Mirenésse - Viva Eternal Gloss Long Wear 3D Mineral Lip Colour


Viva Eternal Gloss Long Wear 3D Mineral Lip Colour

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Mirenesse Viva Eternal Gloss Long Wear 3D Mineral Lip Colour is a sheer mineral gel lipgloss that gives lips immediate fullness without a sticky feeling. The plumping and natural mineral-infused lipgloss is long lasting and has been infused with antioxidant vitamins. Available in six shades.


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Gypsy Rose

I bought Viva Eternal Gloss Long Wear 3D Mineral Lip Colour in GYPSY ROSE. This is a hard shade to describe because its appearance on my lips can change in different lighting. For the most part, it appears as a pale to mid-toned pink with a brown undertone. Sometimes I wonder if it contains a hint of apricot and/or mauve. Although I have pale skin, pale to mid-toned colours don't show up on my lips unless they are highly pigmented and glossy. Gypsy Rose is probably the best "my lips, but better" lip colour that I've tried. I only need two coats to get excellent colour payoff and it has a lovely shine. I would have preferred that it had a cool undertone, but it still looks gorgeous. Gypsy Rose is such a versatile shade that it probably would suit most complexions.

Now that I'm a bit older, my lips have become slightly sensitive. A few lip gloss formulas make my lips feel intolerably dry and sometimes even slightly sore. Viva Eternal Gloss has a smooth consistency and it always feels comfortable to wear. It has a pleasant fruity flavour that doesn't irritate my lips.

Mirenésse Viva Eternal Gloss Long Wear 3D Mineral Lip Colour is housed in a plastic squeeze tube with a slanted applicator.

I love to experiment with makeup so I rarely buy the same makeup product again, but I would buy Viva Eternal Gloss again but in another shade.


Mirenésse often have excellent package deals on TVSN, the home shopping network. They also have sales on their website.



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The ONLY Gloss I Wear

This is the best gloss i have every tried, it stays on for a very long time and makes my lips feel great, my only problem is im running out and need to buy more! LOVE IT!!



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Didn't work for me

I picked a gorgeous beautiful shade and wore it out when I was seeing a friend. But found it felt sticky and goopy after a while on my lips, I generally don't like lip glosses because of that feeling and with a darker shade it feels and looks obvious.

I've worn it less but still like it. Prefer Mirenesse lip sticks!



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A great lipgloss

I got the shade Gypsy Rose in a Glamm box. I love the shade and I will be getting more. The pigmentation is perfect and I love the shimmer it in. As with all mirenesse lip glosses, they are long lasting and not sticky at all. The only complaint I could have is the packaging as it looks quite cheap and plasticy. However even that can't stop me giving this 5 stars.



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Awesome lipgloss

I adore this lipgloss - I'm not much of a lipgloss wearer as it always somehow ends up in my hair, but this is a fantastic lipbalm feeling gloss that has a natural shine, really nice sheer colour, and great lasting power. It's my favourite formulation out of the Mirenesse lipgloss line and very easy to apply during the day when you don't have a mirror!



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Beaut gloss

I have this lip gloss in Disco Diva which is a shimmery pale peach which goes well over any other coloured lipstick or by itself for a natural but shimmery pout. I love the rose fragrance of this gloss and wearing this always gives me a boost because of that! The gloss comes in a plastic tube with a nozzle like applicator but I tend to apply it to my fingers then swipe them over my lips for a lighter application. The shimmer gives a lovely shine to my lips without being too sticky and lasts as long as most other glosses and doesn't last long if eating or drinking.
This gloss is reasonably priced for it's quality but I managed to snap it up as part of a great deal from Mirenesse and I intend to buy it again once my current tube runs low. A really lovely gloss!


By itself for a lovely natural polished look or over lipstick for more pizzaz.

Beauty Bower...


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Impressive Colour Pigmentation & Longevity

I am a gloss girl through and through. I quite like this product, though I prefer the Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine glosses more, because of the applicator.

I tried Disco Diva and Bikini Babe and the colour pigmentation is amazing! It does last for a long time, although like any gloss, it rubs off during meals or drinks!

I wish the lid was a little tighter (probably due to the shape of the tube) as I am constantly paranoid it’s going to leak in my handbag.

It’s glossy without being sticky and it doesn’t have those annoying grainy bits that some glosses do (especially those with a glittery texture – yuck!)

Overall I’m giving it 4 stars, but that’s only because I really really really love the Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine glosses and the shape of the gloss tube makes me paranoid about the lid leaking!


The colour is quite creamy so apply sparingly at first!

Ideal for




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I recieved this product free from Mirenesse, the first thing that I noticed was the glittery shimmery sparkle!
I really like the plastic applicator as it helps spread the product evenly. The only down side to this product is that it is very sticky.



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Sexy Starlet All The Way!

just bought this in Sexy Starlet a while ago and its been always in my bag since! i never leave home without it!! perfect size to carry it around and gorgeous colour!



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super sexy lips

This lip gloss comes in a great range of colours, and looks really beautiful on and stays on for ages. I love the fragrance and the shine is really great. I can't say anything against this product, and I would highly recommend it.

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