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Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer combines the colour of a lipstick and lacquer shine of a lip gloss. The creamy conditioning formula features pure colour pigments, leaving lips vibrant and glossy. Available in eight shades: Stellar, Apocaliptic, Nova, Celestial, Solstice, Phenomenon, Nude Eclipse, Stargazer, Big Bang, Out of This World, and Luna.



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makeup newbie


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Lush vibrant colour

I LOVE this gloss. I held off for so long on buying this because I was going through a lipstick phase, but this is definitely bringing me back to the world of gloss. Firstly, it's not overly shiny. It has a nice sheen and good pigmentation. The scent is pleasant and the doe-foot shaped applicor means you only need what's on the tip without reloading. I only needed to touch up after eating but apart from that it lasted for ages.



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Slightly too sticky for my liking

I love the colour range and lasting power of these and they look great when they are on. My only problem is that they are quite sticky and just seem to get on anything that so much as touches my lips, especially my hair which is just plain annoying. But that's me just being annoying. The colours last for ages but they can be a little difficult to apply because of how bright the colours are. The packaging is also quite chic and I like the applicator.


Remember to blot!

Ideal for

any skin shade if you get the right colour!



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Bright colours difficult to pull off

I first heard of the product on Polish youtube when those lip products weren’t available in Australia. The colours blew me away and I wanted to try it. My mum was coming to Australia to visit me and I told her to get me one of them. She did. I was hoping for bright red or hot pink, but my mum chose 201 Solstice for me, which is a beigy pink, good for everyday use. The packaging is quite smart, black with one end transparent so we can see the colour of the gloss. The applicator end is carved and looks a bit like a diamond ( black diamond). The applicator itself is pretty nice and soft, but in my opinion it grabs too much of a product. One has to remember to get rid of the huge amount of the gloss before applying onto the lips. I have to say the formula is very rich and thick, although it doesn’t make the application tricky. The gloss glides on effortlessly on the lips and leaves an even layer. I have to say that the pigmentation of the product is just incredible, just like paint. Amazingly pigmented product, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. With the Solstice it is the advantage of the product as the lips are nicely accentuated. But with all of those bright shades of Apocalips that extraordinary pigmentation might cause a bit of a problem. Not a long time ago I noticed Apocalips in 303 Apocalipstic on sale in Coles, for something like 4 dollars. I didn’t think twice, I got it. The colour is an amazing dark fuchsia. I loved it swatched on the hand. The application however was a bit tricky as the gloss doesn’t sit well on the lips and might have a tendency to bleed and feather which looks a bit bad considering the colour. One has to be extremely careful when applying those bright colours! Or else we will end up with the gloss all over our chin.
So to sum up I have to say that they are really good but tricky at the same time. The shades are very bold and not everyone will be brave enough to pull this look off. They scream look at me, which yes, sometimes is desirable but not on a daily basis. I would say Apocalips in those bold colours are definitely night look lip product.



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Great colour but drying!

I have this in Apocaliptic, Celestial and Nova and have used them a couple of times. They are easy to use and go on well but after about 3 hours they are very drying in the corner of my lips, leaving flakes which is very unattractive! They do leave a nice stain though. But overall a good lippie.


Definitely use lip balm



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love the pop of colour but doesn't quite set

I find that this lip product doesn't quite set so it transfers easily (even with the slightest amount on my lips). What I do is blot the colour off once I'm done applying and it leaves a lovely stain on the lips which doesn't transfer and stays on the lips for quite a while.



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Best In Beauty 2014

The Rimmel Apocalips are a great lip product and alternative to the tradition lip glosses or lip sticks. They come in a wide array of colours, from nudes to brights.

With a doe foot applicator, the specially designed tube allows you to pull out just the right amount of product on the wand for application. The super smooth formula glides onto the lips effortlessly, and in one swipe, you get an opaque and vibrant colour payoff.

The bold hue is so comfortable to wear, it's not too tacky nor drying. It leaves the lips feeling soft and moisturised and the colour lasts on the lips for hours. As it wears off, the colour is still tinted on the lips so you'll always look as though you're wearing something on your lips.

The high shine formula doesn't transfer too much when drinking or eating but you do have to be aware!



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Gorgeous bright shiny colour! Extremely pigmented, fantastic for dressing up a dark or neutral outfit (I have Apocaliptic). What I like to do is apply, blot, apply again, blot again, then one final application. Lasts fairly well (no eating of course). Be careful around the edges, or use a lipliner. A little bit drying too, but manageable :)



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Best in Beauty 2014 - Unmatched colour pay off and shine

The Rimmel London Apocoalips lip lacquers have become my go to lip gloss over the past 6 months. Beginning with a small but fantastic colour range including lovely neutrals, pinks and reds, I was very excited to give these a try. I have the lip lacquers in every shade of the range with my favourite neutral shade being phenomenon which is a lovely peachy nude and the shade big bang, a gorgeous party red.

