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Base Magique Primer

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L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer is a moisturiser designed to hydrate and protect skin as well as work as primer used to mask wrinkles and uneven textures in the skin before applying foundation. The formula erases fine lines and pores, and contains soft powders to help absorb sebum and mattify skin to reduce shine. Silicon oil enables easy glide-on application with no greasy residue for longer-lasting make-up.


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“I’m absolutely thrilled with this. It really DOES work.”

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Good quality primer

This primer is pale pink in colour, quite thick in texture, and very soft to the touch.

I don't need to use very much of it to cover my face properly pre foundation. It feels lovely and soft on application and does leave my skin feeling and looking smooth.

My foundation lasts well with the primer underneath & it's an excellent base in hot, humid weather too - it really does help my makeup to stay in place.

The only downside is it doesn't include any SPF protection, hence 4 stars, not 5!

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I received a sample tube of this from bellabox and I've used it 3 or 4 times and still have some product left, a little goes a long way.
IIt leaves my skin flawless with no pores and a matt smooth finnish. My make up stayed put for hours.

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For longer lasting makeup!

I never used to use primer before application but after trialing a small sample of loreals magique I won't go back and have bought it full size. It leaves my skin soft and smooth before I apply my mineral makeup and my makeup lasts all night now with no additional touch ups needed!

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Nice primer for oily, sensitive skin

I like this primer on many levels. It gives a. Good level of mattification but most importantly it doesn't irritate my super sensitive skin. I'm not saying it wouldn't irritate someone else's skin though, we all have different triggers. For me this gives a good smooth base and a layer of protection against the irritating world out there. I knocked a couple of stars off because I find that my mineral makeup does settle into my chin crease and the lines between my brows as the day wears on. It does a good job of filling open pores, but I do sometimes see some makeup in them. It's not a perfect product but I was simply delighted to find a primer I could wear without being irritated.

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Best In Beauty 2013

When I received this primer/moisturiser to trial for BH I thought it looked familiar, just like the L’Oreal Studio Secrets smoothing resurfacing primer to be precise. The pretty pink formula looked the same but definitely felt different in that it is more mousse-like, softer in texture, hydrating, smoother when blending and also that the Base Magique has no scent at all. Another bonus was that there is double the product and it’s $10 cheaper than the Studio Secrets primer! I used the primer as follows, keeping in mind that my complexion is normal to dry: I cleansed and moisturised as normal then allowed time for my moisturiser to absorb properly before rubbing the primer between my fingers until the formula was smooth and blendable. I then applied the primer to my eyelids (for a smooth and longer lasting eyeshadow application), chin (hate it when lines of foundation settle in the crease), nose (smooths out any blackheads perfectly), forehead (the unique blend of silicon oils show those frown lines whose boss by giving them a beaut fill-in). If you have open pores that annoy you big time then now is the time to fill them in for a flawlessly smooth canvas that is also velvety and soft. For an incredibly smooth base I use a foundation brush to apply foundation over the primer as you don’t want to rub away the primer with your fingers from where you have applied it. I don’t have shine or an oiliness that drives me crazy like my fellow oily/combo friends but because of the product’s mattifying properties (the soft powders absorb sebum and reduce shine), this is a gem. I didn’t have the need to use a powder at all as my foundation looked so velvety and smooth so I was really impressed. Now what a gorgeous start to a beautiful make-up application that won’t budge throughout the day all thanks to a tiny pink jar!

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Best in Beauty 2013

I have been suing this primer for over 2 years now. It has a velvety feel to it with thick consistency but when applied, it makes my skin feel extremely smooth. A little amount goes a long way! After applying, i immediately see a huge difference in my skin. It doesnt clog pores and makes my skin look even and more radiant. My foundation glides easily and my stays long and fresh all day. Its totally incredible!

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Best in Beauty Awards 2013 Vote

This primer is a multi-tasking wonder, I love that it is a primer and moisturiser in one product, saving precious time in the morning. The primer itself is a baby pink colour with a subtle, pleasant scent. Upon application it smooths my skin and provides the perfect base for a really flawless foundation application. This is a great primer for my oily skin as it mattifies, reduces shine and makes my make-up last much longer.

Read the full review of Base Magique Primer by Chickybabe1.



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Best In Beauty 2013

I received this product to trial and was excited, I love primers and hadn't used this one before. After using it I believe that people with oily skin would probably find this easier to use. I have really dry skin and I found the product would not and could not apply properly over my dry skin.
It comes in a glass jar, which isn't good to begin with, they should provide a spatula with the jar so germy fingers don't get dunked in the product.
The primer is like a hair wax/gel/cream....very tacky. The instructions are to rub between hands/fingers so product becomes more pliable...it did soften it a tad but not to the extent of being able to apply it gently over my skin. I was pulling and pushing to get it on. Not good. I would not buy.

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Best in Beauty 2013

This is a really great primer for those with oily skin. It's a moisturiser and a primer, so you're cutting out a step that would normally give you an extra layer of moisture on your skin. This primer smooths out all your skin and makes foundation application look flawless. This keeps my oily skin at bay for at least 2 more hours than other primers I have previously used. You only need a tiny amount to cover your whole face, so when you work out the cost per use, this really is great value for money. I cant even explain how much I love this!

Read the full review of Base Magique Primer by jaslouisee.



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Topical Cover For Face Lines & Wrinkles

Best In Beauty 2013

L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer 15ml comes boxed.
It comes in a small glass jar with a screw on lid.
Primer is used to smooth skin's surface, a topical cover for lines, wrinkles and pores.
Can be worn alone but is most beneficial worn under makeup.
It's applied after cleanse, tone and moisturise.
The primer is baby pink in colour with a thick consistency.
Texture is smooth and very light, velvety.
It has a soft and mild fragrance.
The primer is applied using fingers.
Use a small amount and spread and smooth a thin layer over face.
Good to concentrate on fine lines and visible pores, areas that need primer attention.
The pink primer blends with skin tone, it appears translucent and natural.
I can't believe how lightweight it feels on skin, so comfortable.
It's not greasy or sticky, just nice and velvety which creates a softer look to skin.
Skin feels smooth and silky because the primer ingredients refines skin, creating an ideal base for makeup.
It helps makeup to stay in place for the long haul the velvet primer base, creating makeup stability.
Eyeshadow, another product to benefit when using primer, helps the eyeshadow to wear well without creasing.
Base Magique is excellent, smoothes lines and pores which helps them appear invisible under makeup.
The final look with the right makeup can create smooth and flawless looking skin.

Made in China

Read the full review of Base Magique Primer by Neilrawson.

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