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MAC Fix+ is a blend of vitamin and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber. The spritz has a natural scent of sugi and helps set makeup.


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I never knew I needed it til I tried it

Having only recently discovered this product, I am now on to my second bottle. I started to use Fix+ as I found that my make up was not staying on throughout the day and it didn't have the refined look I was after. Now using it, I make sure that I spray a few mists when I'm finished applying my makeup. It certainly also gives your face a refreshed feeling and the smell is also really pleasant

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Good buy

I bought this along with the MAC Softening Lotion on the advice of a MAC makeup artist. Its designed to hydrate the skin prior to going to the park and secondly set makeup. I felt that it did give my skin a mositure boost the time that I have used it. THe product comes in a clear bottle with a spray nozzle. When used, it sprays a fine mist over the skin. I primarily use it prior to makeup application to add a boost of mosturise. Definitely worth a try.

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Dewy finish but do not overspray!

Love this finishing spray to set my makeup and get rid of the powdery foundation look. Blends all the makeup together and settles the foundation. Refreshes the skin and also has a lovely scent. The large bottle lasts quite a while as you only need 1-2 spritz for the face. Will definitely repurchase!

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Essential for a flawless finish

I love this product! I MAY be slightly addicted to the smell as well as the performance.
I was introduced to Fix+ a few months ago and I haven't looked back, I use a full coverage foundation and have oily combination skin. I use the Fix+ before applying my foundation, I then spray again before putting on my setting powder; add all my blush, eyeshadow, highlighter etc then spray again. My makeup lasts 10 or more hours without shifting. It is great on hot days to refresh the face.
The bottle features a slide/lock on the nozzle which is great for travel or in your handbag. A generous sized bottle for the price.

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Not the most perfect setting spray, but

I have found a way to use it that just -works-. I spray it directly on my powder brush, and then swirl it into my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. It makes the powder pretty difficult to use without it (why I chose a cheaper powder for this), but it sets the powder onto the skin, especially on the nose where I find makeup just has a tendency to go away. Love it.

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Could be better

I have been using the MAC Fix+ for close to 2 years and have found that it does assist in setting makeup. I like that when sprayed on it transforms the makeup to a finished and refined look (especially for powder). The downside of the product is that for oily skin it does not increase the longevity of the makeup - I still experience makeup being rubbed off and being patchy at the end of the day. The price is a little on the expensive side but as you do receive a large bottle it is worthwhile. Overall a good product but there is better out there.

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Great versatile product!

I love using fix plus to set my makeup, it settles powder sitting on the skin and gives your face a healthy dewy look. It can also be used for so many things, I will spray it onto an eyeshadow brush before picking up a colour and it makes it stand out so much more. For the price you get your monies worth as it lasts quite a while!

I will definitely repurchase this product :)

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Charlie B


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A handy multi-tasker

I use Fix+ nearly every day just as I am finishing my make up. I use it to remove any cakieness left by foundation or powder. It leaves a nice, natural finish to the skin (not too matter or dry). It also helps with setting my make up in place.
Other ways to use this product, include as a primer or make up refresher throughout the day. I love it.

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Perfect for a soft & smooth finish!

Having previously used powders, I found that they dried out my skin and resulted it in flaking and become extremely irritable.
I decided that I should start using a spray as I'd heard that they were a lot lighter and softer on the skin and didn't clog or irritate the skin like powders.
I purchased this spray after I had 2 friends recommend it to me. And since then it has become one of the only finishing products that I use on my skin :) It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth and ensure my make up looks great and lasts for hours and hour. One or two sprays of this product and my makeup is honestly set for an entire night. It also smells amazing and makes my skin feel so fresh and healthy.

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Everyone needs this!

I thought this would be a waste of money but decided to give it a try. I use it before applying foundation as a bit of a primer and after foundation to set it. It makes my makeup look more natural as I can sometimes be a little heavy handed with my foundation. I use it throughout the day to refresh my makeup rather than applying more. I love the lock feature of the nozzle.

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