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Rich Lip Colour Lipstick

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This pigment-rich lipstick infused with nurturing ingredients conditions lips leaving then soft and supple. SAX Rich Lip Colour Lipstick is creamy and velvety and enriched with calendula oil to soothe and heal, evening primrose oil to moisturise and repair, jojoba oil to recue skin dryness and protect against anti-ageing and silk powder rich in amino acids to regulate moisture and provide a light, silky feel that helps prevent dryness. Available in Soft Rose, Fuschia, Berry Delight, Classic Red, Coral, Plum Spice and Cinnamon. Paraben free.



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Creamy, beautiful colour

I have this in Coral
- Packaging: Metal lipstick bullet. You press the bottom and it ejects the tube. Very classy.
- Scent: not noticeable
- Pigmentation: strong
- Texture: Creamy, doesn't feather
- Affordable

Love it. An overall amazing product. Easily my favourite lipstick.

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Soft Rose - Pigment Rich Pastel Pink Hue With Sheen

Sax Rich Lip Colour Lipstick 4g comes boxed. The lipstick comes in a square base wind up applicator tube. Push in applicator base to remove from lid.
In the colour Soft Rose, a pastel pink hue that's lovely, quite feminine.
It's a shade that makes me feel like Spring is in the air, a pigment rich pastel.
The lipstick has a moisturising factor with Evening Primrose and Jojoba oils. It conditions lips as well as colours.
It smooths onto lips easily, the colour coat creamy and velvety with a sheen.
Lips feel soft and supple with the conditioning ingredients.
Being a light and soft colour, I don't need to wear a lip liner with it. It stays within the boundaries.
I do like to wear a neutral or clear gloss over the lipstick to add a nice vibrant shine, it gives the pink hue a gloss finish.
The lipstick does wear off, this is where refresher touch ups are required to retain the Soft Rose hue.
It's an ideal colour to wear during the day.
I like the lipstick, it looks good and feels good on lips, it's comfortable to wear and easy to apply.

Made in Australia

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Creamy Lipstick - Purple Perfect For Halloween

Sax Rich Lip Colour Lipstick comes in a round base wind up applicator tube.
I have the colour purple, shade number 14. It's a vibrant, dark and creamy colour. It's a shade I wear only occasionally, I'd class it as a Halloween colour.
The lipstick is made with a lip conditioning formula, it's rich and creamy and pigment rich for colour.
The aroma is subtle and light.
It's easy to apply, the creamy lipstick gliding along lips leaving a trail of purple colour that stays on lips, it does not bleed.
The colour can be built up which thickens the lipstick layer.
It feels velvety and smooth, no stickiness.
The creamy formula leaves lips feeling supple and nourished.
It's a nice rich lipstick that feels comfortable to wear.
The lipstick needs to be reapplied to refresh the colour.

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I recieved this from the first beautorium and have finally come around to reviewing. I have to give this 5 stars as Im so impressed by the finish and the pigment. This comes off as an opaque bright which is gorgeous for summer. It isnt really a colour I would call coral which i think of as orange/peach undertones. I would say this is a hot pink - neon pink. It is so gorgeous though. It is adaptable for a smoky eye or even neutral or bright eye because it is an amazing warm pink. The formula is spot on for me it is both creamy but so opaque that it is fabulous. I cant believe the price either. I have not heard of Sax before BH and Im happy I got to try this out.

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I bought this in a red and I love the moisturising effect! Its so easy to apply and the pigment is awesome. It does not last long but I dont mind reapplying it cos its got this hydrating feeling to it!

I love the fact that you push it and it "pops" open. Safer than other lipsticks. I've dropped it a few times but its still in pretty good condition!

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Best in Beauty.. :)

I have this lipstick in soft rose and is the best nude colour I have. The packaging is very different than the normal lipsticks as to get the lipstick you have to push the one end and the lisptick pops up which is a great idea. The outer packaging is black and one end is silver which gives it a very expensive look. I would say that the lipstick is travel friendly because it is never going to seperate from its lid to create a mess in your handbag.... :)

Lipstick contains calendula oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil to and silk powder rich in amino acids which keep my lips soft, smooth and repairs them at the same time.

The texture of the lipstick is very soft and smooth and the colour payoff is great, only one swipe is enough to get the colour on your lips and you don't have to reapply the lipstick again and again.

I also like the fact that it does not contain any nasty ingredients and even better they don't test on animals so if you are against animal cruelity then this is the lipstick for you.
Also the lipstick doesn't have any strong smell or flavour which puts away a lot of people so I really like to wear this lipstick because of the fact that it doesn't have any strong scent.

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Coral creation

I was lucky enough to get the coral lipstick in the last beautorium and I love it,  I just wish I had got the red one too! I can't believe how inexpensive this lipstick is as well, this is already one of my favorite lipsticks. 
I prefer it over my must more expensive reckon lipsticks as I find that the colour and smoothness of the lipstick is amazing. It glides on smoothly and looks great without apply any lipgloss over it. 
The smell itself is great and from the first time I used this lipsticks, my friends were complimenting me and asking where I got it from.
The lipstick itself lasts much longer than my more expensive branded lipsticks and honestly the colour itself looks better even after hours.
I haven't come across this brand in any pharmacy I've visited but I will definitely repurchase this as soon as mine is finished.
The lipstick itself is very moisturizing and I feel as though I don't even need to use a lip balm as I often do with other lipsticks. I generally use lip glosses more often but I've found that I prefer using this lipstick over my lip glosses because it lasts longer and the colour is not too much for me.
What I also love about this lipstick is the lid. The lid unlike most lip glosses doesn't just cover the top half of the lipstick but protects the whole tube. You simply have to push the bottom of the base of the lipstick and the cover can be pulled off.
Overall I would recommend this to my friends and others because it does everything most of us need, it's wallet friendly, moisturizing, long lasting, available in shades to suit a whole range of people, it's smooth and better than a lot of expensive lipsticks that I've tried or just as good!

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Smells Delicious!

This lippy has a scent which is sweet and delicious. It's different in the way it locks into it's lid like a 'click-pen'. When it's time to apply the lipstick I push in the button on the bottom of the product and it 'clicks' and then the lipstick pops out so it can then be removed from it's lid. Very secure lid for the traveller or handbag.

I have this in Classic Red and I've been enjoying applying it with my finger and dabbing it then onto my lips - it's a bright red so this method suits me personally by applying it this way. It looks gorgeous on and I don't normally succumb to bright reds but I couldn't resist trying this one out and I have to truthfully say I can actually realistically wear this bright red lipstick. It's gorgeous! I've surprised myself my enjoying wearing this red about in my casual beach-bound town. It's a very cool lipstick.

An important point to mention is that it lasts and lasts well too.

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SAX Lipstick

This lipstick looks so sleek and sophisticated! I got this in my Beautorium haul in a gorgeous dark coral colour, which I adore. The thing that really makes this lipstick stand out is the clickable lid - it makes getting your lipstick out super easy and it's kind of fun too!

This lipstick is really long lasting and it also feels quite moisturising on your lips. This lipstick manages to stand out amongst a sea of similar products, and it does so in a good way!

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One of my favourite lipsticks now!

I got two of these lipsticks from Beautorium, the Classic Red and Coral and I am love, love, LOVING them! With a smooth and creamy texture that just glides over lips with ease, there is nothing to hate! I adore the lipstick packaging itself also, it clicks open and closed which I think is great!

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