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Maybelline New York Baby Lips Lip Balm offers adult strength care for baby soft lips. Available in four fragrances each featuring Maybelline's botanical cellular repair concentrate and SPF20.

Available in:Energising Orange, Smoothing Cherry, Menthol, Anti-Oxidant Berry, Mango Pie and Cherry Velvet.


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moisturisation doesn't last

Shades: Mango Pie

Packaged in a very convenient twist up tube, this product provides instant moisturisation with a wonderful mango scent as well. It's also got a protective SPF of 20+.

The twist up mechanism on this lip balm is really slow, and requires many twists before enough product comes out. The formula is not ideal as it just sits on top of the surface of lips, rather than getting absorbed by the lips. Therefore, the lips often feel very under moisturised even with many layers of this product on. The finish is also very white and ghostly and when product gets trapped between patches of dead lip skin, this can look very unsightly.

An afforable lip balm product, great in terms of scent but not so great in terms of lasting moisturisation and colour/texture. Don't really recommend.

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BEST Lip Balm

This is my favourite lip balm! I keep a couple on my makeup table to apply before my lipstick. One at my desk for through out the day at the office when my lips feel dry and one in my bag just incase I may need it! Smooths the lips, helps with dryness. Very cute packaging! Love it when they bring out limited editions or different flavours!

Read the full review of Baby Lips Lip Balm by Suesse88.



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perfect lip balm

cheap, pretty, perfect lip balm..
this product is everything you ever wanted in a lip conditioning lip balm

Read the full review of Baby Lips Lip Balm by Alexxi94.



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Cute and decent little product, not worth all the hype.

There's been a lot of hype surrounding this product from my friends, family and favorite beauty gurus so naturally I felt inclined to give it a go.
I purchased 'Smoothing Cherry'. The design of the tube is very cute and appealing. The lip balm smells great and glides onto the lips very smoothly. Unfortunately I find it to feel a little heavy and sticky on the lips. It's okay if I'm wearing it under lipstick or lipgloss, but if I'm wearing it by itself I can't stand the feeling of it. It doesn't have a very long staying power, the feeling of smooth and refreshed lips goes away quiet quickly.
All in all an okay product. I'm not completely disappointed, but I really don't think it is worth all the hyper.

Read the full review of Baby Lips Lip Balm by beautylover_23.

Scray Scray


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Good but not long lasting

I like this stuff, it's no fuss, well priced and comes in many shades/types like peachy colour and "glow". It'a also very fun to mix and match these and layer them! The scents are OK but could be improved to match what they're called better and be stronger. They don't last that long on the lips either.

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Fantastic Product

This lip balm is fantastic for general everyday use. Since purchasing this product I have used it every single day and love it! Will defiantly repurchase in the future!

Read the full review of Baby Lips Lip Balm by SarahMHeit.



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love it

I have this in Pink Glow and Berry Crush and i really love them. Pink glow is perfect for a slight tint while berry crush actually gives a nicer and longer lasting colour than some of my lip tints. I really love the texture of these lip balms, they're soft and apply smoothly and they smell pretty good as well.

Read the full review of Baby Lips Lip Balm by Jenni500.

Funkister diana


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The best lip balm I've come across

I couldn't believe how amazing this lipbalm was until I tired it. You think they're all the same and then Maybelline created this. It's so easy to use and I always have it with it, I easily gets you through the winter and gives the nice instant relief you want from lipbalm to soothe chapped or dry lips. The only ones I don't like are the ones they have started bringing out with colour in them. I like to put my lipbalm on pretty quickly not worrying too much about going out of lines but you can clearly see that with the coloured one. I much prefer sticking to the plain ones that come in the nicest smelling of flavours. This is my go to now and I've kept buying it ever since the first purchase.

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love it so much

Baby Lips is great for when I leave home in the winter months with very dry lips. I love the tint of colour some of the lip balms come with. There is not much colour as it is a balm, but it gives great lasting hydration to my lips and helps during the winter months.

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Cant live without

I have the Pink Glow, Energising Orange, Menthol, Smoothing Cherry and the Antioxidant Berry and the Pink Glow one is my absolute favourite. I CANNOT live without it. It instantly brings life to pale colourless lips and has a tint of a lovely shade of pink. I also find it cool that it's clear on skin but becomes coloured when applied on your lips. It moisturises my lips into pure juciness and lasts nice and long. But i wouldnt mind if i had to reapply constantly as the silver&pink packaging is just so pretty! I always keep it in my pocket and never go anywhere without it *pats my pocket* yep it's definitely there. Babylips lip balms, ESPECIALLY Pink Glow, is the holy grail of all lip balms and is a staple beauty product for all ladies. It's just so compact and cheap I LOVE IT.

Read the full review of Baby Lips Lip Balm by Erica115.

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