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Base Magique Primer

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L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer is a moisturiser designed to hydrate and protect skin as well as work as primer used to mask wrinkles and uneven textures in the skin before applying foundation. The formula erases fine lines and pores, and contains soft powders to help absorb sebum and mattify skin to reduce shine. Silicon oil enables easy glide-on application with no greasy residue for longer-lasting make-up.


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“I’m absolutely thrilled with this. It really DOES work.”

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Long lasting smooth feeling

You could interchange this baby with Benefit's POREfessional and not actually see much difference. It is amazing. I never really liked L'Oréal products until I used this one and now I am sold on this product for years to come.

A little goes a long way and it smooths evenly over my face and neck allowing for me to create a flawless look. It is mattifying and keeps my T-zone at bay all day and night. It's not TOO mattifying though that it dries out your skin. It's just right.

pricewise it's a "steal" if you purchase this in lieu of the "splurge" product - POREfessional but for the amount of product you're getting it's still quite pricey. Totally worth it though. Doesn't clog pores, suitable for all skin types (especially mine who surprises me daily with what problem it wants to throw at me).

The best thing? It's readily available! Nothing worse than finding a HG product and not being able to find it anywhere.

Funkister diana


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The silkiest and smoothest primer available

This is hands down the best primer I have tried and that's after having samples at least five others in various cosmetics departments. And the results do show just after one application. I am not sure how to describe the smell but it is definitely a nice one and not at all overpowering.

I applied this after my moisturiser and before any makeup. The packaging is simplistic and it makes for an easy twist top however I would have preferred if the entire container is smaller since there is not much product included. In saying that, you only need the smallest amount to cover your entire face so don't take out too much the first time. It goes on so smoothly and instantly melts into the skin.

I also suggest to wait a couple of minutes before applying makeup because the product can feel quite thick on the fingers so I prefer to give it some time to really skin into the skin and ensure any makeup doesn't just slide off. It is a bit on the pricier end at $30 for the little bottle but I would say its worth it since it lasts ages and ages with only the smallest of amounts needed.

Ideal for

any skin tone and anyone wanting to smooth out their skin before makeup



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Not the greatest

I received a sample size of this from a sales rep whilst trying to decide whether to purchase this or not.

I found the product very hard to use. It needed to be softened up into my hands for a few minutes before applying. It worked pretty much the same as any other primer, but I found patches around my T zone seemed to be sliding off and fading after 3-4 hours, which is what I use a primer to stop!

It's good if you're just popping out to the shops, but not worth the price tag!


Use a different primer on oilier areas. Don't use for full day wear

Ideal for

Small errands

Instant Awesome


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Silky smooth, perfect base

I bought this primer after having tried Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, just wanting to experiment. And I loved it! The texture and consistency of this product is an absolute dream. It is very soft and fluffy and absorbs instantly leaving a nice soft feel to the skin. It evens out patchy areas and allows for clean foundation application. It is unique to liquid or cream like primers and I believe it is a great addition to anyone's make up collection.

My only hitch is that I would love more product for the price. The packaging is really small and I am super conscious of using too much!



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This is a fantastic primer for my oily skin.
I love how silky smooth it feels going onto my skin and the awesome mattifying job it does for the application of my foundation. I can generally last about 6 hrs with this as a base before I start to get a tad shiny. Will definitely re purchase!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar


This is a fantastic primer for my oily skin.
I love how silky smooth it feels going onto my skin and the awesome mattifying job it does for the application of my foundation. I can generally last about 6 hrs with this as a base before I start to get a tad shiny. Will definitely re purchase!



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Makes skin feel smooth

This is a fantastic primer. When applying it, I notice that the consistency of the primer is so soft and makes it easy to apply. It would also then make my skin feel very soft and smooth. This makes it the perfect base for makeup. I love that it doesn't feel heavy on my skin, but feels very light. The primer does help in balancing your face and making pores look smaller. Sometimes I would just apply this on without any foundation.



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hard to blend and a bit drying

When fully blended, it does fill in pores and smoothes out the skin near these areas (such as the nose and the cheeks). It doesn't really fill in fine likes though.

The packaging is just a simple tub, where you dip your fingers in, which I find extremely unhygienic. The formula itself is hard to blend on my dry skin and I actually feel it dries my skin even further. Because of it's sticky consistency, blending foundation over it proves to be quite a struggle and the foundation occasionally clings onto the parts where the primer hadn't been blended in completely. A very patchy look results. I also don't really see much of a difference longevity wise for my face makeup after applying this product.

This primer is quite pricey for a drugstore product. I don't recommend it because I find the formula extremely hard to blend and not suitable for dry skin. I also don't find it to really extend the wear of foundation as well.

Fish Face


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The product did give me a smooth matte finish, however when I tried to apply my Napoleon foundation it would not apply properly over this. It was like mixing oil and water. After reading all the great reviews I was very disappointed.

Dipping fingers in the product isn't hygienic either.



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Primer have you tried her?

My favourite primer yet! I loved the texture of this primer it was so silky smooth and glided on beautifully to my skin! It was great as it hydrated my skin yet also mattified it as well which I of course loved! My makeup lasted a lot longer than when using my previous primer and it didn't leave my face feeling oily. I found my foundation applied a lot smoother to my face after having this on which was a great bonus!

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