Many girls make the mistake of thinking that in order to ensure their make-up looks perfect; they need to pile it on. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When it comes to make-up, less is definitely more, but it’s all about how you use your make-up that determines how much you get out of it.

So with that, how about I divulge the five tips you need to know in order to rock a naturally-perfect, made-up face?   Does that even make sense? A naturally made-up face? Yes, it does – and you’re about to see why.

NATURAL SKIN-PERFECTING MAKE-UP TIP #1: Concentrate on your skin care
If you don’t put a lot of emphasis on a daily skin care routine, it’s about time you started. It can be as easy as incorporating a serum that helps to fix a certain skin concern. To improve your uneven skin tone and create a smooth skin surface, why not try L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminosity Day Serum? With daily use, it can help to transform your skin into a smoother, more radiant base for your make-up.

In order to experience your best-ever natural complexion that stays looking that way all day, you need a skin-perfecting primer that will help create a silky smooth base that your make-up will want to cling to. Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Primer allows make-up to glide over skin and prepares the complexion for a long-lasting base. The formula also contains Evermat™ technology to visibly reduce the appearance of pores and absorb excess oils, without over-drying.

NATURAL SKIN-PERFECTING MAKE-UP TIP #3: Pick a fresh foundation
To ensure your skin looks fresh and natural, it’s best to choose a water-based foundation that’s chock-full of nourishing ingredients. ModelCo FLUID SPLASH is deeply hydrating and lightweight and helps to leave your skin looking naturally radiant thanks to a blend of aloe vera and vitamin E. In order to look as natural and fresh-faced as possible, try to apply as little as possible, so that you’re left with a skin tint, rather than a face full of make-up.

As concealer is thicker in consistency than foundation, you should use it sparingly only on the areas that really need it, such as to cover blemishes or redness that show through your foundation. Apply some concealer to the back of your hand and press some of the excess away before applying it to your face. Once you apply it to your chosen area, use your ring finger to blot it out and blend it into your foundation. We love Couleur Caramel Certified Organic Concealer as it helps to diminish the appearance of imperfections, dark circles and puffiness around the eye area.

Natural-looking highlights can be the very thing that ensures your make-up is left looking fresh and oh-so natural. Choose a liquid highlighter that can be applied to the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones, forehead and the bridge of your nose. A liquid highlighter works to blend into your skin more convincingly than a powder highlighter, which tends to just ‘sit’ on your skin. We love Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter as it contains raspberry and chamomile to soothe, light-reflecting pigments for radiance and sweet almond seed oil to firm and smooth your skin.

What are your best tips for looking as though you're sporting naturally perfect skin?

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