I’m a little bit fanatic about my brows, beauties. As soon as I cottoned-on to the fact that full, well-groomed brows not only help to balance out the face, but make it look younger and fresher too, I’ve been paying a bucket load of attention to them.

However, this doesn’t mean I spend every second weekend in the beauty salon treating myself to a brow grooming session. No way! I get a professional shaping every few months when I find the time, and simply touch up any regrowth with tweezers at home. (You can all do the same too, just don’t try to play with your shape – that is best left to the professionals.)

Given my aforementioned brow obsession, I’m always on the hunt for super-fun brow products; ones that make tweezing not only a breeze but enjoyable too. And guess what? I have just located one such thing.

Please say hello to the Fashion Colour Slant Tweezer in Geranium from Tweezerman [stockist: 1800 251 215].
Doesn’t she look attractive in that juicy watermelon-coloured outfit, beauties? I know I’d be mighty proud to see her sitting pretty in my make-up case on a daily basis. But she’s more than just a gorgeous face – she’s an award winning brow-tamer, too.

Made from stainless steel, her tip is hand-filed and slanted perfectly to make way for precision-perfect tweezing. Yep, no more missed hairs or frustrating minutes spent bent over the basin trying to get that one last cheeky strand. Yippee!

She’ll set you back $39.95, but – and take it from me – she’s worth every penny. I’ve been using the Tweezerman for Benefit Slant Tweezer for around two years now and I’ve been known to get antsy when I can’t find it…

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new pair of tweezers that works ridiculously well but packs a punch in the looks department too, I definitely suggest you give this one a whirl. And if I can steal just one more moment of your time, here’s a list of some other must-have brow beauty loot, too…

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Benefit Raising Eyebrows written by Cameron Tuttle
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Cherie Herrmann







Do you pay a lot of attention to your brows? And what do you think of this new Fashion Colour Slant Tweezer from Tweezerman? Pretty, yes?



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