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Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer combines the colour of a lipstick and lacquer shine of a lip gloss. The creamy conditioning formula features pure colour pigments, leaving lips vibrant and glossy. Available in eight shades: Stellar, Apocaliptic, Nova, Celestial, Solstice, Phenomenon, Nude Eclipse, Stargazer, Big Bang, Out of This World, and Luna.

Available 1st July 2013.



Priceline, Kmart, Target, Big W, Coles supermarkets & selected pharmacies nationally.

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An Amazing Lip Lacquer

The packing is nice and sleek and its reminds me of my pair of headphones that I own. When you pull out of the applicator, it removes excess product on the applicator. The tip of the applicator is designed different, it holds more product and I like this tip better than the other out there. The product is very pigmented on my lips, it has the colour of an lipstick but in liquid form. This product does last about 3 to 4 hours. If you let this lip lacquer to dry it does last longer. Overall this is a amazing product and one of my most haves and this product is very affordable too.

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Arty Girl


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My most used lip lacquer !!!

I had been reading so many good reviews about Rimmel London's Apocalips Lip Lacquers that I was thrilled when I got a chance to buy the last one on the shelf at my local Kmart; prior to them changing over to "blister" packaging.

All the Apocalips Lip Lacquers are packaged in 11cm long hard plastic tubes comprising of a 5cm long black multifaceted screw top lid. The bottom one third of the tube is clear plastic so that the shade of the lip lacquer within is visible.

My chosen shade,"Solstice", is a muted pink brown colour with a slight sheen to it. A uniquely designed indented doe's foot sponge applicator (connected to the inside of the lid) is used to apply the correct amount of lip product to the lips.

I mistakenly thought that "Solstice" would end up being, far too "light" a shade for me but I was pleasantly surprised with its outcome. It applies smoothly and leaves a satin-like, neutral pink, opaque finish which is extremely pretty and flattering to my complexion. The lip lacquer does possess a slightly "chemical" taste on application but this fades on wearing so it is quite bearable.

Besides the colour, I like that this lacquer does not leave my lips with a sticky feeling as some other lip glosses do and that it leaves my lips feeling wonderfully moisturised and soft.

Though pretty and opaque, one drawback is that this lip lacquer does not have much "staying" power as it is easily transferred to cups while drinking. With this in mind, I make sure to put it in my handbag for re-application afterwards.

I enjoy wearing my particular shade of Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer because it imparts a very natural and dewy makeup look to my lips. It is the first lip item that I will grab if I'm rushing out the door.

Now that I've discovered this item, I'm keen on trying the other colours in the Rimmel London's Apocalips Range. In my opinion, any product that gives a customer a reason to want to do this is definitely worth a 5 Star Rating !!!

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Lipstick and gloss in one

I have what at times feels like a million lipglosses and lip balms.... Well 2 drawers full anyway, so when Rimmel released the Apocalips range I really didn't feel the need to rush on out and get one, but as time wore on and more and more reviews came out raving about them I caved in and bought 3 colours, Stellar a bright coral red, Celestial a nude natural, and Apocalyptic a bright fuschia pink.

Apocalips have the intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine which makes it neither a lipstick nor a gloss... It's both.

Apocalips comes in 11 shades, each with 5.5 mls of product and applies with a traditional doe foot applicator wand. They have a pleasing fresh scent that is not overpowering and doesn't linger on the lips. I have found that the brighter colours stain the lips more than the naturals or neutrals and last longer on my lips and even when the product has worn off your lips you can still see the stain.

They aren't particularly long lasting, with the brighter more pigmented colours lasting about the same as a typical lipstick and the more neutral colours having the staying power of a tradional gloss.

They are a great product easy to use, readily available and cheap enough to buy a few shades, but not really a "I need to own this " type product.

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One of the best!

