HG hunter's product review of Ready Set Go Finishing Powder by Australis Cosmetics

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  • Mar 10, 2012 10:57am

Decent for face, AMAZING for eyeliner!

It's a bit intimidating to apply when you see this massive pile of white powder, so my advice would be to buff it into a large powder brush before application. If you use too much you will look VERY white and it's not nice. I was in a bit of a hurry so I didn't buff it and I looked quite ill so DON'T apply it straight from the jar/tub thing.

In terms of staying powder, it was pretty good for face but didn't seem really soft or incredibly hardworking for everything - probably reduced slippage a little bit. HOWEVER I am giving it 5 stars for its affect on controlling my eyeliner slippage. Every single eyeliner I use, even my favourite one, will crease into my lid, run in the corners, etc. I applied a tiny bit of this in two coats on top of my black eyeliner with a little eyeshadow brush. You don't need heaps (again - who wants white eyeliner after they've spent yonks applying the black perfectly?) and it lasts so well.

Messy packaging is really the only flaw. Definitely the affordable price and benefits outweigh this single con though.

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sea157 (Singapore)
Nice texture, better as a powder than finisher