Winter is upon us, and everyone’s wardrobes are becoming a little on the dull side as a result (admit it, you’ve gone all grey and black on us, haven’t you?). - so your make-up needs to get brighter to compensate. (It’s okay; I know it’s hard to think about rocking an on-trend orange when you’re freezing your bee-hind off!)

There are many ways you can still stand out throughout winter, without having to fork out big bucks on bright jumpers and colourful coats. Just inject a little colour into your make-up look – it’s easy! Plus, we’ve got this season’s must-have shades to try, too!

Check out how you can keep brightness in your life, even when dull and dreary winter kicks in. (Caution: there’s a very big possibility you will get hooked on colourful cosmetics after this – but don’t worry, you don’t need a paintbrush loaded up with bright hues like the lady above for this one.)

  • - Lips: opt for something show-stopping. Cold months are the perfect time to bring out rich berry shades, so go for deeper hues with either a pigmented or sheer, glossy finish. Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick in 391N Fiery Attitude is perfect for adding a pop of warmth to your look.
  • - Eyes: Afraid to go the whole hog and give your eyelids a wash of blue shadow? Never fear, the four brilliant shades in the ck one colour Powder Eyeshadow Quad in Amazon can be used as liners, too, for just a hint of dazzling colour when you blink. 
  • - Cheeks: the chilly months are the perfect time to work the ‘English rose’ angle, so ditch the faux tan and embrace your fairness by working a pop of fresh, bright colour into your cheeks. We love girly pink hues for wintertime, so why not try the MeMeMe Blush Me Blush Box in Pink? 

How do you like to incorporate colour into your look?