This lip gloss/lip lacquer is amazing. Without a doubt Rimmel has really created a lip gloss that has that amazing pigmented colour payoff which is hard to find in a gloss with the wonderful staying power of a good lip gloss.
I bought this product when it first came out and was a little hesitant I had only just started buy bright coloured lip glosses. I was also a little afraid to try such a powerful colour. I was amazed at how wonderful they were on my lips. They feel great, they stay on quite well, although if I did eat a good lunch it tended to wear off. The shine payoff was spectacular and I loved how many compliments I got at uni for the pretty colour I was wearing. This will definitely be on my love list from now on.

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Glosscars 2014

I had heard so many great things about these glosses that once I bought one I couldn't stop! I love everything about them, the formula, the packaging and even the name! I love the play on words with apocalypse as it's punny and connected to recent times (Mayan calendar/end of the world anyone?!).
The packaging is very sleek and classy. It comes in a mostly black and very shiny tube with a faceted lid. The bottom of the tube is clear to show the true colour of the gloss. It uses a doe foot applicator with a slight indent so as to hold more product when applying to the lips. I am usually not a fan of doe foot applicators but I actually didn't mind this one. It does work well but you will always need a mirror for proper application and touch ups as without it can be a bit risky. I found it better to apply to my bottom lip first as when applying to my cupids bow, if I had too much product it would leave a thick rim of gloss around my lip line. If I did my bottom lip first this did not happen at all if ever. While the opening is designed to remove excess product upon applicator removal I found this was the most reliable way to ensure I had no excess.
The formula is an incredibly shiny and opaque gloss. The colours are so vibrant because of this, one of its biggest sell factors. It's texture is like a creamy liquid lipstick but slightly more sticky. The scent is not overly nice, it's like they've tried to mask the generic makeup smell with a sweeter scent but it hasn't quite worked. It's only during application that you can smell it, afterwards you don't notice it at all. I didn't find it drying but I did touch it up a few times over the day. It's long wearing but easily transferable so try to avoid drinking/eating/lip locking if you don't want to have it touch it up every now and them!
I have three colours, Stellar, Luna and Nude Eclipse. Stellar is a super bright and fun fuchsia that would look great on any skin tone. Luna is gorgeous coral that I have been wearing a lot over summer. I think Luna is another colour that would suit most skin tones and as it's not shockingly bright I think it is easily wearable. Nude Eclipse is the perfect nude gloss for my skin colouring. This is a natural nude with pink undertones. To find your best nude lip, try to find the closest colouring to your gums. It looks funny when you are pulling down your bottom lip in the store but it's a strategy that's never failed me.
I really like these glosses. They are so opaque and smooth to use and the colours are gorgeous. These are quite affordable and if you are a gloss fan I cannot recommend these highly enough. It's not a high end product so it does some minor flaws but it is reliable and a favourite in my lip collection.

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Glosscars 2014 - Great lip product for drier lips

I own Phenomenon, Celestial and Solstice - I'm a bit too much of a wuss to try out the more vibrant shades! If you're like me and you're a bit wary of shades that draw too much attention, like the Apocalips are designed to do, you can sheer them out with your finger after application which also buffs them in to the lips better. I usually give a couple of swipes to each lip with the applicator, then disperse the colour across my lips with my fingers. It leaves the prettiest satin lip which appears as a hybrid between a lipstick and a gloss, whilst having the longevity of a decent lipstick.

I adore the unique doe-foot applicator which has a little dip in it to catch product. Because of this little dip, it continues to dispense product after you've given it a couple of swipes, so you don't have to constantly remove more product from the tube. You do have to be careful when you initially apply it as obviously, there is a lot of product in that dip when you first swipe.

My lips never agree with most lip products - no matter how well I exfoliate and hydrate them, I nearly always end up with lines in my lippy in a shorter space of time than the average person and I can nearly always feel them sitting there. It's annoying, to say the least. However it takes a darn long time for me to feel the Apocalips and they never settle in to lines, which is a massive tick in my book. It's surprising actually for a product which lasts for as long as it does on my lips. I can easily wear these for three to four hours with minimal fading. This includes drinking. I can even eat food with cutlery and not have to touch up afterward. They do meet their match with foods such as hamburgers and corn on the cob, though!

