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Even Better Makeup SPF 15

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Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 immediately creates smooth, even looking skin tone, while a targeted blend of ingredients help to correct the appearance of discolouration over time. Continued use of the foundation will result in brighter, more even-looking skin tone – even when not wearing make-up. Available in: Alabaster, Fair, Ivory, Cream Chamois, Neutral, Honey, Vanilla, Beige, Sand, Golden, and Ginger.

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A staple in my make-up bag!

Absolutely brilliant foundation. I went in to clinique about 8 weeks ago and asked for an everyday foundation with everyday coverage that could be built up for a fuller formal finish if needed. This was recommended. I have had blemishes on my chin and they have become less and less and the scarring is disappearing. My skin doesn't break out as often either, when it does, the break outs are so much smaller.
I really love the smooth, glowing flawless finish this provides. It doesn't wear off unless I'm really active and keeps my blush in place.
Super easy to apply with finger tips, less than a 5c piece is more than enough for simple coverage and build from there if needed.
The squeeze bottle top keeps it fresh and controls how much comes out.
I will definitely be using this again and again. Perfect colour match too. Worth the $$$


Start with a small amount and build as needed.

Ideal for




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Dewy, radiant finish yet not so long lasting

I received a lovely sample pot at the Clinique counter which they kindly gave me a generous 10 day supply of foundation to trial. I got the shade Ivory 03, although it looked great when it was first applied, over time it was a shade too dark for me. Nevertheless, I was able to work with it.
Moving on, this foundation claims to brighten and even out skintone and hyper-pigmentation and claims to be good for your skin and improves it while you wear it over time. I'm starting to head more into foundations that gives me the benefits for my skin while I wear it so I was definitely excited to give this one a go.

This foundation gives me a dewy finish, its so lovely that it makes my complexion appear healthy and plump and gives such a soft focus finish as it really evened out my skin tone. I find it works wonderfully with my loose powder, giving me such a radiant and fresh look and a great way to set my complexion for the day.

The coverage is light to medium. I'm comfortable with wearing this foundation everyday without making my skin feel so 'heavy' and apart from the dewy finish, it also gives me an improved version of natural looking skin! I wouldn't say it covers all my imperfections and blemishes, I would still need my concealer to finish it off, so no surprises there!

In terms of long lasting power, I've come to a conclusion that foundations with dewy finishes don't last as long as matte foundations. Nevertheless, my preference for dewy finish foundation is that I cannot neglect my oily t-zone creeping up by lunch time/midday and are in need for a blot and touch up. Even though it's only a minor, if I didn't touch up by then, for sure by afternoon I would look like an oil slick and the coverage of the foundation would of been half of what's left on my face.

The 10 day sample pot I was given lasted me for a good 1 1/2 months, I used it sparingly (like all my foundations) so it gave me the chance to really test it out. Unfortunately I didn't see any improvements on my skin tone even though they claim to do so. It's hard to tell how much 'goodness' is infused is this foundation. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed using the foundation. I would repurchase if I didn't have combination skin, definitely more suitable for ones with dry or normal skin :)



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good for decentskin

the coverage is good for people with minimal blemishes. a little goes long way. it dries quickly so apply in small patches at a time.


blend, blend, blend!

Ideal for

people with relatively good skin who want natural coverage



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My go-to foundation

I have used this foundation for years and it's hands down the best ever. It's light to medium coverage and looks completely natural - not caked on or patchy. It's easy to apply with fingers, but for an airbrushed effect use a beauty sponge or brush. I tend to have dry skin and it always looks smooth and lasts all day. If you're looking for a new foundation, this product is a must try!



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Great coverage and a smooth, glowy finish.

I received a few samples of this foundation from my local department store, enough to last around a month if used conservatively.

I've been breaking out recently with the other foundations I've been using and so decided to give this one a try. So far, after a few weeks of use, my skin feels and looks much better. Clinique's Even Better Foundation gives decent but buildable coverage that allows skin to breathe whilst covering most imperfections and creating an even skintone. Overall, skin looks much brighter, healthier and flawless. Even without the foundation I have noticed much improvement in my skin. While other foundations have led to drier skin or breaking out this one has been working really well for me so far. As someone with very dry and sensitive skin I'm very happy to have found a foundation that significantly improves the appearance of my skin and makes it feel much smoother and healthier. If you're looking for a long lasting foundation with great coverage that is suitable for all skin types then I would definitely recommend considering investing in this foundation.



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You'll never look back!

This is one of my ultimate makeup accessory , I never leave home without it! Due to my ultra sensitive skin it is the calmest foundation ever. Not only does it give great long as you get the tone right, you get a great moisturised feeling too. It costs a bit more than your regular makeup but it's well worth and really how much money do we waste on products we use once.? Best to ask for a small sample,generally Clinque reps are generous,helpful and informative. It's because they can stand by their product and say this works!! Give it a whirl you won't look back.


Always grab a sample and chat with the Clinque rep as they can help you with your skin.

Ideal for

Sensitive skins.



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Review for people with dry & dehydrated skin

NOTE: My Clinique sales assistant gave me a generous sample in shade one so that I could try it at home (enough for about seven days).

Even Better Makeup is a medium coverage foundation, and it does a great job at toning down the redness on my cheeks and minor imperfections, without the need for a concealer. It gives a natural finish. At first I thought that I had found the perfect daytime foundation. It was only when I looked at my face in a magnifying mirror that I saw it accentuated flakiness around my nose and it had a drying effect around my lips. I realised that I needed a richer moisturiser as a base, so I've been applying rosehip oil onto my bare skin, waiting for it to sink in, then applying Even Better Makeup over it. That made a difference.

I have always had difficulty with foundations going patchy, most likely due to my skin's dryness and dehydration. Clinique's Even Better Makeup doesn't go patchy, even after a few hours. It is also one of the longest lasting foundations I've found in recent times.

If you have dry and dehydrated skin, and you are considering buying this foundation, I recommend that you ask for a sample to try it at home first. You could try experimenting with primers, foundation brushes, damp sponges etc. Of course, there are other Clinique foundations that are specifically for dry skin.



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Amazing Coverage ideal for problem skin!

I decided to go to clinique after deciding it was a very popular fall back for many product reviewers.
I am 20 and still am very prone to getting yucky pimples that stick around a while.
This I find is quite thin and light but has an amazing coverage and just evens my skin tone.
It washes off easily with cleanser but doesn't wear off throughout the day.

Ideal for

Pimple prone skin, uneven complexions and skin that tends to dry out (is very moisture rich, without making you look shiny).



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Beautiful coverage

I have been looking for an everyday foundation that has light-medium coverage and was suggested Clinique's Even Better foundation. It feels really soft and it's easy to apply.


If you go to a Clinique counter they will help you find the perfect colour and even give you a sample just to make sure you're happy with the product.



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I like this foundation. It has a nice dewy finish to my skin and doesn't point out my dry parts of my face at all! I'd def buy this again. It offers a good coverage with just a little amount used!

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