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MagiX Face Perfector

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Avon MagiX Face Perfector is a gel powder which gives a naturally flawless look, keeping shine away for up to 10 hours. Skin is brighter, with pores and fine lines visibly smoothed. The colourless formula suits all skin tones. Can be worn alone or under foundation.

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Visibly Smoother with or wthout Makeup

I have tried the MagiX Face Perfector from Avon. I used the product under my foundation, but I occasionally don't wear makeup and also used the Perfector Powder Gel before I put on my facial moisturising cream. I found this product helps to smooth and brighten my face when applied with and without makeup.


Is best applied underneath Foundation or underneath your Facial cream



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great primer

I really like this primer, it makes my foundation stay just that little bit longer. I use it in conjunction with my benefit porefessional primer. It doesn't make me go oily to an extent and has a nice silky texture to it. However, as it can be a bit pricey, i will not repurchase when i use it all up, as there is primers that sre just as good for a cheaper price

Ideal for

Anyone who wants a longer lasting foundation base



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Awesome product

I love this product. It is basically spak-filla for your skin lol. It gives your pores and wrinkles and leaves you with a flat, fresh surface for your foundation. It is clear and has a pleasant scent. It does leave your skin slightly oily, however this is probably just me. I would definitely buy it again



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Great texture, love it!

As an Avon rep i received this in one of my freebies and it probably sat in my makeup draw for 2 months before i got around to picking it up. All i can say is i wish i had grabbed it out of my draw sooner! This product smooths on my face perfectly and feels amazing, It leaves a great matte finish and still looks fab when i use just the Mineral Foundation powder over the top. The smell is not unpleasant but definitely has that sun screen smell about it which i am not a fan of but it soon fades when you apply it =)


Allow it to absorb into your skin a little first before applying any foundation over the top =)

Ideal for

flawless looking skin



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A great priming base

I got this as a freebie which was great since i was curious to try it when i was gaga over primers then. I like the consistency of the silicon as it glides smoothly over my entire face to a powdery silky finish without looking shiny or oily. A little goes a long way. If you apply too much, your face may end up looking too oily. There is no need to wait before applying your foundation. You can also wear it alone without foundation and manage to look flawlessly natural. I sometimes just apply this over moisturiser then dust some mineral powder lightly Put on a nude lippie and im off to go out shopping or just go out for coffee with friends.



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Not my type of primer

I used to be an avon representative and although I have not tried a great deal of primers, I am not a fan of this one. The consistency is super velvety/silky and thats something I am not to keen on, the fragrance is pleasant and not to overpowering which is a good point, but have combination skin, the drying effect it had on my skin made some areas very flaky and it felt uncomfortable.
I would more likely where this by itself with a fair bit of moisturiser underneath, as so far I have not found a product that goes really well with this primer.



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An Amazing Primer

This is a great primer for my semi oily skin. The Silicone in this product smooths my lines and imperfections mainly around my nose and my cheeks. I some wear this alone or with makeup and no matter what my skin looks amazing. This is one of my favourite products from Avon and it was a amazing staying power.



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Surprisingly good!

I got this as a freebie and, as Avon products have always been a bit hit & miss for me, I didn't have especially high hopes for the primer. I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised! It glides on really smoothly and leaves a nice, matte finish. You can leave this as is (which I will do if I'm not going out) or use it as a base for foundation.

I found liquid foundation sat really well on top and definitely lasted longer - I'm sure I didn't have to powder quite as early in the day as I normally need to! Overall, a really nice product that I would be happy to purchase - shame Avon products can be such a pain to get hold of sometimes!



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smooth and light on the skin. Long lasting

This is the perfect primer for oily skin. Silicone smooths or lines and imperfections for the perfect base. Wear alone or underneath the foundation. Keeps my foundation on all day.


Apply with brush for even application.

Ideal for

any skin type, use alone or underneath foundation



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loved it!

I use this both with and without foundation. The white cream ends up with a powdery consistency and feels beautiful on my skin, but the smell could be improved. I've used this for a few years now, and I haven't any problems with it. It reduces the appearance of pores and gives an even, smooth complexion. There's no gross residue left on my skin after awhile, and leaves a nice feeling to the skin.

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