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Swisspers Make-up Pads are a specialised cosmetic product, ideal for the removal and application of make-up, lotions, nail polish and cleansers. They are highly absorbent, ultra soft, hygenic and do not leave any messy fibres behind. The strong fibres contained in each pad prevents tearing and they are 100 per cent cotton.

$3.30 / $5.95

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80s / 160s


Selected pharmacies, supermarkets, discount department stores and Priceline.

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1800 651 146

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handy but other brands are better

makeup pads are always useful and handy for makeup removers and nail polish remover but this brand often scratches my face with the stitching around the edge, the cotton also frays at times. I would recommend the johnsons ones more

Coconut Jayne


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These USED to be great but they have changed the way they seal the pads together and now have a line of stitching around the edge. This feels scratchy and is definitely not good to remove eye make-up! The actual cotton itself is smooth and feels lovely against the skin but unfortunately this is ruined when the outside hits your skin.

Ideal for

Nails.. And only nails!

Kittens meow


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i make sure i never run out!

i use these for everything, toner, nail polish removing, make up removing - they are the best i have tried and take a lot of rubbing to fall apart. i only wish they were slightly cheaper, i tend to stock up when they are on sale.



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Used to be good

I used to love these but recently they've turned awful. They barely hold together for 2 swipes and by the time I've done half my face they're just a big mess! Won't be using these again, supermarket brand isn't great but lasts longer at half the price.



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Soft, absorbent and gentle

I use these to remove eye makeup, and to apply toner and lots of other uses not relating to makeup. They are soft, gentle and hold their shape when wet.


Use to apply antiseptic lotion to broken skin.

Ideal for

Applying any liquid to the skin.



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Must have

Swisspers cotton pads live up to the brand's image of great quality.
These are the right size and thickness and don't fall apart unlike cotton balls. I cannot live without them as I use them to remove makeup and nail polish and also for spot cleaning spills on my dresser! I always pack some while travelling too just afraid to be without them. They are awesome



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Best pads ever

I bought a 2 pack special at Priceline after reading all the great reviews here and im glad i did. Its the best beauty pads ever! Its soft and gentle on my skin and absorbs the make up remover so well i only need to put in a little of the fluid. I also use the pads to apply my skin care serums, rosehip oil and vitamin C oil. Love it. I will never use any other pads after discovering these.

Ideal for

Multi purpose - make up remover, skin care product application



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My favorite ones

I love these and use them for lots of things. Removing make-up, removing nail polish (I prefer these to cotton wool balls) and I even use them to remove excess bronzing powder if I put a bit too much on. They are good to blot off excess perspiration in the heat when you have makeup on and great value too. They are soft and strong, 100% cotton and I love them!


Discover your own

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best ever!

These are the best pads. They are soft, sleek and dont fray at all. 100% pure cotton. I use these for make up removal, toning etc. They are really sturdy and tough which is great. Much better than the cheeper coles brand version. I also like that this comes in a single (80 wipe) pack, double pack (2x 80 wipes) and a travel size (20 wipes)



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Can't live without!

These makeup pads are perfect for removing makeup and nail polish as the cotton holds together and doesn't fall apart (unlike using normal cotton wool). They also don't leave fluffy bits/fibres behind! I also use these when I'm applying eyeshadow (wet) as they allow me to mix the shadow on a damp pad.

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