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Pretty but very sticky

I was given a set of 5 of these glosses. The colours are very pretty, but I find them very sticky. They feel so sticky on the lips, and I don't think they feel very moisturising. The colours look fairly pigmented when switched on the hand, but I don't think the colour payoff is great on the lips. These are quite expensive, and I don't think they perform as well as some cheaper drug store alternatives. The colour transfers off fairly easily, but leaves a sticky residue behind.

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Princess Per...


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Long Lasting Shine

I got this as a GWP attached to a High Impact Lip Colour in Rosette which I think they put together because they are similar and complementary colours. I layered them anyway. This lip gloss really lasts a LONG time. It is a quite bold metallic, shimmery pink colour which may be a bit too much for my colouring when layered with Rosette but is nice on its own. This does feel a bit matte on but is also quite shiny. It doesn't have a taste or scent that I can detect but feels nice on the lips. It is a pretty shade and great for summer. It has a luxe look about it too and overall I've been impressed.

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- Packaging: No fuss doefoot applicator. Travels well.
- Texture: Not sticky, yet somehow still stays on the lips for a while longer than other glosses I've tried.
- Quite pigmented

Would repurchase if I could justify the price. I find there are drugstore alternatives which satisfy me.

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Luscious, shiny lips! - Best in Beauty 2013

I purchased this product in the colour 'Sunset', and the lipgloss is packaged in a sleek, clear acrylic tube with a luxe silver cap, and a spongy doe-foot applicator. It holds a reasonable 6mls of product.

The 'Sunset' shade is a shiny peachy-bronze colour, infused with golden sparkles. It applies smoothly with a sheer, glossy wash of colour and shimmer, and lasts for a good 4-5 hours, with plenty of tea-drinking and cookie-eating involved! During the wear, my lips felt moisturised, nourished and I actually enjoy the slightly tacky feel... does anyone actually like wearing gloss that's as runny as water?!

The most unique feature of this product is the built-in SPF 15+. Not many cosmetic brands offer sun protection in their lipgloss range, which is rather ironic, considering that the lips have such thin and delicate skin! As my lips are prone to sunburn, the product gives me great confidence that I can have the best of both worlds: luscious looking, protected lips. It's perfect for everyday wear as it protects my kissers from harmful UV rays rain, hail or shine.

I would definitely repurchase this product, possibly try this out in a pink/raspberry shade as well. Overall, a high quality, high performance and high shine lipgloss from an iconic brand. I also always take advantage of Clinique's generous Gift with Purchase offers - it makes the premium pricing of this product much more palatable!

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I love this gloss, it keeps it shine and colour for a long time. It isn't sticky or tacky either. Money well spent and a great selection of colours.

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Love this gloss

I have many lip glosses and find nothing compares to this one. Great subtle colour and not too sticky.

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Classy and feminine.

For starters, the tube is gorgeous! It's also quite sturdy and I love how sleek it looks.
The formula itself is rather sticky and feels thick so I use it sparingly. Applying to much may result in a glue like effect! The shine is lovely and looks incredible when light reflects off it. I purchased this in 'Air Kiss' which is a subtle peachy-pink colour that isn't too bad and works for any occasion.
It is long lasting (probably due to the stickiness), even with eating and drinking.
Such a luxurious lipgloss to own!

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Beauty Junkie1


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Moist and luscious

I tried this just yesterday and I must say I am impressed with how moist my lips felt and what a beautiful colour this gloss was on my lips. It also stayed on a lot longer than other lipglosses so for that it has me won over! Try it. You won't look back

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Pretty shimmery finish

Very pretty lip gloss with a nice bit of shimmer.

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Surprisingly wearable.

Not sticky, not too shiny, yet sexy, not over the top or too glittery.. Great for non-lipgloss wearing girls! It stays in my handbag always. I really love it and I don't even wear lipgloss usually. Clinique hit the nail on the head with this one.

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