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Bamboo Bronzer Brush

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Eco Tools Bamboo Bronzer Brush features a bamboo handle and 100% cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles. Housed in a recycled aluminum ferrule reusable storage pouch.
To use, glide brush across pressed or loose bronzer and tap off excess.


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Natural is best

I have to confess I am not really a make-up brush connoisseur however I really did enjoy using the EcoTools Bronzer Brush!
What got me first was the affordable price tag as it wasn't some ridiculous cost of $60 like higher end brands are nor was it the cheapest of the cheap.
What I found was a sturdy, soft and quality brush which picks up a fair amount of make-up without being drowned in it or not picking up any at all. On application I found it to glide across my skin easily while still being able to build up the product without going cakey, clowny or depositing make-up on one spot. Not only is it good for bronzer but just as a general buffing brush or even blush if you wanted.
Although it is a small part, I really like the bamboo handle and aluminium bit because it feels durable and long-lasting. Have been using it for quite a while now and will continue using it until the bristles fall out! (which seems to be never! Joking by the way!)
It's easy to clean as I just rinse it with some warm water and some baby shampoo leaving the brush clean and soft again. To dry, I try and pat most of the water in the brush on a towel and then leave it with my other brushes on laying sideways so the water can be absorbed.
Would definitely repurchase and recommend to a newbie or a pro.


Clean the brush every so often to avoid build up. Don't overload with product.

Ideal for

Make-up beginners or proffessionals!



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Love it!

Ecotools has made outstanding brushes and this is no exception. This is an excellent multipurpose brush that I use for pressed or loose powder and for quickly covering large areas of my face when I apply foundation or BB cream. It hasn't shed on me at all (I've had this for 4 months) and it feels soft on my face. It's very affordable as well and in this case, affordable doesn't mean bad quality. This is a must-have product.



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AMAZING for powder

I love this for pressed powder, powder blush and bronzers! It is the softest thing ever (yet still gives you control) and I love caressing it haha, I use it for all my powder application in one go - usually foundation with blush or blush and bronzer, it's fabulous.

I buy mine off iHerb where it's cheaper but wouldn't mind paying the $18 RRP here in Australia. Grerat job Eco Tools!



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Eco tool - super versatile brush

I first bought this brush to use with my mineral foundation while i was waiting for my sigma brush to arrive. I like the softness and the texture of this bronzer brush. TO me, i feel that it is more like a versatile kabuki brush rather than a bronzer. I use it with my mineral foundation, my loose powder and last was bronzer. The brush picks up the foundation, loose powder, bronzer, etc that i use it with very well. It blends easily and the bristles are very soft.



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I think I got a dud :(

I loved this brush for applying my face powder to set my foundation. It was so soft and dense which made it super easy to powder my face. That was until it started shedding. After about 5 uses it started to shed. By the 10th time I used it I swirled it in my powder and when I was buffing the powder onto my face it feel apart! All of the bristles came off the handle and poof no more brush. Everyone gives such great reviews about this brush and I did love it before it fell apart. But no matter what price I pay for a brush I expect it to last more than only using it 10 times. I'm not heavy handed with my brushes and have never had this happen to any of my make up brushes before. It just disappointed me!



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Affordable, high quality and versatile brush!

It's absolutely insane how soft this brush feels on my skin! It's simply perfect for blending all kinds of products (not just bronzer!) while making my make-up look gorgeous and perfectly applied! I love that it's so affordable, yet can be used for various different products and purposes. I only purchased it very recently but have been using it for pretty much everything from applying blush or highlighter to contouring. I've always been a big Ecotools fan, but this brush had undoubtedly exceeded all the other products in terms of quality, usefulness and price! Absolutely love it!



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super soft and versatile brush

This brush is a versatile brush that you can use for many things. I bought this brush to use with my liquid to power foundation and mineral foundation. It works well with the foundations and the shape of the brush give you ease in handling it. I found it is quite easy to blend my foundation with this brush. Love the fact that it is cruelty free, reasonable price and easy to maintain. whats not to love?



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Soft and Dense!

I really love this brush! It is such a versatile brush. I use it for powder, to buff in foundation, to apply bronzer for hint of colour or to apply matte bronzer to contour my cheek bones.

The brush is so soft and it is so dense that it buffs out and blends out products really evenly. I love using it to contour as it buffs out the harsh contour lines and makes my contouring look more natural.



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Not just for bronzer!

I bought this brush after reading reviews, and YES it lives up to the hype! I LOVE this brush for foundation - I used to use a stippling brush but this eclipses it completely. I also use this brush to buff the edges of my blush, and for setting powder - it really does so many things, and does them well.

A tip for washing this brush - DO NOT leave this brush to dry with the bristles pointing up - the water trickles down into the ferrule and loosens the glue, which shortens the life of the brush. (This is true of ALL brushes.) I wash this with baby shampoo, then gently wring as much water out as possible, while shaping the bristles with my hands. I lie the brush on its side, with the brush head over the side of a bench (somewhere it won't get knocked!). I'd love to dry it upside down, but I haven't quite figured out a way to do that yet!

Steph Speth


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Most versatile brush

This brush has replaced about 4 in my collection on a daily basis. I use it to buff out my foundation, apply mineral makeup, apply bronzer, blend out cheek products, apply blush and blend everything down to the neck. I really don't know what I'd do without this brush now!

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