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COVERGIRL TRUConceal camouflages under eye circles and light skin imperfections with a sponge tip applicator that makes blending easy. The creamy concealer is non-acnegenic and dermatologically-tested. Available in Shade 1, Shade 2, and Shade 3.


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Not that great

The concealer was less than mediocre when it came to trying to cover the dark circles under my eyes but I found it to accentuate my lines and wrinkles even more. It sunk into my skin and I found it very hard to blend. The product itself had a thin/watery consistency. The sponge tip did not work for me so I used my foundation brush or fingers instead. Less than average and will not purchase again



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I have used this concealer, but now find i am leaving it out.

At first i thought it improved my look, but after a while (and as i aged) noticed it didnt really cover well, only sunk into my fine lines increasing their appearance. So now i just use it to cover the odd spot blemish here and there.

It is a great package with a built in applicator brush for easy use. there are three colours to choose from, that i was able to work with the middle colour.


let it set



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did not enjoy

i found that this concealer did nothing for me. it did not cover my dark circles and it looked patchy on my blemishes. would not recommend or repurchase



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Average concealer

I had high hopes for this concealer but didn't like the consistency, it also caked quickly under my eyes and was hard to blend. Ill continue to use it as i like the salmon-ish colour it gives off which is good for under the eyes, such a shame its coverage is disappointing.

Ideal for

under the eyes



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i really like this concealer i have tried the maybelline but i thought i'd change to a different brand
the brush makes it come out in huge splash so you need to apply it slowly
it has a great smell and is easy to carry around in your handbag
it has good coverage and i use it for under my eyes. xx



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Coverage is too light

This concealer matched my skin tone perfectly, however, it is way too watery and light in coverage. If you just need it for covering light under eye circles then it's a reasonable buy. However, if you want to conceal scars and/or pigmentation then it isn't a good choice.



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Not for me.

I found this product too thin to cover anything. Its formula was to runny for my liking and was hard to blend.
Wont buy it again.



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Comes of so easily

This concealer does not suit my oily skin.
I found this concealer comes off very easily, with water and when i blot my oily skin through the day. So its safe it say it does not last very well especial during a day at school.
It made my dry spots appear really flaky and it looked like i had pink - coloured patches on my skin when i applied this.
I do not recommend this for oily skin, yellow toned skin or skin with flaky patches.


normal skin, pink toned skin.



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Only problem...

The bottle is too small. I NEED IT ALL OVER ME! It's fantastic, I love it. It really covers up those unwanted blemishes, and never dries me out. I go through these bottles so quick!
Sadly it's not great value as, like I said, the bottle is too small for the money they're charging :(



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Great for under eye circles

I use this concealer under my eyes in number 1, as I'm fair skinned and its hard to find concealers that don't make my skin look orange. It is a really nice lightweight formula, its quite thick, and you apply it with a brush. I dab some of the product from the brush onto my eye area, and then pat it on. It's fine for blemishes if you are only after light coverage, or not covering up redness. I like like coverage, and this is great for that.

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