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Baby Lips Lip Balm

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Maybelline New York Baby Lips Lip Balm offers adult strength care for baby soft lips. Available in six fragrances each featuring Maybelline's botanical cellular repair concentrate and SPF20.

Available in:Energising Orange, Smoothing Cherry, Menthol, Anti-Oxidant Berry, Mango Pie and Cherry Velvet.


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Scray Scray


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Baby lips

Yes this lip balm does make you feel like you have 'baby' lips - i.e. very soft, smooth etc. But sadly it just DOES NOT LAST! Ugh, probably my biggest pet peeve with most lip balms. It is definitely way more creamy than it is waxy, which is probably the reason behind it wiping off nearly immediately. I suppose you just can't have the best of both worlds! The scent 'berry' is nice enough, but a bit weak in my opinion



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I was excited to try these because the packaging is so cute and everyone is raving on about them. I have tried many from the range and I can't say I'm that impressed.

I'll agree that the packaging is cute but let me begin on the scent. Some of them have an okay scent such as the antioxidant berry or whatever it is however the purple and orange one is not great, it kind of reminds me of an off jaffa chocolate...

These have little staying power for me and although they are conveniently sized for pockets I always find myself forgetting them and letting them go through the wash, ruining them.

They apply very little moisture to my lips but they still have a little so they aren't terrible. I would recommend these for younger girls (tweens) who are just getting into makeup.

These are reasonably priced though and they are okay so I definitely wouldn't let my review stop you from buying them, what can I say, I still do myself!

Oh and the glow one makes me look as if I have just eaten something the colour of prawn chips and gotten it all over my mouth. Just no.


Don't get the glow ones.

Ideal for

Younger girls I guess



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A good lip balm for everyday use

I brought two of these at a sale at chemist warehouse. Unlike other lip glosses they don't leave your lips dry or cracked. I found it to be good for everyday use when I didn't want to wear heavy lipstick or glittery lip glosses

Ideal for

Everyday use.



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Baby Lips Lip Balm

I have two of these, cherry and berry. They are the quintessential lipbalm. Perfect for everyday use; smooth, moisturising, long lasting and affordable. Best in beauty for a reason!

Ideal for




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best quality and price

I love it and can't get enough of it. Leaves my lips soft and supple and locks in moisture for an entire day. My favourite is berry flavor. best 4 bucks I have ever spent.



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best balm ever

this is the best lip balm i have ever keeps my lips moisturised always.and it comes in different scents and has tint which gives colour to ur lips. i love the antioxidant berry flavour the most.i always carry lipbalm in my purse coz my lip gets chapped all season. this is the best one out of all i have tried!!!love it!



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One of my Favs

This lip balm is one of the best in my opinion because I am prone to cracked and dry lips. This balm works wonders for me. I highly recommend it.



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Tastes artificial

I loved this at the start because it exfoliates my lips really well but after a while my lips get really dry if i don't keep applying. I also started hating the smell/taste of it as it was really artificial. Will not buy again as I prefer something that has a more natural smell.



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Best lip balm I have ever used

I bought this lip balm as an impulse buy and because of all the amazing reviews on this lovely site. It was so cheap that it didn't blow my budget. I am very surprised by this lip not only because of the price but because in the past I have found lip balms to dry out my lips and the need to reapply every so often, which I don't have to do with the baby lips. I like that its too oily and the moisture last a very long time. I have pretty dry lips and from day 1 of using this lip balm my lips felt moisturised and soft. I will definitely be repurchasing this product, im even thinking of keeping some back ups and buying the rest of the baby lips range.


I suggest exfoliating your lips before use so your lips become softer.

Ideal for

This is ideal for people that have dry lips or just for people that want the added moisture to their lips.

venice queen


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One of the best lip balms I have used

I have been using this product for quite some time and I've only just realised just how much I love it. For starters, the packaging is ultra-cute and funky! And the lip balm itself is lovely on the lips, super-moisturising and doesn't clump like some balms do, it's very smooth. I'm using Protecting Berry which has a slight berry fragrance, very nice. Doesn't contain SPF.


If spending time out in the sun, you may want to use a balm that contains sunscreen as this one doesn't.

Ideal for

Anyone who wants softer, moisturised lips!

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