NIVEA Lip Care - Soft Rose

NIVEA Lip Care

Soft Rose

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NIVEA Lip Soft Rose lip balm treats lips to a subtle rose sheen and scent while helping to protect and care for your lips. The formula includes jojoba oil for long-lasting moisture, and rose to care for your lips.



Supermarkets, Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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Great for colour, but ok for moisturise

I've used this product for a few times. I love that it was in a very natural lip colour, so it was great for everyday use. The hint of glitter in the lip balm gave it that more of a fun look with you apply it. I really like that it has jojoba oil to help with the moisture, that's what caught my eye. The smell of the lip balm is wonderful. However, the moisturing factor of this lip balm isn't so great, after a few generous amounts of the lip balm on my lips. It didn't really moisturise my lips. Love the colour and smell but it didn't moisturise that much



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I love using this lip during the day, it makes my lips so soft and it does add some colour to my lips. I do like the scent of the roses and the packaging is nice and easy to use.



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Beautiful colour and feels great on lips

This lip balm is gorgeous. It smells subtly of rose and it gives off this beautiful, natural, pink shimmery tint. I really love this lip balm.

Scray Scray


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Too pinky

I don't mind this but was hoping for more of a dusty rose rather than barbie pink. I love to lather my lip balms on because I get incredibly dry and flaking lips. This just means deeper colour which for me, in this case is no good. The colour looks baby pink and a bit whacky for me as it is also blue toned and I am more yellow undertoned! Balm wise it's the usual from Nivea, great standards and longevity.



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I think I do like this, but not as much as the other Nivea lip balms (of which I adore! They're my HG lip balm).

The tube is a weird shape, it seems to bulge out a bit but its a pretty pink with roses on it. Upon opening, it has a sturdy twist up mechanism which reveals a gorgeous pink balm. It has a little bit of frosty shimmer but it doesn't translate to the lips. The smell is nothing like roses, however...I can't quite describe it but for some reason playdough comes to mind? It's a mild scent that does not last on applying. It adds a very sheer tint to the lips which is not particularly glossy. I think it looks natural and I do like it. It feels smooth and velvety after applying a thick layer. One layer alone seems quite lacking, so I will probably end up using this one up quickly.

Overall its not a bad lip balm, but I won't repurchase this specific one because I think the other Nivea lip balms outperform this one.



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Perfect for everyday!

I am surprised to read the reviews posted by others, as I am fairly satisfied with this product! I love the colour, it has a subtle pink shade with a pearly finish. It works great at repairing cracked lips, as I find that it works over night. The texture is great as it isn't too slippery, but feels very soft. The downfall of this product is definitely the smell. The smell is sweet, but it's way too strong for a lip balm.



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not what i expected

I would not repurchase this product again. I found that there was no colour payoff (not even natural) and not moisturisining to the lips at all. nivea dont normally make mistakes like this


finish as soon as possible

Ideal for

when bored in class



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I had high expectations because this is a NIVEA lip product and they often don't make mistakes like this. Honestly, I didn't love this product. The packaging is standard NIVEA but the flower drawings look ugly. The smell is the classic NIVEA lip balm smell which was nice. The product is pink and not as smooth as I would like. It also doesn't have a sheen like I was expecting, I was expecting some shimmer or shine but this product has neither. It's also very ineffective in keeping my lips moisturised like the classic dark blue NIVEA dark blue lip balm. It doesn't have that buttery and smooth texture, it feels like a crayon. Overall very disappointing and will go back to my usual lip balm.



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It is such a nice product and the scent it like rose but not quite and i love applying it, i made it so that it is the shape of a lipstick which makes it better for me to apply. love it!



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Balm with blushingly good rose tint

Got this in the Priceline goody bag recently and have really been enjoying it. I hadn't been into lip balms much prior to discovering the Nivea range and now I'm hooked! I like the scent of this one as well as the slight rosy sheen it imparts to my lips. It also feels moisturising which is good because I get really cracked lips during winter.

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