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Lush Lip Scrubs gently scrub away rough skin, keeping lips smooth and soft. They contain exfoliating castor sugar and organic jojoba oil. They are available in: Bubblegum, Popcorn and Mint Julips.

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Lush stores nationwide (also available throughout New Zealand)


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Awesome lip scrub

I have this in popcorn and I have been using it for over a year now. I absolutely love it, it scrubs my lips really well and leaves them smooth and feeling really really soft. It is easy to use and the jar might seem small but it lasts forever.

I don't really lick it off after scrubbing because that sounds a bit gross to me, eating the stuff I've scrubbed off my lips. However, I have tasted it straight the jar and it is really yummy.

I will recommend it to everyone and I will keep repurchasing :)



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I have this in Bubblegum, Mint Julips and The Kiss (Valentine's Day Collection). I keep Mint Julips in my pencil case at school, and the other two in my make up draw. These make my incredibly dry lips soft and smooth. $9.95 at first seems a bit expensive, but you get so much use out of these! Love them!

Ideal for


shana-may sm...


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luscious lips

Kissable lips using this amazing Lush bubblegum flavoured lip scrub that leaves lips smooth and it also tastes great!
The packaging is cute and easy to take everywhere. As much as i love this product it can easily be made at home using castor sugar and honey and your fave flavour such as vanilla, mint or berry.


Don't overuse

Ideal for

All lips ^_^



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I was about skeptical when I first purchased this. Haven't regretted it ever sine. Have had my jar for almost 1 year. The bubblegum scent is amazing. All you do is dip your finger and scrub across your dried lips. Then either wipe off or lick clean. There are other scents available but much prefer the bubblegum. Its extremely moisturizing and instantly have smooth lips.



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The flavour of this scrub always makes me want to exfoliate my lips. It's natural, effective and scrubbing my lips is not such an off-putting task any longer.


scrub your lips before applying lipstick makes your lipstick look better

Ideal for

people who wear lipstick, generally anyone who gets chapped lips who need to exfoliate their lips regularly



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So Yum!

I've tried both the Bubblegum and Popcorn flavours and both are amazing! They taste so good, but most important do a great job! Leaves my lips soft and doesn't dry them out. The scrub is gentle yet effective. I can't get enough and use it as often as I can. At least weekly! I'd like to see more flavours available to try!

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Best lip scrub on the market!

I love the size of the granules of this gorgeous lip scrub that comes in this screw top container!

I have this in Popcorn, and it's seriously like a small tub of popcorn flavoured lip scrub! The downside is that it's a little messy and unhygienic, given that it does come in a tub that you have to dip your fingers into.

On the upside, it's really does efficiently scrub away all your dead skin! Yay! Love this scrub, and I want to try all the flavours!



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This is a great lip exfoliant that preps your skin for lipsticks. I've tried to DIY my own lip scrubs before unsuccessful so I love how this is ready-made, the smell and the fact that it's edible! Convenient to have in my makeup bag.



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I have this in popcorn and i love it. I use it once a week and then again before wearing bright or dark lip colour. Its gentle but works well enough to rid the lips of dry skin. I also feel it slightly plumps the lips from the scrubbing action. Plus it tastes like salted caramel.



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Best lip scrub!

I have this in Bubblegum and The santa.
Bubblegum is super sweet smelling, a cute pink colour and tastes pretty good too hehe.
The Santa is a cherry cola flavour, red and has little hearts in it which is pretty cute.

The conisistency is sugary and rough in a gel like soft mixture. Pick up a bit on your fingers and rub into your lips until the sugar starts dissolving. I am guilty of licking off the excess product but you can wipe it off as well.
Do over your sink because it can get a bit messy.
These do such a good job and because they're so cute they remind you to exfoliate your lips more regularly. I've been using these contantly and still have plenty left so I find they're good value for money. I want all the flabours now!

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