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Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover is a mineral foundation that is kind to skin and non-comedogenic, with SPF 15. The mineral formula is water-resistant and provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays. Available in: Light, Light/Medium, Medium and Dark.
To use: tap off excess powder and begin buffing around the nose area, working outwards. Build up coverage gradually by repeating this step.


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but NOT the best for oily skin.

I bought this as I had been hearing so many raving reviews. I got this awhile back from target when it was special. After a few hours, I found that it sank into my pores and skin, and began to go oily on my face.

I thought that because this product was a 'powder' it wouldn't turn so oily, but I was wrong. I also found that once this foundation got oily on my skin, it tuned orange as well. If you are only wearing it to duck down the corner shop, it's alright - but not for long term wear.

My skin tends to react to nearly primer I try, so I always had this over a moisturiser that doesn't break me out. Maybe if you were to wear a primer, it wouldn't be so bad for oily skin. I used kabuki to apply the foundation with, so it wasn't my application that was the problem. I suppose everybody's skin is different, but for oily skin I suggest a primer if you can wear one.

Read the full review of Natural Mineral Cover by discomilk.



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This is fantastic

I love this foundation, the coverage is AMAZING.

It provides a wonderful, full, velvet coverage. And all from a powder, WOW!

This builds really well, without caking or looking too heavy.

For the best application, you absolutely, absolutely have to use with the Nude by Nature brush.

The light was a perfect colour for me, but if you're in between the shades you may need to purchase two and mix. It seems expensive, but you'll get twice as much time out of them as a person using one. So it's alright.

This works really well with other products that don't belong to the Nude by Nature brand. Which is a huge plus.

This is fantastic, no break outs. No dry skin. Nothing!

I find its too heavy for me for everyday now it's warmer, but when I go out its my absolute go too.

Read the full review of Natural Mineral Cover by Melany527.



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To die for

I have no idea how I lived without this holy grail product! After my beautician told me to steer clear from products with talc, & gravitate towards mineral makeup, I just grabbed this product since I always walked past it. It is just so versatile. It provides great coverage & gives a flawless finish. Love it!

Read the full review of Natural Mineral Cover by Kisabelle000.



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Ehh, I never use this

Firstly, this is probably the most coverage that I have ever discovered from a powder or mineral powder, and I think it is best used alone or over a tinted moisturiser at the most, otherwise used as more of an extra layer over foundation or as a setting powder of sorts, one could end up looking cakey.
Pros: Is gentle, didn't break me out, lasts for ages.
Cons: Both me and my sister who also uses it agree that it darkens during the day very badly, whilst light matches me well in the morning, by the end of the day it is veryyy dark/orange on me.It is also extremely messy and cannot be taken travelling as lots of product builds up in the cap easily and goes everywhere when opened.

Read the full review of Natural Mineral Cover by Auralee.



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Actually, my mum (58) put me onto this which is unusual because she is not a make up person! It's been amazing for both her and I.
Best for day rather than night wear as even with primer and finishing power it can disappear on a night out...

Read the full review of Natural Mineral Cover by xCarla.



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Natural beauty

I love this mineral cover for everyday wear. I don't feel comfortable going bare faced at my new job, but my skin can't cope with foundation on a daily basis. I'd love to see a broader colour range, I'm wearing medium but I'm more in between light-medium. It is easy to apply with the Nude by Nature applicator brush and leaves my skin looking more even and healthy. I would say the coverage is light-medium, it definately hides my red nose and cheeks but doesn't completely hide dark circles or blemishes. It's perfect for that flawless I'm not wearing makeup look. The staying power is quite good however if I blow my nose it does come off easily.

Read the full review of Natural Mineral Cover by jodib.



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The coverage of this mineral foundation is quite sheer. However I don't mind this, as I wear a tinted sunscreen underneath anyway. It rubs off very easily if I accidentally brush my face throughout the day, and probably because of this, I find that I usually have to do a quick touch up towards the middle of the day.

Read the full review of Natural Mineral Cover by Tara163.



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Review of the Light Cover

Everyone says the light cover is too light for normal skin, but it's actually exactly the same colour as my skin normally. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for me to see parts of my face that I've covered and parts I haven't.

The cover is pretty average, it makes my face look a little smoother, but unless I use so much that the powder begins to show, redness and spots don't get covered. 4th star given for staying power and the fact that it's actually making my skin clearer thanks to the fact there's no nasty stuff in it!

Read the full review of Natural Mineral Cover by Ynde.



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I purchased this product about 6 months ago and originally was really impressed with it. It was only after seeing photos of myself wearing this product that I realized how little it does for your complexion, even though it would look even and smooth in person, in photos it looks really blotchy.
I also wear glasses all day at work and found that the makeup was rubbing off onto my glasses and whenever I removed them I had massive amounts of makeup buildup wherever the glasses had touched.

Read the full review of Natural Mineral Cover by Kristie1990.



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I have recently purchased this product I have acne and scaring and i wouldn't recommend it just by itself If you have these issues to.

I think I'f i didnt have the acne and scaring it would look really good by itself.

Read the full review of Natural Mineral Cover by lindie-lou.

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