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Soshan Brow Boost is concentrated serum specifically formulated to boost natural eyebrow growth. With a vitamin bearing peptide compound of amino acids, Brow Boost is formulated to target the eyebrow hair directly at the root, promoting natural growth of brow hair and to protect and boost the brow hair follicle for fuller, thicker brows.
The vasodilatory (reddening) effect of Brow Boost literally boosts blood circulation to the brow, as your blood circulation recedes, the unique formula carries the high performance serum including citrus and peppermint extracts deep into the brow hair follicle where it replenishes the much-needed nutrients directly. A fine sponge wand applicator makes Brow Boost easy to apply with just the right amount of serum on the tip of the sponge that’s needed for each brow.


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suprised by unexpected result

As a woman in her late 40's with many years of over plucking my eyebrows I had been trying for 22 months to regrow them without waxing or plucking. I started using Brow Boost and noticed some growth by the end of the second week. After a few months use the growth is looking great. I'm very happey with this product. The applicator is not ideal but I would still buy the product again.


Instructions say to apply daily, but I'm somewhat impatient so started applying twice daily after the first month of use.

Ideal for

Thinning of brows secondary to natural ageing processes bald patches in the brows, or over plucked brows.

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