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Swisspers Make-up Pads are a specialised cosmetic product, ideal for the removal and application of make-up, lotions, nail polish and cleansers. They are highly absorbent, ultra soft, hygenic and do not leave any messy fibres behind. The strong fibres contained in each pad prevents tearing and they are 100 per cent cotton.

$3.30 / $5.95

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80s / 160s


Selected pharmacies, supermarkets, discount department stores and Priceline.

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My favorite ones

I love these and use them for lots of things. Removing make-up, removing nail polish (I prefer these to cotton wool balls) and I even use them to remove excess bronzing powder if I put a bit too much on. They are good to blot off excess perspiration in the heat when you have makeup on and great value too. They are soft and strong, 100% cotton and I love them!

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best ever!

These are the best pads. They are soft, sleek and dont fray at all. 100% pure cotton. I use these for make up removal, toning etc. They are really sturdy and tough which is great. Much better than the cheeper coles brand version. I also like that this comes in a single (80 wipe) pack, double pack (2x 80 wipes) and a travel size (20 wipes)

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Can't live without!

These makeup pads are perfect for removing makeup and nail polish as the cotton holds together and doesn't fall apart (unlike using normal cotton wool). They also don't leave fluffy bits/fibres behind! I also use these when I'm applying eyeshadow (wet) as they allow me to mix the shadow on a damp pad.

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favorite makeup pads

I absolutely love these makeup pads. I use them for everything from removing nail polish to applying toner. Mine lasts twice longer because i separate it into 2 before using. They do not leave messy fibres on my face. Will forever keep purchasing these.

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good buy

I have brought these for my daughter and she said they are easy to use and good value for money. Seeing they are a reasonable price I dont mind how many she uses

Read the full review of Make-Up Pads by Wendymick.



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Best makeup removing pads

I tried these first, loved them but then decided to try a cheaper brand and the difference! These are so much better than home brand/coles brand etc. They have an edge so the cotton doesn't seperate and you don't get fibres all over your face. Really good for make up removers and toners. Very happy with this product.

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Affordable and high quality

It has two sides, one smooth and one that seem to be more scrubby,
It's perfect. Excellent quality and will not tear or disintegrate.
It's soft and wipes off any impurities as cotton pads should

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Does the Job

I love these, they are my pick when it comes to applying toner and I always have a pack handy. I like that they pads stay together and don't fall apart when using them.

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Economical and effective

I use about 4 of these a day so the price is really good, I find they work well for all uses- Removing makeup, applying toner, removing nail polish and blending bronzer.
They don't tear easily and don't leave fluffy bits all over your face either! I recommend these to all my friends and always have at least one spare pack in the cupboard!

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Great Inexpensive Makeup Removal Pads

Swisspers Make-up Pads are a really economical all cotton product that remove makeup effectively without irritating my skin. I use these for both cleansing and toning my skin and I love the fact that they don't fall apart or leave fibres on my face. The price is another bonus as they are fairly inexpensive for the quality.

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