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Sticky Icky

I do love these glosses - I have a few and love the colours as they aren't clear and leave a colour on the lips. My only complaint is that they tend to be a bit sticky and I'm not a fan of sticky gloss that gets your hair caught in it on a windy day.

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This one seriously cute lip balm.
I purchased this yesterday Hello Kitty is on sale at Priceline

Originally purchased for my teenaged daughter, I could not resist trying trying this super little balm.

What a knockout I love it
Slick pink lips what more could a girl ask for

Bravo Miss KITTY

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Creamy and colourful

Just love this hello kitty Lip Balm. It's creamy and feels so nice on. Has a nice smell too. Will be purchasing again.

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So Pretty!

I picked this little tin up from Priceline earlier this week and I'm smitten! I grew up in the 80's and was surrounded by My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake and My Melody. When I came across a review for this coloured lip balm by accident, I knew I had to get it. I got this in shade Kawai Kiss which is a very pretty pinky-rosy colour. I wouldn't say that it's tinted; there is definitely a fair amount of pigment in the balm. I have had tinted lip balms in the past but this I like! It packs a punch with the colour but it is still moisturising enough to swipe two birds with one stone. The colour is also fairly long-lasting and the balm is not too sticky and slick. In my opinion, this is a fabulous product and I hope they never discontinue it.

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After seeing reviews for this lip balm on sites such as , and I rushed out to buy it.

The price, at around $10, for me seemed a little steep considering how much product is actually in the tin- 1.8g. But I guess its because of the brand, packaging and quality of the lip balm.
I found this lip balm to be very pigmented- I have "Kawai Kiss" which, along with "French Kiss" (red) are the only very pigmented lip balms in the range, with the other two being nude and pale. It also moisturised my lips a lot and made them look a little plumper. After wearing off after several hours- this stuff lasts for ages! - it left a nice tint on my lips. It also wears off evenly without leaving the dreaded ring around your mouth.

I didn't notice any flavour in this product, however it does have a strong-mild rose scent. This annoyed me at first, but I soon got over it.

The consistency is perfect, too. It's very smooth and there were no little lumpy bits that have a sandy or sugary texture.

Although I'm a total cheapskate, I would definitely fork out another $10 and repurchase this as it is truly value for money. I figure it's better than having lots of cheapo lippies that I'll never use sitting in my drawer :)

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Cute and Creamy

I am a lip gloss/balm/product addict and also LOVE Hello Kitty. Unlike most branded products, a lot of care was taken in ensuring that this balm is for adults and not children! Creamy formulation, reasonably priced, definitely worth a go in your handbag!

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I am so in love with this packaging just for starters, that was what sucked me into buying this product, but it didn't end there! I purchased the Kawai Kiss flavour which smells so amazingly delishious by the way and it feels so nice on your lips and lasts for hours! I really love wearing this not only to nourish my lips and enjoy the taste and smell, but it just gives an overall brightening up look to your whole face. Just a dab of this on my lips and I instantly look more alive with a burst of pretty pink Hello Kitty colour on my lips. Truely heavenly! <3

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