Dr. LeWinn's - Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Foundation SPF 15

Dr. LeWinn's

Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Foundation SPF 15

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For a radiant, youthful glow, the Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation is ideal for women wanting long-lasting foundation while also offering great coverage and sun protection. With a soft powdery finish, the formula helps visibly smooth wrinkles and fine lines, leaving skin looking firmer and more youthful. In addition to rose stem cells, matrixyl synthe’6 and tourmaline, it also contains hyaluronic acid, which assists in hydrating the skin giving it a beautiful, radiant glow. The foundation is available in six shades including Ivory, Cream, Beige, Latte, Tan and Sable.

For optimum results, prepare your skin with Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing primer and then apply Foundation.


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Pretty awesome

I've been using this for about 2 weeks and I am so happy with it. The shade I purchased was Ivory, and for once, it was a foundation that actually matched my skin tone!

The foundation comes in a pump, which I love because it's hygienic and obviously it's much easier to use and you don't waste any product due to spilling it. This foundation glides on so smoothly and evens out my skin nicely. It lasts all day, and even has SPF 15.

I'm so happy with this foundation. The quality is amazing. I don't have wrinkles so I can't review the anti-aging effects but my pores were minimised and covered, which is amazing.

Great product, I recommend it.

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this foundation is amazing! i am so happy i was able to try it. it completely transforms my skin.

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Light coverage

I would describe this as a light coverage foundation. I could almost call this a tinted moisturiser as it is quite sheer, at least on my skin. This foundation is really easy to blend on my dry skin. I can easily blend this with my fingers without the need for a foundation brush or sponge. It never looks cakey or flaky. After I've applied this foundation, I sometimes touch my face to see how it feels, and my skin always feels soft. Although the lightest shade in this foundation is a tiny bit darker than I'd prefer, I can easily blend this into my neck without a strong demarcation line. I have crows feet and vertical lines around my mouth, and this foundation does not accentuate those lines.

I prefer foundations that give more coverage than this one, especially as I have broken capillaries, but if you are looking for a lightweight foundation, then you would probably love this one.

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glosscars 2013

Over the years I have tried sooo many foundations, countless numbers from low prices to high prices and I can honestly say this is one of the best foundations I have ever used!
Being a fan of Dr Lewins amazing skincare products I just had to purchase this anti-ageing foundation, and had high hopes. The Dr Lewins anti ageing foundation comes in a sleek pretty 30ml glass container. The container has a smooth silver pump top which despises small amounts of the product, which I love, because you can start off small and build up and use more(nothing worse then a product that delivers too much and wastage).
For my complication I have the color cream, and it blends and matches on my fairer skin perfectly yet looks sooo smooth and creamy.

I find this foundation an actual pleasure to apply, once dispersing from the pump bottle, it glides onto the skin so smoothly and softly. I have found it blends well with fingers and doesn't leave tell tale streaks like so many other foundations. It's also simple and easy to apply with a brush if you prefer. The foundation doesn't dry instantly and doesn't drag across your skin. For me it blends easy.

The foundation looks smooth, soft and medium in coverage but not one bit of caked on. On my combination skin I find it lasts a great 8 hours and doesn't slip, off. It honestly even outs my skin, doesn't sink into pores and looks natural.
I love the way this makes my look and the best thing is that it feels lightweight.
The added benefits of this foundation ast added benefits but really whats not to love about a foundation that provides hydration and anti-ageing ingredients on top of our daily moisturiser.
Honestly while it is primarily a foundation nI can say my skin feels really soft and hydrated especially after removing this foundation. While I was worried about this extra hydration breaking me out, not once.
Overall I love the way this makes my skin look, it looks smooth, soft and radiant. Pigmentation and fine lines are good, it looks natural and feels lightweight, plus it has extra benefits.

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Beauty Obses...


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Glosscar 2013

I was fortunate to trial this foundation as part of Beauty Heaven's trial team and was extremely impressed with this foundation.

I've tried many foundations from low end, middle end and some more exxy brands from high end department stores. When I discovered that Dr LeWinn had launched a makeup range I was very excited as I've loved all their skincare products I have tried and they have all the latest technologies without costing the earth. The makeup range is very affordable so much so I wasn't sure that it would live up to it's claims.

