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Maybelline New York Baby Lips Lip Balm offers adult strength care for baby soft lips. Available in six fragrances each featuring Maybelline's botanical cellular repair concentrate and SPF20.

Available in:Energising Orange, Smoothing Cherry, Menthol, Anti-Oxidant Berry, Mango Pie and Cherry Velvet.


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Delicious, moisturising and super cute packaging

I've been using these lip balms for about 4 years now and they are still the best I've ever tried. I love the scent of the blue and pink one. Although it can feel a little bit greasy initially, that doesn't last and I'm left with smooth, moisturised lips. The packaging is really convenient and the cap's never come off, which I've had problems with in the past with other lip balms.

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Pink Glow: not a good lip balm

This a pink lip balm that allegedly reacts with the pH of your lips to create a unique pink tint. On me, this is a blue-based sheer pink that leaves a stain. Adorable packaging and nice smell and I've been using this on and off for 7-8 months, so it lasts a long time. Onto the bad stuff: the lip balm is very slippery and not moisturising. It starts flaking horribly after 2-3 hours and sinks into lip lines and does not wear comfortably for me. I prefer other lip products a lot more and thus will not repurchase this again. IMO, this is an overrated product.

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I've got an awful habit of chewing on my bottom lip when I'm nervous and a sore, bleeding lip is not something a girl really wants to deal with every day and this is one of my favourite products

Read the full review of Baby Lips Lip Balm by Lexi636.



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Perfect gloss

This gloss looks deceptively like it is for a pre-teen however is one of the best lip balms I have ever used. It has a really lovely scent and comes in a variety of flavours. I have two: a pink one and a yellow one. The yellow one has a mango scent from memory and leaves your lips incredibly soft and looking very conditioned but what I didn't know about the pink one is that its very soft pink appearance reacts with your lips over a short period of time to give a slight pink/red tint not unlike magic. It is great on its own however fixes chapped lips within hours

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Cherry Velvet Flavour Balm With Sun Protection

Baby Lips comes in a cardboard back blister pack.
It comes in a 4g round plastic wind up applicator tube with a cap lid.
Baby Lips is a balm that gives instant moisture to lips.
Used as needed to keep lips feeling soft and nourished through out the day.
It is ideal to use during the day because it contains sun protection SPF 20 for lips.
I have Cherry Velvet, the tube is pretty pink and orange.
Its a frosted white solid and soft stick of balm.
Texture is smooth and non greasy.
It has a nice berry flavour that is mild and a little fruity. The flavour appeals to me, I like it.
The balm is pliable and easily smooths onto lips.
It glides on in clear form and gives lips a gentle shine.
It instantly feeds lips with moisture, allowing them to feel soft and supple.
It absorbs into lips to nourish and leaves a protective, smooth and conditioning thin barrier.
The moisturising balm stays with lips for long wear, keeping them nourished and protected.
The compact size of the Baby Lips tube enables it to fit into a purse, pocket or swimming bag, so it can be reapplied as needed.
The balm not only protects lips from the sun, its great protection for lips against wind.
I occasionally use the balm under lipstick that does not contain SPF.
I love Baby Lips, the Cherry Velvet variety is yum.
Regular use eliminates dry and chapped lips.
Its versatile because it does more than one job for lips.
Baby Lips is an excellent budget friendly lip balm.

Made in China

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love this lip balm

I bought this lip balm one day when my lips were dry and I was really happy with quality. Turns out so was my 7 year old as I promptly lost it to her. We now have five between us. It really does make my lips less flakey and super soft. And a bargain price, especially when you get them half price!

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unfortunately doesn't work for me

I read the amazing reviews and rushed to get myself a couple of these. First time I tried it, it went on nice and smooth and my lips felt moisturised. 15 munutes later I had to reapply even though I wasn't eating for anything. This kept going on the whole day and by the end of the day my lips started to tingle. I stopped using it, will stick with Vaseline.

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worth the hype

Cute packaging, lovely scent and it does the job. I've accumulated a few of these and I absolutely love them. Although it doesn't last long, it makes my lips soft and gives them a nice subtle colour before I have to reaaply.

Read the full review of Baby Lips Lip Balm by Cece345.



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Best lip balm I've ever tried

I started using these lip balms about 6 months ago and I'm in love with them. They have such a diverse range of lip balms with natural coloured balms and several tinted balms too. As well as looking good they also helped with my dry and cracking lips and they work perfectly fine on lips that aren't dry or cracking too. They're also super easy to layer other lip glosses and lip sticks on top of it too

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Could Be Better

I have this in every flavour. The packaging is really fun and cute. Easy to use. But I find that it doesn't really absorb into my lips, because I find that I am constantly reapplying. It does have a nice shine to my lips and its not overly obvious that I have it on, but it could be better. For the price though, its alright.

Read the full review of Baby Lips Lip Balm by Kimbabubble.

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