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Max Factor Pancake Foundation features a water-activated formula that blends easily and quickly, providing full coverage. It is suitable for all skin types and is especially good for oily or problem skin. The perspiration-resistant foundation controls shine and leaves skin with a soft, matte finish. Available in Honey Beige, True Beige, Sun Bronze, Fair Natural Natural Tan, and Toast


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perfect for heavy coverage

I only use this when I need that pancake look , full coverage.
It goes on easily with a wet sponge and stays put.
very dry formula when it dries so I would only use it on oily/combo skin .
It does tingle sometimes when I first apply it but it goes away after a minute or so.


wet sponge well for the best results

Ideal for

oily skin thick flawless coverage



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My friend highly recommended this so I have it a try. Not for me! It was streaky and unnatural looking, I tried it with more & less water & each time it would turn into a orange mess on my face :/



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I love this foundation! It covers everything perfectly, doesn't look cakey or powdery onces it dries and doesn't have streaky application with a sponge! It would be my holy grail foundation if only it could last on my face all day! I've tried everything under the sun, but sadly it just does not have a long wear time.

Vintage Chic


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Not for me

I always wanted to try this as it has been around for so many decades. But I never ever got a good finish no matter how I tried to apply it. As a performer I often look for a heavier finish, but found this to streak or cake and generally look bad. Maybe I was just applying it wrong.



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Cheap, but not for me

Everyone was telling me how amazing this product is, so i decided i would go out and buy some. As i was testing the product on my hand, i decided i should try it on my face to match the colour perfectly. Turns out it burns my skin! I dont have sensitive skin at all, but this just took me by surprise! I dont know why i reacted to it, but because of this, i will not be buying it. RESPONSE FROM MAX FACTOR: Dear Addicted2Products. Thanks so much for your feedback on Max Factor Pancake Foundation. We're sorry to hear about your experience and would love to discuss it further with you and hopefully help you find an alternative product from our range that's more suited to your skin. Please feel free to contact the Max Factor customer service team on (03) 8545 7100.



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Mum introduced me to pan cake when in my early 20s im now 34. They changed or discontinued there original. but ebay still have them. I really feel more confident and confortable as apposed to other makeups. Can anyone tell me the difference between true beigh and medium beigh. ta


everyday use

Ideal for

Mum introduced me to pan cake when in my early 20s im now 34. They changed or discontinued there original. but ebay still have them. I really feel more confident and confortable as apposed to other makeups. Can anyone tell me the difference between true beigh and medium beigh. ta



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Back in my repertoire

Best applied with a sea-sponge applicator. Excellent for dry or combination skin - moisturise your face before application.


Light or full coverage - depending on your preference. Good colour range (for me, anyway). Lasts, both on your face and in your kit. I rarely wind up with a horrible, shiny face at the end of the night.



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it lasts!

Am so upset you can't get this anymore! Last one i had to order in from UK. I have dry skin in winter but can get quite oily in summer so this is perfect. It stops shine and last all day, unlike other foundations in summer feel like they slide off my face. Be aware though that the color in the tub is alot darker than what is looks like on the skin, so get a few shades lighter. Have used this quite alot and their is still huge amount left, so well worth the money!



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Great for a night out

This is a great foundation for going out at night or to an event! My skin is normal rather than oily, so wearing it everyday isnt a great idea for me, but its nice and thick for good coverage, without looking caked on and weird. Its perfect for hiding any skin problems, and id defiantly use it if your having lots of photos taken. Its nice and matt and makes your skin look perfect

Ideal for

Covering any problem skin



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this is the best foundation ive ever used. Only use it if you have oily skin though. If you have dry skin stay away! lol use the pan STICK if you have dry skin. but otherwise it's flawless and if you have trouble with oily face youll absolutely love this. you build it up to full coverage too. OH and it COMES WITH AN APPLICATOR now. just thought i just point that out cos the old packaging didnt come with anything and people probly still thought that it didn't but now the packagings pretter and comes with sponge :) its cheaps as chips too!


young oliy problematic skin.

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