I'm not the biggest fan of how it fades from the lips; you're often left with more colour on the outer portions of your lips than the inner. I've tried wearing a lip liner with it but I have yet to find a lip liner that wears comfortably underneath this particular product.

All in all though I think they're a fantastic product for drier lips, especially if you like a bold lip colour.

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GLOSSCARS 2014: Updated review - loving them now

At first I didn't understand the hype for these liquid lipsticks. I found they didn't set, and required too much maintenance until I fell in love with the colour selection and decided to give them another chance.

This time I blotted after the first application, then would apply another THIN layer on top. This worked a treat. The colour would last 6 hours and it still felt very comfortable on the lips as the product is so creamy.

The doefoot applicator with the little dip in it let me get the perfect amount of product to apply. I now have it in Nova (bright, yet muted pink), Phenomenon (nude) and Big Bang (bold, fire engine red). Each are beautiful in their own right.

The red needs a bit more maintenance and I'd recommend using a lip liner beforehand and to apply with a lip brush so there's no excess product.

Overall, these are winners in my book! Glad I gave them a second chance.

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Glosscars 2014 Vote - The Benefit Of A Lipstick & Lip Gloss In One!

This lip lacquer has a very generous 8 shades in the range. I was really impressed with the broad range of shades available. There is something for everyone from the nude shades (600 Nude Eclipse, 100 Phenomenon & 701 Stargazer which has a gold shimmer), to the more vibrant shades (101 Celestial which is a mauve pink shade, 201 Solstice which is a mauve brown shade & 102 Nova which is a dark pink shade) to the bold, glamorous lip shades (303 Apocaliptic which is bold pink shade & 501 Stellar which is a bold red shade).

The packaging is quite sophisticated with a wand applicator and black tube with the actual lip colour visible at the bottom of the tube. The wand applicator makes it very easy to use and apply. The product has a subtle and sweet scent which is very pleasant. This lip lacquer feels so light, soft and smooth on my lips. It does not feel heavy or sticky as I have found with some other lip products. The colours are all very pigmented, rich and vibrant. I apply one coat for a casual lip look and build the colour intensity by applying two or three coats for a bolder lip look. This lip lacquer has great staying power, it lasts throughout the day with minimal touch ups needed.

I really like how innovative Rimmel have been to come up with a lip lacquer which delivers the intense colour of a lipstick combined with the shine of a lip gloss. I would normally apply a lipstick then apply a lip gloss over the top to achieve a shiny finish. This multi-tasking product means that I can get the same desired effect with just this one product. This is such an impressive lip product that I would happily recommend to others.

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Glosscars 2014 review - great colour

There was a lot of hype about Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer when they first came out and so I had to try them. I own two of lip lacquers and generally they have lived up to the great reviews I read before buying them.

These lip lacquers come in a black tube that becomes transparent midway down so you can see the shade colour. The lid is almost like a cut gemstone and quite pretty. The applicator has a bit of a dip in the center so you can pick up plenty of product.

Consistency wise the lip lacquers are creamy and apply smoothly. I only need to apply one swipe of the lip lacquer for opaque colour – impressive! The finish is creamy and slightly matte. I found that the lip lacquers performance lasts for a few hours, or a little less if I am eating or drinking. On occasion they could get a little dry.

I was amazed at how highly pigmented these lip lacquers were. So if you want a bright opaque colour then these lip lacquers are for you. There is a good range of shades available as well.

Although, I do love these lip lacquers I found them to be a little bit sticky and on occasion they would smear a bit, however, the colour pigmentation really is amazing.

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Long lasting and super easy

I know these are good because my teenage daughter keeps stealing mine. I have Celestial, Solstice, and Nude Eclipse, and they get much more use in my repertiore than most of my other lip products. They are highly pigmented and apply like a gloss, but the product itself is matte and long-lasting. I find them really easy to apply - I think you'd probably have to be more careful and precise with the darker shades. They usually last 2-3 hours on me, which is a long time in my world - lip products usually wear off me within an hour.

I have to take one star off for the smell, as I can't stand it. The first one I bought I thought had gone off, but then I sniffed a bunch of others and they all have that same smell. Thankfully it fades quickly.

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