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Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

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Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup is a powerful, yet gentle foundation formula designed to keep blemish-prone skin feeling comfortable thanks to a blend of balancing ingredients that help to minimise sebum without depleting the skin’s moisture balance.

The moderate coverage formula camouflages blemishes, neutralizes visible skin redness and helps to conceal the appearance of pores.
This lightweight, long-wearing foundation provides a refreshing cooling sensation upon application that blends easily and gently to not irritate already sensitive skin, while also working to actively treat blemishes.

The formula contains salicylic acid to exfoliate, laminaria sachacrina to control oil, hydroxydecanoic acid to help control the spread of blemish causing agents and caffeine to minimise irritation. Allergy tested, the formula is 100 per cent free from fragrance and oil. It is dermatologist and opthalmologist tested and is non-acnegenic.

Available in eight shades from very fair to deep.

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Wish the colour range was better :(

I have extremely oily skin and it is a constant struggle for me to find a liquid foundation that stays matte on me for longer than an hour.

Being also acne prone, I tend to break out from a lot of foundations, making it even harder for me to find a decent foundation. I recently went to Mecca Maxima in Chermside and asked for a sample of this foundation. The girls there were lovely and gave me a decent amount of product so I could try for a few days. Usually when you ask for samples at Myer or DJ they are extremely stingy only give you a tiny drop which is not enough to wear for even a couple of days. So go Mecca!

This foundation is very lightweight and is quite easy to apply. I was amazed to find that it stayed matte on me for a lot longer than other foundations (including Clinique's Stay Matte which by the way did not keep me matte for even 15 minutes). It wasn't a flat matte, my oils still managed to come through but I didn't look like an oil slick after an hour.

The biggest let down for me was the lack of colours available. I had to get a shade lighter than I am because the next one down was way too dark for me. The lighter shade still left a cast on my face and it did not look as natural as it could have with a closer colour match. I really wish Clinique would work on that because this is a pretty good foundation which I (and many others) would have purchased for sure had we found a good match.

Please Clinique bring out more shades especially for those of us with warm undertones.



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Okay but I've found better

While I didn't particulalry hate this product I deifnetely didn't love it either, I found that the formula was almost drying on my skin and set very quickly making it difficult to blend. My main purpose for buying it was the anti-blemish, and my skin didn't get worse when using it, but it didn't really improve it either. I struggled to find the right colour in this range also and had to rely on my powder to build colour which sometimes left it looking a little obvious around blemishes. The lack of spf also didn't really make it suitable for day time use. Didn't hate it but I've used better.



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Stopped looking for the perfect foundation..

..once I found this one. I have oily/combo skin and always have a few blemishes. This foundation evens out my skin tone and doesn't feel like it is clogging my pores. The fact it has blemish control goodness in it is a plus.
My only con is that it doesn't contain any SPF so I need to apply something else underneath the foundation.

Ideal for

Oily and blemish prone skin..



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An amazing everyday foundation :D

This is such a gem that I wish more people with acne knew about! It took me a few days to figure out my favorite way of applying, and haven't looked back :) I have oily/combination skin, and have struggled to find foundations that leave me feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. But will also cover my scars and still leave me looking natural. This foundation does all these things for me! It is long lasting, but easy to remove at the end of the day.



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Looks amazing, doesn't aggravate skin

I love this foundation! I have mild acne and this foundation is great because it does not clog up your skin or cause your blemishes to get worse- so when you wear it it doesn't stop them from getting better, brilliant!
I really like the coverage (which is medium and build able) and it looks amazing on the skin, like a velvety in-between matte and glowy look, makes your skin look super healthy.

i recommend this for everyone! and will be re-purchasing

Ideal for

everyone especially those who struggle with blemishes



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Great Foundation

I got a free sample of this foundation because my cousin recommended it and it's not that I don't trust her judgement I just wanted to try it out before I payed $50 on a foundation, and I absolutely love it and will be buying the full size ASAP. It has great coverage and last all day long without being thick and heavy on the skin.



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The best for me

I ve been using it for more than 3 yrs and really love it.Its oil free and doesnt give you breakouts.I mostly use it as a concealer and it covers dark spots really well.



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Didn't break me out, YES!

I managed to get two sample pots (in two different colours, yes, the both matched me too) and have been super impressed.

The foundation is pretty full coverage in my opinion. I'm not used to packing on product and usually only use bb creams so it could just be a contrast to what I'm used to.
It goes on very smooth and didn't cake up my face. I wore it for roughly 5-8 hours and didn't see much fading of the product.

The main point is: IT DIDN'T BREAK ME OUT. I am so, SO pleased with this. I can't say for sure if it "treated" my existing spots like the lady told me it would but the holy grail aspect is it didn't make them worse.

I will also recommend getting colour matched at a few different counters if you are new to it (like I am!) I got two different matches. When I go to buy a proper bottle I will get colour matched AGAIN and see what the tie breaker will be!


Get colour matched by a few people: I got matched and got two different colours.



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Natural look, ong lasting, matte and medium coverage!

Before taking the plunge to switch back to a liquid after being obsessed with powders for so long, I tested out a sample size of the Anti-Blemish solution from my close by Clinique stall in the shopping centre. I had tried it on in store but was not happy with the results and wished to try at home during my own routine.. SO GLAD I DID!

This is such a beautiful foundation to wear, it lets your skin breathe, but appears light and fresh on the skin with a matte finish. Looks so natural, and effortlessly covers up bumbs and redness (I regularly break out in hives all over my face and neck and this really does the trick to cover them up!!), and has a pleasant gentle smell that is barely noticable if you are sensitive to fragrances.

It actually does more good than harm, which can't be said about too many foundations, especially liquids. Safe to say I have purchased the full size product and am thus far extremely happy with the results.

Just a side note, the colour alabaster blends perfectly into my now very fair winter skin, for those who are worried about colour matching, and a little bit of the foundation goes quite a long way, especially when applied with a foundation brush (which I would recommend!).

I also find with my rather oily and pimple prone skin this foundation does help to treat my problem areas of oiliness and outbreaks, its quite soothing and gentle on the skin and really doesn't look or feel to tacky, even when applying.

Would highly recommend! Only cons are the plastic bottle (who thought of that?!) and the advertising as 'full coverage', when I would describe it as more of a medium natural coverage and I found this a bit deceptive when purchasing... but I would purchase again!!



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buy it

I really love this foundation, it makes my complexion look really good and covers blemishes that are over my cheeks. I would definitely buy this again, its not oily. It does feel a little dry on the face but it really does do the job.

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