my brushes after a long period of time but so far so good.


For caked on product like foundation, spray the cleaner directly onto the brush first rather than onto a tissue.



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Does the job but stinks

As I get more and more into makeup, I figured best to keep my few brushes in tip top condition. This was the best deal at the time, so I went with it. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but while it does what it says it will in a super easy way, the smell is just so strong and lingers for so long after everything is dry and the bottle is put away, even in a ventilated room.


Use with wide open windows in a well ventilated space, and appreciate the scent of vanilla essence.



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this is a great brush cleaner. simply spray on tissue and clean brushes. Never spray directly onto brush thou as residue can be left behind. Dries really quick. good price and lasts for ages.



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Pretty decent

I use this brush cleaner for spot cleaning and I find that it does the job in a couple of sprays. I use it everyday after doing my makeup and it does the job. The only negative is that the smell is very over powering and smells like alcohol.



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Effecitve brush cleaner

This brush cleaner is great for spot cleaning and I find a few sprays gets my brushes clean. My only beef with it is it has a very strong, overpowering smell so I would suggest using this at the very end of your makeup routine so you can leave the room once you're done cleaning!


spritz a papertowel with the solution for smaller brushes so the solution is getting on the actual brush head. for larger brushes spray directly onto them and wipe clean



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Good cleaner

This is a good brush cleaner. My only negative on this product is the smell. It smells like alcohol and it is not very appealing. Probably will not repurchase for this reason.



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great and affordable

Love this brush cleaner, I use it religiously on my make-up brushes every day. It is quite effective for everyday use and does a wonderful job.


For thicker makes products such as concealer and foundation, you will still need to wash your brushes properly on a regular basis as this won't entirely clean the brush but will help to refresh it and not cake layers of it on the brush.



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Good product, smells great

I use this almost everyday on my brushes and it keeps them nice and clean for me. Spray a couple of times on a tissues and swipe your brushes across it and it loosens all the makeup from them with ease. Dries very quickly and has a lovely vanilla scent. Just bought my second bottle - lasts pretty well with frequent uses too.



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Does a good job

I read about this on the BH site and I have never tried a brush cleaner before. I find this very easy to use. I hold the brush against a paper towel, spray onto the brush a couple of times, then wipe the brush with the paper towel and stand the brush - or lay it flat - to dry. Judging from the amount of makeup that comes off onto the paper towel, I'd say this is doing a very good job. You can definitely smell the alcohol, so I let the brush dry off overnight before using it again. There is a kind of coconutty fragrance to it as well, but it's overpowered by the alcohol. Would definitely recommend this.



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Quick alcohol-based brush cleaner

This is a very easy to use spray, I just spray it onto a flannel and onto the brush I want to clean and rub the brush gently until all traces of makeup are gone. It cleans very effectively and the alcohol in this disinfects the brush.

It has a very faint vanilla scent but the alcohol smell is STRONGGG and can be a bit sickening... personally I can deal with the scent because its cheap and works well.


Spray in a ventilated area, don't rub brushes too hard. Re-shape brushes immediately after cleaning them.

Ideal for

Quick, on the go brush cleaning.

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