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Swisspers Cotton Tips are 100 per cent cotton and provide gentleness, softness and absorbency. They are ideal for cosmetic application and removal, babycare and first aid. Their plastic stem provides excellent strength and flexibility and they are packaged in a unique dispensing design that allows for the hygienic removal of the tips.

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Essential Bathroom Product

I have literally been using the swisspers cotton tips my entire life, first because my mum refused to buy any other brand, and then because I realized just how good they were compared to other brands. Not only are they great for cleaning ears, but ever since I started wearing nail polish I've found that they're also great for cleaning/neatening up around the edges of my nails when I do a messy/rushed job of them. I have a suspicion that I will always have a pack of these in my cupboard.



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Beauty Staple

I always have these in my house. They are super versatile. They are made nicely so the tip is soft yet firm. They stay together really well in comparison to other ones I've tried and they don't shed fluff either.



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Great quality!

These are a staple in the bathroom and are fantastic quality. I mainly use these to remove and bits of mascara or eyeliner that smudge onto my eyes while doing makeup. They precisely remove the error quickly so I can be on my way out the door! They are also extremely soft and comfortable to use inside your ear.

Overall a great product and I will continue to re-purchase!



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Don't fall apart

These are the only cotton buds I will buy....they're affordable and great quality. These never fall apart while I'm using them...and leave half the tip in my ear...they also are sturdy and don't bend and weaken as I use them. Perfect/.



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No fluff

These tips are great as they don't fluff up or fall off during use (as happens with cheaper versions).

Ideal for

Fine makeup removal



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More expensive but worth it

Unlike other (cheaper) brands, this one:
- Doesn't snap when you put pressure on it
- Doesn't lose its cotton bud with a little winding action
- Doesn't leave fibres everywhere



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Not all cotton buds are created equal.

I've always bought Swisspers cotton buds, but more out of unthinking habit than any loyalty to the brand. Recently though I tried some budget ones... and now I won't be buying non-Swisspers buds again. The cheap ones just unwound into a mess as soon as they were being used, and some of them just had the whole cotton bud slip off the stick!
This is the sort of item that, no matter what you are using it for, your goal is dainty, direct and gentle application. Having that unravel (literally) can cause a mess.



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I love these, use them everyday after my shower to clean my ears. However the cotton part tends to come off the stick too easily.



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Nothing special

These cotton tips are nice and tightly woven, they don't fluff. However they also are not the most absorbent of cotton tips. There is adequate cotton on each stick for a range of jobs such as ears, make up fixing, nail polish tidying etc..
I did notice that the sticks on some of them were not quite strong enough and would bend at times.
I really can't see the difference between these and the no name ones I have tried. I would only repurchase these if they are on special.

Neeky Noo


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Essential in the bathroom cupboard

These are perfect, compact, strong, absorbent and do not fray too easily.
I use these for applying a direct pimple cream so as not to apply oil from my face, for cleaning up nail polish, makeup smudging and so many other things. They are cheap, convenient and have endless purposes. I love them.

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