Thick, well-groomed brows are the answer to a youthful face. They frame the face, you see, which in turn leaves your eyes looking fresh and illuminated, and your cheeks wonderfully contoured. Think of them as a surgery-free face-lift, as they can shave years and even a few kilograms off your face. Sneaky, huh?

But what if your brows aren’t insanely thick, or you find filled-in, bold brows too harsh? Does this mean all hope of eternal youth is lost? Ha! Not a chance.

Enter this season’s hottest trend: brushed-up brows.

They’re lush and youthful, and anything but harsh. In fact, they make normal, possibly over-plucked arches look thicker, and don’t require a brow pencil if you’re not keen on using one.

Take a look at Rosie Huntington-Whitely, for instance. Yes, she has beautiful, clear, glowing skin and lips to die for, but her brows are a standout here. They make her lashes look longer and thicker, and there’s also a softness to them despite their strong face-framing abilities. They add a fresh touch to her make-up look, leaving her looking anything but overdone.

Here’s how to get this natural look: 

Step 1: Using an eyebrow brush, gently comb your eyebrows upwards.

Step 2: If you spot any gaps in your brows, use a thin angled brush and some powdered eye shadow to softly fill them in. Any hue that’s slightly lighter than your natural brows will do.

Step 3: Set all your hard work in place with a brow gel – or clear mascara – just make sure you apply it in upwards strokes to maintain the desired finish.

Cherie Herrmann







Is this a brow look you’re likely to try? Do you pay attention to your brows? They’re really important, you know.