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Exact Eyelights Shadow

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COVERGIRL Exact Eyelights Shadow is a collection of shadows that make your eye colour appear four times brighter. The kit contains a prestige quality brush and four different shadows. Available in Vibrant Brown, Vivid Greens, Radiant Blue and Majestic Hazel.


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Best shade is the gold

VIBRANT BROWNS: Overall, these eyeshadows are slightly better in their pigmentation compared to some of the other budget eyeshadows which I've tried. These are still not great quality, but they are not the worst. The only shade which is worth mentioning is the gorgeous gold shade, which shows up the most on my skin, and has the longest wear time.

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Very hit and miss

I have a love/hate relationship with this palette. I own Vivid Greens and while I like the first (plum) and third (pink) colours, the second (mauve) colour is impossible to use whilst dry. Seriously, not a single brush I own can pick it up. The colours I do like are really pretty on the lid, it's just unfortunate that they don't last long. I use eye primer, but after six hours the colour has long gone from my lid.

I like the concept of including a brush, but unfortunately I found my brush to be a complete dud; before I had even opened it I could see it was shedding inside the packaging. When I went to use it for the first time a few days later, it had already started to lose it's shape. It applied the shadow alright, but when I washed it, it continued to shed and distort even more. I'm too scared to use it again because I can see it completely falling apart after the next wash!

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Kitsch Snitch


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I wouldn't recommend

I loved that this came with a brush, but the shadows were really powdery and had poor pigmentation. It is hard to get a good amount of colour on your eyes, and when you do, it fades so quickly,

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I like it

First of all, I love the brush. I use it almost all the time with my eye shadows, It's so handy.

Secondly, the eyeshadow is nice. I have blue eyes but I liked the looks of Vivid Greens more, so I had to give that a try.

I must say, I love the colours. The pigmentation isn't that fabulous but it's still a nice palette. It doesn't have very good staying power so I advise to prep properly with a good primer/base or else the eyeshadow will simply not last.

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A bit ho-hum...

I bought the palette for brown eyes, and I have to agree with the other reviews of this palette, the colours are uninspiring and rather than making my eyes, it dulls them down, I am left wondering if I should have gotten the Hazel eyes palette!

The brush that comes with the palette is probably the best thing about it, I find the actual eye shadows poor quality and inconsistent in pigmentation across the colours. The darker colours are highly pigmented, the lighter colours hardly so.

I also find the shadows do not last very long when applied, even when I use a eye primer. I found myself reapplying this after only a couple of hours.

I am left feeling a little disappointed by this purchase, and not sure I would recommend this....

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Pretty pinks and plums

I was on the hunt for palettes to place in my makeup bag to put on on the train for work and decided to give the705 Vivid greens a go.

The colours are very pigmented which is good and I like 3 out of 4 of the shades. What I dont understand is the other one - a bright petal pink colour. It has a higher impact than the other 3 and doesnt go with them at all... it even looks odd with my skin tone - which usually loves pinks!

The other 3 however, a light pink-beige (great for base/highlighter or natural look), a mauve (great for main tone) and a plum (great for contours) are all unbeatable. Just a shame I cant take that pink out!

The brsh it comes with is okay, not the best quality though - mines been moulting quite a bit. You dont really need it when it has a double ended sponge applicator with a narrow and wider head anyway!

All in all, not a bad product, but probably wont be repurchasing.

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Brown eyed one is baaad

I have brown eyes and agree that that color don't really match.
I prefer darker colors with my dark eyes and these are all grayish and cloudy.
They fade really fast too. One used it once :(

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Blue Eyes

The brush was great. The eyeshadows, I can't say are my favourite. I have blue/grey eyes and I found the colours didn't really work for me. Wouldn't buy again.

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Lana Lang


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As far as the brightening claim goes, I didn't notice anything in that department. But the eyeshadows themselves are quite nice, I have the one for brown eyes. They apply smoothly and evenly and have nice pigmentation. The colour is buildable which is always nice in an eyeshadow. The one downside though is the staying power, the shadows start to crease on me after around 3 hours. But, the brush is amazing and the bristles are soft, it's a keeper!

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Ms Jelena


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Hazel Heaven!

I have brown eyes, but the brown eyes palette wasn't very appealing to me, so I decided to give the hazel eye palette a go. Best decision ever!!! The combination of colours is wonderful and I feel like that really brighten up the eyes and look wonderful on. The quality of these shadows is great, they are very long lasting and very affordable, too. Highly recommend the hazel eyes palette!

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