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Stay Natural Concealer

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essence Stay Natural Concealer is a sheer fluid concelaer housed in an easy brush-on pen applicator. The formula hides imperfections and dark shadows.



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Not for me

So first off. This is a great concept. Comes in a click pen with a brush applicator. Which means you can apply and blend fairly easily.
Few problems for me though. First off even the lightest colour doesn't go in my favour unfortunately. Secondly the formula was on the dry side and tended to cling to any dry patches I had. The brush applicator was too long and flexible to blend out properly, it also wasn't pigmented enough to cover what I needed it to.

All in all if a shade suits you and you only need a light coverage over a BB cream or something this would work fine for you. Unfortunately it just wasn't meant to be.

Points for the pen style application, would be great for travel and perfect if you find a shade that suits you.



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Really good

Is really creamy and is really good for covering blemishes Anywhere on your face. Extremely good for covering dark circles under eyes.

Ideal for

Under eye circles and a light covering for pimples



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Works really well for me!

I found a shade that works really well and I'm super impressed with the quality & price. Not dry, not oily, decent coverage for under eyes, no creasing. All in all just a fabulous little gem. Would definitely repurchase.



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This would be great for someone who is just getting into makeup, but if you are used to using a concealer that does an alright job you are just going to be disappointed with this. It has very shear coverage that just doesn't seam to build without caking.
That said, I will use it up. It blends very well so works when I can't be bother to put a full face of foundation on but want to cover some blemishes. It has the ability to blend right into bare skin, though it might be something to do with its sheerness.



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Bad packaging

I like the actual consistency of this concealer... but as for its packaging... this was a fail for me! It is one of those bottom twisty concealers that has bristles on top, and the concealer comes through the bristles which you can then apply. I don't know if this was just because I got a dud, but when I tried twisting this product, it just would not come out! I was literally twisting for ages and ages (possibly 10 minutes) and nothing! Eventually I got it to work, but it was too late and because I had twisted it soo much, half of the concealer came out. I did like the actual consistency and coverage of this concealer (not as good as the essence 16h stay concealer though). I also found that after this first mishap and after I eventually got the concealer working, every time I twisted the concealer afterwards I still had to twist it quite a few times before any would come out, and then before you know it a flood of concealer came out, which I find is a waste. Again, I don't know if I just got a dud, but because of this experience I would not purchase this concealer again.



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Nothing quite like it

Amen for this concealer! I use this everyday, under my eyes, on red areas and on scars, I have combination, pale skin.

- creamier than any product I've ever tried before
- blends like butter
- covers everything I need it to
- looks natural
- cheap
- personally I like pen concealers
- staying power is great
- very end of the day it fades gracefully

- only comes in four shades
- was difficult at first to find my match
- not much product (but its affordable to replace)
- have to turn the clicker for soooooo long first time

I love this concealer! I don't like foundation for school or work because on teenage skin I reckon it looks super obvious. I use this where I need it and then powder over the top. I looks natural but covers my troubled spots. It's cheap and I freaking love it! Gives me everything I need and more! Never found a product so perfect for me and my needs. Better than anything I've tried.




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Worth it!

This is definitely compareable to the more expensive drug store concealers and is great for touching up light blemishes with ease and isn't cackey at all.



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There weren't any testers in the Target store I bought this from so I just guessed and I probably didn't pick the best shade for me. But because it is slightly sheer it blends in very well and looks quite natural. The consistency is very liquidy and kind of like a foundation, which is something I like because it keeps the natural texture of my skin visible.

I find the best way to apply this is by dabbing it on with my fingertips. The brush tip applicator is a bit temperamental and made the concealer go patchy when I used it that way so I'd recommend using (clean) fingertips.

I love how once it dries it doesn't smudge or crease. The price over the whole essence brand is always very reasonable and at less than $4 this concealer is definitely worth a try.



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Worth a try!

I purchased this from target a few months ago as I was looking for an affordable undereye concealer and found this. It however doesn't provide a full coverage though doesn't crease and stays on for an extended period of time when set with powder.

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