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L'Oreal Paris

Glam Shine 6Hours Volumiser

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L’Oréal Paris Glam Shine 6Hours Volumiser has a unique formula with patented Shine Fix ™ technology that allows lasting colour for up to six hours while keeping lips moist and supple. It adds polyol to the original formula for an instant and dramatic plumping effect with a 20 per cent instant volume effect. Lips can be re-plumped anytime throughout the day by pressing them together. Features a unique heart-shaped applicator for even and precise application, with an enlarged centre hole to capture even more gloss product than ever before for a shinier, more intense volume effect. Available in four shades.



Pharmacies, department stores, and variety stores nationwide.

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Beauty kit essential

I get dry lips quite often, so find myself leaning more so towards glosses rather than lipsticks. This one in particular is super moisturizing, yet highly pigmented and has great colour pay-out. I love wearing these on a night out, because I find that I don't need to re-apply every 2 seconds like any other lipgloss. I also find that due to the high shine from these glosses your lips always look freshly applied- simply stunning!

Miss Danger


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Long lasting colour and volume gloss

I was really impressed by this gloss, it gave a nice plumped pout and the colour definitely lasted.
A medium weight gloss that made lips look instantly fuller with no nasty tingling, the gloss is slightly sticky but it's staying power makes up for that. It lasted nicely through the day with only one reapplication needed. The plumping effect is noticeable straight away and although it doesn't last the full six hours like the colour, it's still a nice effect. My lips also felt soft and hydrated the whole time. The formula goes on smoothly and for a long-lasting product it feels quite light. The applicator is specially designed to apply the right amount of gloss every time. Great both on it's own or over lipstick. This gloss is a firm fixture in my makeup bag.


Outline lips with liner in a similar tone, apply one layer over top and bottom lips then dab a little extra in the centre of your lips to reflect light and give a fuller effect.

Ideal for

Lips that need a little volume and long lasting colour.



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Best in Beauty 2013

This product is a classic. I mean, you get amazing plumping abilities, plus colour, plus hydration! What more could you want in a lipgloss. This wasn't sticky on the lips, and I found it was lasting around the 6/7 hour mark before I realised I needed to apply again. Only downside is, it's very hard to find them (I've found them in bargain bins lately).



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5 Stars For It's Authentic Plumping Abilities!

This product is something I would buy more of because the plumping ability of it really is startling. It surely is a rival for botox - and a whole heap cheaper and a whole heap prettier too! Seriously.

I have Plum Addiction and it's not as bright on my lips as it is in the container. It comes out much sheerer on the lips and also gives my lips a heavenly plum glossy look that I really like for my colouring. It's not real dark but more of almost a neutral plum sheer colour. Perfect for daytime if you don't want something too bright but still want to wear the beloved purply plum colour.

Okay, so it's a true super plumper - my lip lines almost completely disappear. I really didn't think a lipgloss would do this for me - I've used others which are okay- a nice gloss - but I struggle to find the plumping that they promise. With this one, after a couple of minutes I can start to see it's plumping and after about 20 minutes my lines have almost all filled out. They disappear enough to make me very happy about wearing this. I only apply this to my lips for colour and the plumping of them effects even the lines above my lips (which are probably from sipping tea all my life!). I have two main lines which are very well plumped out by wearing this gloss.

The colour is very pretty and stays on for a bit but certainly not six hours - but I don't care because I love the plumping abilities of this gloss so much. The gloss itself adheres very well to the lips and I can feel it stay on - almost like a thick resin type of feel. It's quite a determined stayer albeit just a bit sticky. Still, I don't care this time because the way it plumps my lip lines out is so real.

On initial application it has the glossiest of glossy shines I think I've ever seen but then it does settle down quite quickly to give a 'normal' glossiness. Still, one who likes shiny lips would really like this one!

I have got some of the other colours of this on my 'to buy list' because it's like botox in a lipgloss. I want to buy some of the paler colours next. It has a bit of a zingy feel on the lips but not too much.

P.S.. The lid is a lovely glossy silver & clear perspex which pulls out to produce a heart shaped wand which, to me, was surprising how perfect I can apply this gloss onto my lips with. It's quite a little revolution in a tube!

One amazing product!



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Colour is great, too sticky

The colour is perfect, but i found this gloss to be too sticky. It does stay on for a long time though. A little bit also gets on my teeth. To be honest, I didn't notice the 'plump' effect so much but it does give the effect of plumped lips.



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Not that bad

The colour is very nice and shiny, and the feeling of applying the lipgloss with the heart-shaped brush was glorious. But thats where the satisfaction ended. After a while, it makes your lips feel very sticky, then eventually, dry. Although, if you re-apply often, it does moisturise decently.



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Sticky lips!

This isnt one of my favourite products and i wont purchase it again, i found it to be very sticky on my lips and no where near lasted the 6 hours, bearly one! and im not a person who eats their lipgloss either so to speak. however they do have a nice colour range.



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Volume, Colour, Shine....Absolutely Glam and Fine!

Mwwwah! Love it, L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6Hours Volumizer in Forever Sweet (baby pink) is a staple gloss for me. My lips are always dry and most glosses make them look and feel drier but this works like a charm. A quick unscrew of the cap, remove the wand and its heart shaped applicator is loaded with gloss ready to apply. Its so fast and easy to use I often easily apply it on the bus and train when in a hurry, even without a mirror- it glides straight over my lips coating them evenly and leaving them feeling ever so soft, beautifully coloured and even moisturised. Its volumising formula does plump my lips and the colour seems to last quite a while, I’d say it lives up to its 6hr claim which no other gloss I have tried can do! I find a re-touch half way through the day is all I need and it doesn’t easily become worn off by eating, drinking and daily activities. I often don’t need to re-apply it at all but I can’t help myself as I love the way it feels on my lips. Its not a sticky, messy gloss but slightly more matte feeling while it still has all the colour, sparkle and shine that a gloss should have. I always have this in the bottom of my bag, if I’m not wearing it every other day its there for those moments when my other lippie or gloss lets me down. A quick slick of Glam Shine always brightens my lips so I can get on with my day or night confident that my lips look great and that it wont kiss-off or fade away in a hurry. I can’t help but smack my lips together when wearing this as they feel so soft. Used daily this has lasted me well over 3months, I’m impressed and will always have one on hand as its never let me down and always gives my lips great volume and colour without any fuss. Oh, did I mention it comes in 9 shades? Truly love my Glam Shine 6Hours Volumizer, don't know how I used to get by without it!



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Glam shine 6hours volumizer

I have this in forever sweet and it such a gorgeous shade! I didn't find it too sticky for how long it lasted, it didn't last the 6hrs but it lasted at least 3hours before I needed to reapply :) I noticed my lips also looked considerably plumper and gave my lips a beautiful lasting shine :)



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar


This is the first volumizer I have tried that really does work and my lips feel moist for hours. I would reccomend it and it comes in great colours too.

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