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Maybelline New York Dream Pure BB is an 8-in-1 BB cream designed for those with oily and blemish prone skin. The light gel water base formula helps to correct, clear and detoxify your skin for a healthy complexion. It contains vitamins A, B and E for soothing and two per cent salicylic acid to combat blemishes.
Available in: Light, and Medium.



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Great for oily skin

I love this product. I tend to get oily and this still seems to stay through the day. I really like the added bonus of salicylic acid. I ran out of this and tried another one, then started to break out. I can only assume the salicylic acid in this product was doing it's job as when I returned to this, no more break outs. My only downside to this would be that it could have just a touch more coverage and be available in a slightly darker tone.

Read the full review of Dream Pure BB by Maree752.



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light and natural looking

the best bb cream i have ever come across. i have always hated foundations because they make me sweat and feel like i have a mask on bu this one is so different. it glides on just like any moisturiser and counteract my oily skin making it appear more matte which i love. covers pimples, masks pores and redness and blends with my natural skin tone so it stays looking natural. the price rocks too and you only need a tiny bit as it goes a long way so lasts ages. looooooove it.

Read the full review of Dream Pure BB by Samandpink.



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Amazing for acne prone combination skin - great mixed with foundation!

I love this BB cream. I admit I haven't tried a whole bunch of them, but once I tried Maybelline's Dream Pure BB, I didn't look back! I wear this to the gym to provide medium coverage for my acne scars. I find it smoothes out my imperfections quite well, then I use a concealer to cover my red marks. It can emphasise dry patches though, so moisturise well before applying! I wear this daily mixed with my foundation, as it makes application smoother, and the SPF is a great bonus. It's also an affordable price! Will continue wearing this in winter as my skin will require more moisture :)

Read the full review of Dream Pure BB by Sydneyswans910.



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Great for dry skin!

I use this BB cream every day. While the salicylic acid didn't reduce any acne, I found it also didn't cause any (unlike other BB creams and foundations I've tried). I don't even need moisturizer or a finishing powder over this, something I love.

Read the full review of Dream Pure BB by CandyCrush217.



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Made me break out :(

I initially loved this BB Cream, as it matched my skin tone perfectly, a little went a long way and the coverage was perfect - not too light but not too cakey either.
After a few days of use, I broke out in lots little pimples. I was so disappointed, as up until then I'd been loving everything about it. Have since gone back to my usual Garnier Oil Free BB cream.

Read the full review of Dream Pure BB by Fiona022.



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Best BB cream to date

This BB cream goes on well and provides great coverage for all skin types especially those with freckles. it stays in throughout the day and doesn't wear off like other BB creams I've tried. To make it stay even longer I usually finish it off with maybellines fit me powder.

Read the full review of Dream Pure BB by Oliviaa.



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Great product, awesome coverage

This is the second BB cream I've tried and so far I'm loving it. The colour medium is a perfect match for my skin and the product provides good coverage. I usually apply lightly during the day and more heavily for evening and it doesn't appear caked on which is good. This is a really good product, cheap and readily available from chemists and supermarkets.

Read the full review of Dream Pure BB by Amanda936.



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Great bb cream

Great consistancy, definately kept my oily skin in check for a lot longer than others, matte finish which I love love love, great coverage, only bad thing about this that I didn't like was the smell bu other than that it's great :)

Read the full review of Dream Pure BB by Magnusbee.



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Love but stopped using

I really enjoyed using this through the summer. I found that it was thin on the skin and covered blemishes without feeling thick or greasy. I loved the sun screen addition which meant I didn't need to add sunscreen throughout the day. I don't use it through the winter because I tend to wear more make up but I love for summer on the beach! It is perfectly blending which means I can take it with me to the beach and put it on once I get out of the water!

Read the full review of Dream Pure BB by Ashlee956.



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Still oily and orange!

I've been looking for a good quality BB cream for a while now. I have combination/oily skin and am fairly pale, so it's always a challenge for me to find makeup that doesn't make me look orange or glossy.

I bought this product with some hope that it would be different from all other BB creams I've tried. It promised that it combatted oily skin and that it would colour match any light skin tone. I went home straight away and proceeded to test it out.

The first use was good - I didn't feel like I was wearing makeup at all (and some days when I'm in a state of can't be bothered, I need a product that will achieve this). It had a little orange tinge to it but only in particular lighting. I was complimented on how natural my makeup looked.

However, it went downhill pretty quickly. The second application on my face left my skin incredibly oily and shiny. Now, I have a pretty strict skincare regime and clean my face everyday using a cleanser, face masks twice a week and night creams/moisturisers each night. I remove all makeup before and after use. My skin that day had been prepped to a tee - so I was pretty disappointed that this product had not lived up to the expectations.

I left the house only to find that I looked like I had just smothered a can of fake tan on my face. It was so orange and horrible that as soon as I arrived at uni I quickly went to the bathroom to wash it off. Again, for a product meant for light skin tones, it was pretty disappointing. I don't cake makeup on, as I believe in "less is more". I had only put on a fingertip amount all over my face using a clean beauty blender. I decided to give it one more try, but the same results occurred. I

It's not the best BB cream I have tried, and has left me feeling very reluctant to try another one.

Read the full review of Dream Pure BB by ReneeChiera.

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