You see a pimple forming, so naturally you pop on some concealer. You notice you have under-eye circles so you grab your trusty concealer.  Your skin’s looking a little dull, so out the concealer comes to lighten and brighten your complexion.

But are you using the right colour of concealer to cover up or correct your imperfection?

We all know that concealer comes in different shades, but it might surprise you to learn it’s not for aesthetic reasons, but rather because each colour can be used to hide a different kind of imperfection.

So here’s a quick and easy guide on which shade of concealer you need to correct your imperfection.

Yellow or beige – yellow or beige concealers help warm the skin tone and lighten skin, making them ideal for brightening the under eye area and concealing shadows, as well as covering dark spots.

Green – green concealers are great for neutralising red tones, like pimples, rosacea, blotches, and other red marks on your skin.

Purple – purple concealers help cover up any bruises and normalise yellow imperfections, such as sallow skin. They can also help conceal very dark under-eye circles and neutralise dark spots on darker skin tones.

Peach – peach concealers help liven over-all skin tone and balance out slight imperfections and discolourations. Peach can also be used to hide under eye circles.

Here are some of our favourite colour-correcting concealers:

essence  Forget it! 3 in 1 Concealer
Australis Conceal Correct
NP Set Concealer Set
glo minerals Corrective Camouflage Kit
Jane Iredale Corrective Colours

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Do you ever use different shades of concealer? Or do you just stick to the one concealer shade?