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Ready Set Go Finishing Powder

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Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder increases the wear of foundation, mattifies skin and softens the appearance of skin imperfections. The 99% mineral silica formula is oil absorbing and can be used by all skin types and tones. The formula is talc-free.



Available at Priceline, Big W, Kmart and selected pharmacies nationally.

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This is my favourite face powder along side my face of Australia one. When I first saw this product it reminded me of white chicks. I very sceptical at first as it was my the first powder I had used and because it was white and had no shade to it. I was scared that it was going to make my skin a lot whiter but it didn't.

This is one of those products I can live without. It makes my face look flawless and makes my foundation look even. It makes my makeup last all day and I find it controls my oils unlike Australis mattifying base. It does my face look slightly whiter but not overly white so it doesn't bother me.

I wouldn't recommend taking this with you to events as its a loose powder and does leave quite a mess.



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Couldn't live without it!

Finding this product was purely by chance. I entered into a pharmacy and just needed a powder and this was the first thing i saw. Wasn't sure about how it was going to be quality wise since i never used this brand before, and i'm so happy I found this product. Affordable and gives a great matte finish. Just use a kabuki brush or large power brush and apply it sparingly over your makeup!


Open it carefully! Because it is loose powder, after a few uses, I turned it upside down to get more product through the holes in the packaging. When i opened it, the powder flew all over my clothes!

Ideal for

Liquid and cream foundation users!



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I love love LOVE!!! this finishing powder!
I have tried many different powders & this one is by far my favourite! so light & silky! leaves a beautiful velvety feel & if you apply too much you may look a little ghosty as this is a true translucent powder! but not to worry! just lightly breeze over a some bronzer or tonned powder & your all ready to go!
I cannot live without this! highly recommend Australis Ready Set Go finishing Powder (:!!!



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Great Product, Great price!

I've used a few finishing powders and havent really been super impressed. They either dont last, go darker through the day or are just too dark for my light skin to begin with. This is truly translucent. It looks like I have nothing on at all and better yet-keeps my.make up in place and shine free! I have oily skin and this still works for me. I'm surprised at the price! So affordable for such a great product. Not a lot is needed so will last a long time too :)
My only issue is because the powder is super fine , every time I open the lid of this some ends up on me or the floor. Will definitely continue to buy though! It's fantastic for the price :)



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Absolutely perfect

Love this product so much. I stay shine free the whole day and concealer never creases when I set with this powder!!! Holy grail



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This is my holy grail. The powder is so fine that once applied to the face it feels silky and smooth. During summer I tend to get really oily and this has done the trick! Winter I get a little dry and if I don't prep my skin before hand I may get a few dry patches, although they aren't as bad as any other powder I've used. This product stays on almost all day and won't cause a white flashback if your out taking photos. The powder does sometimes go everywhere if you're not careful, although I've had one container of this for about 5 months with spillage and usage everyday. I find that the product lasts a long time as long as you don't cake it on. Diffidently a product to have in your collection!



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This is my MUST HAVE product. It really makes a difference. I alwasy recommend that people use it on just One side of their face and see, at the end of the day, which side looks better 9/10 times they pick the side with READY SET GO!

So soft and silky. feels light and soft and beautiful to the touch. THE TRUE TRANSLUCENT POWDER!



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True translucent, great for covering shine.

The difficult thing about finding a setting powder is that often translucent powders are not actually truly translucent but they have a slight tint to them, for most people wouldn't be a problem, but for pale skin is a huge one. This is truly translucent and is practically undetectable on the skin.


It eliminates any shine effectively which is the main reason I use this. Could last a little longer though.



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Great for setting, but not for flash photography

I like this product to set my makeup when i don't have a busy day. I have very oily skin, and i prefer other powders to keep the oil's at bay. However this is great for a quick fix during the day and as a last step to set your foundation.
This will leave a white-cast in flash photography, and the packaging is not very travel friendly. But still a good, cheap powder nonetheless



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pretty average

I used to use this whenever I wore make up in school so I decided to give this a try again.. 5 years on (same as the primer). When I used to use it, I remember it didn't help with my oily skin, my face would be shiny half way through the day.

I used it again recently and found that it does 'set' my make up but again, it doesn't help with the oil control unfortunately. It also make me look like a geisha in picture so I think I'll stick to skin tone finishing matte powders.

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