This foundation is a treatment and foundation in one. It has all the anti-ageing benefits of rose stem cells, collagen peptide and tourmaline and help the skin look radiant and youthful. It also contains an spf15 so you are protected from the sun.

I adore this foundation!! It glides on the skin effortlessy and with all the special ingredients in it and the technology used its a steal for the price tag. My skin looks amazing when using this foundation. Flawless, youthful, dewy and radiant. My fine lines are smoothed, my uneven skin tone disappears like magic.

The packaging is very lush and fancy. The pump bottle makes application less messy and you get a good size application with each pump.

You can use either your finger tips or foundation brush. I found either application was just as great.

I would definately use this foundation again and would highly recommend those who love the Dr LeWinns range or even those new to the range and are looking for a skincare/foundation at an affordable price yet has the same benefits as a high end department store brand. Love it!!!

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glosscar vote 2013

I got a sample of this in a gift with purchase and when i used it for the first time i was in love with it ... it's smooth and cremey and doesn't smell like sunscreen like a lot of products do ..its a lovely coverage too ..almost full without the heaviness feeling. It's lightweight but gets rid of my redness that i have in my cheeks. It looks amazing and flawless .. i went and bought a bottle and totally worth it $39.95 is not much for such an amazing product ..easy pump and nice packaging

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Glosscar Worthy Foundation

Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation contains anti-ageing ingredients such as rose stem cells, tourmaline, hyaluronic acid. This foundation also offers sun protection, formulated with an SPF factor of 15. This foundation claims to offer long-lasting and great coverage. Smoothing out the appearance of lines by providing sufficient hydration. Offering six shades, there shouldn't be a problem matching skintone.
This foundation comes in a glass bottle with 30 ml of product. Delivery of product is achieved easily via the pump-top dispenser. This makes for a more hygienic application. The only thing I was not content with, was that I often accidentally begin to unscrew the pump-top cap during handling.
There is a foundation type scent, but I only noticed this by taking a conscious sniff from the bottle.
I found that when I applied with fingers, I only needed a couple of pumps for face and neck. Only a small amount is necessary of this light weight foundation.
What I noticed upon first application, was just how easily it glided over my skin, ensuring an even coverage. I rarely use liquid foundation, I've honestly never been able to apply it without a patchy finish This liquid is just so easy to use, that even I can manage a flawless application.
After some experimentation, I discovered that applying with fingers gives a sheer to medium coverage, where as using a brush gave me a more heavier coverage ,making it quite versatile.
Whichever way I applied, I found that it never looked cakey. I had a silk finish, that felt neither dry nor tacky, my skin felt like, well, skin. I just loved that my face looked so natural, like a better version of my own skin. I have a lot of pigmentation, which almost disappears under the foundation. My fine lines and pores appear reduced, and thankfully, no foundation settles in these areas.
My skin is given such a youthful glow, it looks soft and dewy, but not at all oily.
Wearing it in conjuction with the Dr LeWinns Primer means I can have long wearing coverage. Thanks to combination skin, my forehead becomes oily during wear and I have to touch up at least once during the day, even though I would normally wear a powder over liquid foundation. I am happy to say that Dr LeWinns Foundation did not slip off my forehead. I did not experience any adverse reactions. In fact, it was the opposite, I have been experiencing much clearer skin Not only during wear, but even after removal, my skin feels soft and smooth.
I really cannot rave about just how much I am loving Dr LeWinns Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Foundation. I have not even slightly been tempted to use any other foundation since receiving this outstanding product. Dr LeWinns, you have converted me from a mineral powder foundation user to a liquid user!!

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Stay C


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Quite impressed.

Like the primer which I've already reviewed I can't say much about the anti-ageing properties of Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation but the fact that it contains an SPF15 along with quite a few active ingredients leads me to believe that over time it could be beneficial and atleast it shouldn't be doing you any harm.

This foundation is lovely and creamy and applies very smoothly and evenly especially if you use the matching primer first, I find that the foundation really grips onto the primer and it definitely helps it last longer. You can go for a light layer or it will build up to a medium to heavy finish but again this works best over the primer, they have been made to go together afterall.

