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MAC Fix+ is a blend of vitamin and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber. The spritz has a natural scent of sugi and helps set makeup.


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Great product that gives my makeup a natural look.

I enjoy wearing mineral foundation. Sometimes I find my mineral powder foundation doesn't buff into my skin properly and just sits in the surface, This makes my makeup look really unnatural.
To fix this problem I used MAC's Fix + . It does an amazing job of making my makeup look natural.
It sets my foundation in place making it longwearing and it makes my foundation look so natural as if I have never worn any makeup.
It makes my cakey foundation look smooth and flawless.
I also found that whenever I spray this on my foundation it doesn't transfer onto my clothes so basically it just seals my makeup.
I love the spray dispenser. It means I can just spray it on without disrupting my makeup application.
It is really hydrating and I enjoy the fine mist sprayed onto my face especially on hot days.
really recommend if you want your foundation to last all day without smudging as well as give your foundation a smooth natural look.


spray sparingly ontop of your makeup and let it dry naturally.
I found it worked best when I used a mineral powder foundation.



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Great product!

It did seem a little ridiculous to me that this was $25 for a small spray bottle of water however i decided to go for it anyway as it had such good reviews and it didn't disappoint! It spays such a nice fine mist so your make-up doesn't get destroyed, it smells so nice and its so refreshing especially in summer. It doesn't, in my opinion, make my make-up last any longer but it does stop a cakey finish when using a heavy power and gives a dewy look.


spray this before using anything like eyeliner or mascara or it'll be running down your face.. i leant this the hard way!



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Amazing product!

I purchased this originally as it was used on me by an artist at MAC for a professional application - they set my face with this and I woke up the morning after my event with my makeup as perfect as it was when applied. I continued to use it as a setting spray, it worked to remove cakeiness from my skin and to even out my makeup and help it stay all day.

After a tip from a friend I recently started using this on my eyeshadow brush to increase pigmentation and it's absolutely incredible! It increases the pigmentation of every shadow I've used it with better than normal water, and helps the true colour stay and stand out on my eyes throughout the day.

I've also used it on my brush before applying baked products from other brands, as well as on my Mineralize Skin Finishes and it helps increase the colour payoff


Use for eyeshadow and baked products. Buy the Sized to Go on the mac website for a trial. Get the original Fix+ if you can, the mineralize version isn't the same

Ideal for

Setting makeup, increasing eyeshadow opacity and wear



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Perfect for dewy skin

Although it's not the setting spray which it's often mistaken for, MAC Fix + is an amazing product with many uses. You can use it as a base, or after make-up and it gives you a beautiful glowy look. It also helps with oxidisation and is great to spray on after a few hours of wear as a pick me up.



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Holy Grail product!

I always heard people raving about this but I've never tried it until last month, when I got a gift card and purchased a bottle. Oh my god - if you have dry skin, you need this! It takes away all the flakiness and cakiness, and leaves your skin with a dewy finish. It also sets your makeup so you don't have to worry about hugging people and leaving marks on their clothes. I'm also really loving that it's only a dollar or two more expensive than MAC Fix+ in the USA- excellent job MAC!



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Doesn't make my makeup last longer but takes away cakiness

This is actually one of the more affordable and better-value-for-money Mac products in Australia. It is a lightweight hydrating spray with a pleasant smell that takes away the powdery/cakey look of makeup and leaves you looking naturally dewy. I don't believe this makes my foundation last longer and for some reason, it has a tendency to muck up my eyeliner and eyeshadow so I usually spray this after I have 'put on my face' but not my eyes and lips. I like how strong the spray is and how evenly the mist is distributed and I almost feel like keeping the bottle instead of doing a back2mac. It dries to a slightly tacky finish (like freshly applied foundation) on the skin, which I'm not particularly fond of, but it does seem to make my makeup more smudge-proof. I rarely get the cakey foundation look since most of my foundations have light-medium coverage and I usually only apply 1 layer but when I do, this really helps with blending everything in nicely.


Spray on an eyeshadow brush and pack the eyeshadow on your lids and you have the wet eyeshadow technique smack down

Ideal for

Dry/normal/combination skin. Would not recommend for oily skin as it tends to make you look quite shiny unless you're going for that look.



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Photoshop in a bottle

I was watching a makeup tutorial by Angel Merino, and he raved about it! He honestly was obsessed with Fix +. So I decided that given the great review's on here and Angel's comments I would give it a go.
It was on my wish list for my Secret Santa and I was so lucky that she gifted it to me, (Thankyou again so much)!

It honestly is amazing! It really is Photoshop in a bottle, it just makes all my makeup blend and settle. I still achieve a dewy finish whilst applying powder. It set's my face and my makeup lasts all day! No patches or red spots. It is my Holy Grail product and I cannot live without it. I have got my friends obsessed with this product as well!


You only need 1-2 sprays and it's perfect! The bottle lasts for ages!



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I never knew I needed it til I tried it

Having only recently discovered this product, I am now on to my second bottle. I started to use Fix+ as I found that my make up was not staying on throughout the day and it didn't have the refined look I was after. Now using it, I make sure that I spray a few mists when I'm finished applying my makeup. It certainly also gives your face a refreshed feeling and the smell is also really pleasant


Spray a few mists when your face needs a little refresh

Ideal for

Setting make up



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Good buy

I bought this along with the MAC Softening Lotion on the advice of a MAC makeup artist. Its designed to hydrate the skin prior to going to the park and secondly set makeup. I felt that it did give my skin a mositure boost the time that I have used it. THe product comes in a clear bottle with a spray nozzle. When used, it sprays a fine mist over the skin. I primarily use it prior to makeup application to add a boost of mosturise. Definitely worth a try.



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Dewy finish but do not overspray!

Love this finishing spray to set my makeup and get rid of the powdery foundation look. Blends all the makeup together and settles the foundation. Refreshes the skin and also has a lovely scent. The large bottle lasts quite a while as you only need 1-2 spritz for the face. Will definitely repurchase!

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