The lip lacquers have a great doe foot applicator with a unique indented hollow on it which holds more product. I really like the applicator – the shape of it allows me to apply the gloss with precision to my lips without going outside the lip line and it also helps to get into the corners of the mouth with the narrowed applicator tip. I find that the applicator picks up enough product every time without me having to go back for more, it’s a great way of ensuring not too much or too little is being applied.

The formula of the lip lacquers are nice and smooth. The product glides onto the lip without feeling tacky or uncomfortably sticky. The thing I love most about these lip glosses is the fantastic colour pay off. Every shade provides a very opaque colour to the lip, including the neutral, softer shades. In this way I see the lip lacquers as having the intense rich colour that a lipstick usually provides, enhanced with a smooth shiny finish that a lip gloss usually offers. The Rimmel lip lacquers do resemble a liquid lipstick formulation - you are getting the best of both worlds in one product!

In terms of longevity, I find the lip lacquers to have great saying power throughout the day. If I am not eating or drinking, they last for well over a few hours on the lips. If I am eating or drinking, the lip gloss does wear off faster, leaving a nice light stain on the lips which I enjoy. The lip gloss doesn’t leave an unattractive stain just on the lip line as some do so that’s also a bonus. These lip lacquers do not feather on the lips or budge throughout the day so I don’t need to worry about touch-ups or checking if it is still in place. This product always leaves my lips feeling smooth and moisturised. What’s great is that even if I do have dry lips, these lip lacquers glide over my lips without drawing attention to it – they always apply to a satin finish. An overall fantastic lip gloss that offers unparalleled colour pay off and a vibrant, glossy shine.



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Best in Beauty 2014

These glosses are still one of my favourites and I am starting to see a definite dent in product through the packaging of my favourite colour. I love the formula, the packaging and even the name! I love the play on words with apocalypse as it's punny and connected to recent times (Mayan calendar/end of the world anyone?!).
The packaging is very sleek and classy. It comes in a mostly black and very shiny tube with a faceted lid. The bottom of the tube is clear to show the true colour of the gloss, which also allows you to see how much is remaining. It uses a doe foot applicator with a slight indent to hold more product when applying to the lips. I am usually not a fan of doe foot applicators but I actually didn't mind this one. It does work well but you will always need a mirror for proper application and touch ups to get a clearly defined cupids bow. I found it better to apply to my bottom lip first as when applying to my cupids bow, if I have too much product it can leave a thick rim of gloss around my lip line. If I did my bottom lip first this did not happen at all, if ever. While the opening is designed to remove excess product upon applicator removal I like to give it a little swipe on the way out, just to make sure.
The formula is an incredibly shiny and opaque gloss, across all colours. The colours are so vibrant and pigmented, and the colour pay off doesn’t fade after application. The texture is of a creamy liquid lipstick but slightly more sticky. I don’t find these glosses drying but I did touch it up a few times over the day. It is easily transferable so try to avoid drinking/eating/lip locking if you don't want to have it touch it up every now and then! It can be long wearing but needs to have the effort put in of a light layer, blot, new layer.
The scent is not overly nice, it's like they've tried to mask the generic makeup smell with a sweeter scent but it hasn't quite worked, it smells very sickly sweet. It's only during application that you can smell it, thankfully afterwards you don't notice it at all.
I have three colours, Stellar, Luna and Nude Eclipse. Stellar is a super bright and fun fuchsia that would look great on any skin tone and is my favourite shade. I have started to see a lack of product due to continuous use and will definitely repurchase this colour when I run out. Luna is a gorgeous coral that I wore often over summer and will probably start using it again as it turns into spring. I think Luna is another colour that would suit most skin tones as it's not shockingly bright and is a great every day shade. Nude Eclipse is the perfect nude gloss for my skin colouring. This is a natural nude with pink undertones and no shimmer. There is a slightly less pink nude shade available as well.
These glosses are so smooth to use and the colours are gorgeous. They are easily affordable and I would recommend them even if you are not a gloss fan as I love them even though I am traditionally a lipstick girl. This is a reliable gloss and great quality at a low cost. The high pigmentation, longevity and lack of stickiness make the Apocalips glosses a standout product.



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Dried out my lips

I had really high hopes for this product after reading all the great reviews. I tried a gorgeous nude, the finish was fantastic, it was quite shiney and the colour stay on. The texture was quite lovely it was not sticky and the application was quite smooth. I have really dry lips, so within an hour, my lips started feeling and cracking. This product dramatically dried out my lips - the only other product I've experienced this was from my carmex lip balm - As gorgeous as it is, I wouldn't recommend this to people with dry lips.


Apply generous coats of your favourite lip balm prior to application.

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