This product is smooth and creamy and applies beautifully, some foundations just seem to look cakey on ey but not this one, the fact that I can build up coverage and still look quite natural is a huge tick in my book. Once applied over the primer it lasts all day and while I might be a bit shiny at the end of the day I'm not a greaseball and the finish is still quite smooth and even, no splotchiness or discolouration at all.

Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation comes in an attractive pump top glass bottle which means it's hygenic and should be long lasting as you're not introducing bacteria or air to the product when using it. You do have to be careful using the pump though as once you've pushed down then released it more product comes out so you can end up with atleast twice as much as planned but as long as I remember that I only need to dispense half as much as I need then all is good.

This foundation does have a mild scent but it's pleasant enough and fades very quickly, unlike a few other foundations that I've used. While around $40 for 30ml of product isn't cheap a little can go a long way depending on how heavy you like to apply your foundation and I find it's comparable, if not quite a bit cheaper, than other foundations that I've rated just as highly.

Overall I'm extremely happy with this product, especially when used with the primer, and the only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because I like to keep my options open in case something even better comes along.

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Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation

The Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation is packaged in a 30ml frosted glass bottle with a pump-action dispenser. It features a silver metallised collar and a brown cap, which compliments the brown lettering and contributes to an overall sleek, stylish presentation that is ultra classy.

The consistency of the foundation is light and creamy, with a velvety, silky smooth texture that glides onto my skin and blends with ease. Because the formula boasts SPF, unfortunately the foundation smells more like a sunscreen than anything else, however it’s not an offensive smell and it dissipates soon after application. The fluid and sets rapidly, leaving a weightless, natural-looking, dewy finish that plumps my skin and radiates vibrancy and lustre. The medium coverage doesn't cover all of my imperfections, but it’s quite buildable, so by layering over problem areas, I can achieve a fairly decent camouflage. I have the shade ‘Latte’ that matches my skin tone to perfection, disguising facial redness and minor flaws for a uniform complexion, creating a ‘not wearing foundation at all’ appearance that looks like real skin rather than a mask.

The staying power is mediocre, possibly due to my oily skin type, but after a few hours my face is quite shiny, although a quick dusting of translucent powder quickly corrects the problem. I don’t experience any caking, streaking or patchiness and the foundation doesn't settle into fine lines or fade, instead it seems to provide a healthy, illuminating glow, which is manageable as long as I keep the shine at bay. I usually apply using a cosmetic brush or beauty pod, but in this case, fingers also do a pretty good job of delivering flawless results.

I love that this foundation provides the additional benefits of sun protection, as well as coverage and correcting properties. I can’t claim to have noticed a significant improvement of my premature ageing skin concerns, yet I’m more than happy to use it over a longer period to see how it develops. I do admit though, after I've applied the foundation, my face takes on a delightfully youthful glow, so in that respect it truly rocks! We live in the day of multi-tasking products, so to have a foundation that bridges the gap between skin care and makeup is pretty nifty and ideal for those who lead a busy lifestyle and prefer to cut corners. I would definitely recommend the Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation to anyone wanting barely-there, natural coverage, which promotes a gorgeous, luminous complexion that looks younger and visibly more radiant.

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Trial Team Review

I trialled this product in the shade "ivory", which is the lightest shade available and used it in conjunction with the Dr Lewinns skin perfect anti-ageing primer. It definitely applied better when used with the primer. It dries quite fast, so I did need to apply and blend quickly.
It comes in a glass bottle, which I didn't really love, but it has a pump, which is great. The pump allowed me to "half-pump", so no need for wastage either. The primer comes in the same packaging and they look really nice together.
When I first applied the foundation, I felt it looked like it was sitting on my skin, but after a little while it seemed to settle and look much better. It is quite a matte, powdery finish, which is great for my oily t zone and it didn't settle into my fine lines or look cakey. It lasts throughout the day quite well too.
I did find that it settled in my pores on my nose though, even with the primer. I tried applying with my fingers, a sponge and a brush, but it was noticable with all application methods.
I found it to be a reasonably good product but it's not the best I have used.

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