Nude by Nature - Natural Mineral Cover

Nude by Nature

Natural Mineral Cover

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Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover is a natural powder foundation that covers redness, enlarged pores and birthmarks. Formulated with kaolin clay, it blends easily with the natural oils of the skin providing a natural finish. It is free from talcs, parabens and bismuth, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It contains SPF15 and is available in Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium and Dark.

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Love this product

Love nude by nature mineral powder. Gives my full coverage throughout the whole day. Very light weight. Easy to apply.
I only use a title bit and covers my face. I have se native dry skin hides all imperfections. And I feel like I'm wearing nothing at all.


Tap excess powder from brush before applying

Ideal for

Any type of skin. Well I reckon



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Comfortable, lightweight and matte

Mineral makeup is an excellent alternative to heavy, liquid foundation, especially for those of us with oiler skin types, as it contains natural kaolin clay which absorbs excess oil, and mattifies the skin. Mineral makeup is super easy to use, and you really can't go wrong, as using a kabuki brush allows you to control the amount of product. I love mineral makeup because it delivers a smooth, even coverage and is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It effectively masks imperfections, pigmentation and uneven skin tone, and provides physical UV protection in the form of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. I simply dip my kabuki brush into the powder, (I opted for light due to my fair complexion), tap off the excess, then gently swirl the brush over my skin. The powder is distributed evenly, and leaves my skin looking smooth and flawless.


You can increase the depth of coverage by gradually layering the product with a good quality kabuki brush.

Ideal for

Every skin type, but especially those with oilier skins, those with acne and pigmentation issues. Ideal for people wanting a lightweight, comfortable, non greasy alternative to traditional foundation.



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Good if you want a quick everyday look

I finally caved in to the media influence, telling me to try this "amazing" natural mineral foundation. I'm the modern day equivalent of Snow White, aka my skin is quite fair. I purchased it in the 'Light Skin tones' shade, and was a bit disappointed to see that it turned rather yellow-orangeish on my skin. It doesn't stay that long, but it's practical for days I want to rush to uni, when I don't really give a damn how I look. I wouldn't wear this at night as I don't think it provides that flawless, smooth finish I want. It seeps into any lines you have and makes any blemishes look like crusty biscuits. It didn't irritate my skin and did cover some redness. Although, having a severe lung condition, I found myself coughing from the amount of powder that flies about when you are dispensing the product. I'd rather stick with some concealer and Mac Skin Finish Natural on days where I don't want the full coverage of my Revlon Colorstay and matching Revlon powder.

Ideal for

Sensitive skin is definitely catered for with this product, fairly good for skin that is prone to redness as well.



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Best for quick simple make up

I love this! It's the 2nd mineral powder I've ever used. I was using the Revlon mineral powder for nearly a year but it stopped looking as smooth, perhaps due to age, climate changes etc.
but I love this, it's easy, doesn't break me out or leave me feeling made up.
I find the more I buff it the better the coverage.


Dip your brush into the product, turn upside down & tap it on a hard surface, saves wastage & avoids the big clouds of powder when buffing it in



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I like it

I don't use this on its own, it makes my face cakey and it's not smooth. I usually just dust this over my BB cream for a bit of extra coverage and oil control. The finish is not matte nor dewy, it's somewhere in the middle, which I really like in powder foundations.



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A Little Goes A Long Way

I've been using NBN Mineral Foundation for a few years now and i wouldn't use any other mineral foundation. Depending on the occasion, For a night out i use my concealer,natural glamour air mist spray foundation then i dust the NBN foundation over top along with the Finishing Veil. It is long lasting and perfect if you go out clubbing or sweat. If its day to day wear i use primer then the NBN Mineral Foundation and Finishing Veil and Viola, Done.. I takes all of 10 minutes to do my makeup and i ready for the day. Perfect for any lighting, sensitive skin and it doesn't sink into the lines or creases on your face and it feels like your not wearing anything at all. I find my pots last around 3 months sometimes longer and for the price you cant go wrong! Anywhere from $15-$30 depending on where you buy from.


When applying tap off any excess ( you only need a very small amount) and apply in small circular motions. It blends really well using this method and covers any imperfections.

Ideal for

Day or night, people with sensitive skin, if you want a natural glow and girls who don't have a lot of time to spend on their makeup routine.



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Most Suited to Oily Skin Types

This is by far the best powder foundation I have ever come across.
I have quite oily skin and no liquid foundation works for me, in both coverage and texture.
I love that this foundation is lightweight and buildable if applied in layers.
I find one light layer of this over concealer is all I need to last a full day, with the help of primer and MAC's Fix +.
The overall look of this foundation is flawless and I have received multiple compliments on my skin (even when average underneath) while wearing this and have/would recommend to anyone.


Apply in light layers to avoid looking 'cakey' and to give a more natural finish.

Ideal for

Combination to oily skin types.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled


it's goes on smooth, stays in place and covers pretty well. only problem is that i have dry skin and it made my skin feel a bit more dry than usual after a few hours.

Scray Scray


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Great for extra cover

I don't like using this on its own, it just looks cakey and not smooth at all. I love dusting this over my BB cream or tinted moisturiser. It works a treat that way, and really finds the right balance between matte and dewy which I love. The 'medium' colour has quite a bit of yellow under tone which suits me well.



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Great Power Foundation

After being sick of using liquid foundations alone, as it caused my face to become really oily due to my combination skin, i finally bought Nude by Nature. I chose this because it is natural mineral makeup as i didn't want anything that would irritate my face. This powder is wonderful! It feels great the coverage is above average. It is also great to apply after liquid foundation to mattify your face. Highly recommended.


Using primer would really help with the coverage and it will last longer.

Ideal for

It is ideal for makeup for any occasion.

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