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I use the Prep & Prime 'Moisture Infusion'. It does what it's supposed to do (evens my skin tone and ensures my foundation goes on much smoother). It doesn't break me out (I have acne prone skin!) and it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or oily. In fact it's a very light-weight formula.
It doesn't completely stop my skin from getting oily, however my foundation does appear nicer than if applied over moisturiser or on the skin itself.

A little goes a very long way - I've been using it for almost 12 months, about 3/4 times a week, and it's just under half full! So I guess you do get your monies worth (I spent about $50 for a bottle).
I'm hesitant to repurchase however, as I can easily get a cheap brand primer for a quarter of the cost (Face of Australia makes a great dupe for about $10!). Although - if this is ever on sale, I will probably get a bottle (or two...)

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okay i guess.

this primer does make it easier for your foundation to slide on but it doesn't make it last longer. i find i can get a different primer for $30 cheaper that does the exact same job and more.

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Soft, gives a smooth finish! I don't think I could use everyday though, need something lighter.

Only use a small amount!

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I bought this after a SA recommended that I start using a primer to even out my skin tone and to make my make-up stay longer. I read some reviews on this product and thought I'd give it a try. This primer is amazing at keeping my make-up on all day and does a good job at evening out my skin (apart from the really dry parts).

HOWEVER: this product causes my skin to break out! It took about a week to start breaking out. At first I didn't want to believe the primer was the cause but I have not changed my skincare routine or make-up or anything whilst constantly using this product. It is such a disappointment because this product costs $45, and I've barely been able to use it.

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Great primer - works well on my sensitive skin

I'm quite suprised by how well this primer works for me. I bought this after a make over at the DJ MAC counter in Melbourne. I stopped using it after I noticed how much my skin hated the foundation and concealer I bought. Now that I'm using Rimmels Wake me up foundation I started using this again and love it!
It glides on easily and sinks into my skin with a velvety finish! (It's the only bit of make up my bf actually likes!) It also reduces the redness on my cheeks and nose which is a great bonus.
I'm going to be trying out some different primers after this runs out, however would definately re purchase if I was unsuccessful in my quest (i'm not geek haha :D)

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The best

I love this primer, it is light & makes my skin smooth - and makeup lasts longer. Definitely recommend it.

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SPF savior!

This is a lovely product, I love the SPF 50! I am very pale and my skin needs that sort of protection in the Aussie sun. Not greasy and sits nicely on the skin. I am not sure this is the greatest product for providing all-day hold though, as I do seem to lose a lot of my makeup by the end of the day!

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I really love this primer. I have quite oily skin on my nose, but normal-to-dry cheeks and chin. M.A.C.’s Prep and Prime keeps makeup lasting much longer than usual, and it also seems to keep the oiliness on my zone under control (reducing shine). I’ve also found that, when I apply M.A.C.’s Prep and Prime, that my makeup (not just foundation- I’m talking eyeliner, eyeshadow, the works) glides on nicely and evenly, without congealing or concentrating in one spot (like the sides of your nose!).

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Maybe I'm using it wrong

I bought this under pressure from a MAC saleswoman, who convinced me that I NEEDED to use P&P under my newly-purchased foundation. So, I bought it, and found out that not only does it not help my foundation to look better or last longer, but it also made me look greasy and gave me a few milia with repeated use. I took a break for a few months, then tried again, using different application techniques and different foundations over it, but still didn't see enough benefit to continue using it. I ended up throwing out about 1/3 of the ridiculously overpriced bottle. I can't recommend it to anyone based on my own experience, but please read other people's reviews before deciding whether to try and/or buy.

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Not MAC's best... Turned me into a greaseball!

I'm seeing a lot of rave reviews of MAC's Prep and Prime Skin here on BeautyHeaven. I must say, this perplexes me. This is the most expensive primer I have ever purchased; and I have purchased a lot, I repeat, a lot of primers.
First off, I have combination skin (with an oily T-zone and skin, with the odd acne spotting here and there) so maybe this effects it. However I doubt that... This is a silicone based primer that is thicker than your average, it is more viscous than Napoleon's Auto-Pilot, and it is much less thick than Benefit's POREfessional. I had no troubles with either of these products in terms of becoming too oily.
MAC's Prep and Prime contains finely milled glitter. I see some people reporting that it wasn't too bad, but maybe they have duller skin than I do. I prefer a matte look when I can help it.
Sooooo I wasn't exactly impressed when 4 hours later my makeup had faded and my forehead was shiny. What gives! I never had this problem with even the cheapest primers out there! Arrrrgh!
But because of the price I kept using it, and I suppose if you've got drier skin than me this wont be too bad for you.
It does seem to correct the blotchiness in my skin. It kind of had a pink-tone to it, which is nice, unless you're like me and have a yellow undertone (and most Western foundations are too pink to begin with!)

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