Fashionista8P's product review of Lash Starter Kit #105 by Ardell

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  • Apr 10, 2012 4:12pm

Lash extreme

I have never tried false lashes before so I am a bit bias as I have nothing to compare it to but I had an overall pleasant experience.

This starter kit comes with the lashes, the tongs, and glue.
I personally had trouble using the tongs/clip to apply my lashes. They are good for picking them up and applying the glue but I liked to use my fingers to actually attach them to my eyes.
At first its a weird feeling and they sort of feel heavy, also I had to make sure there was more glue at the ends coz they tend to flick up in the corner of my eyes.
I love the look of this lash. The lashes feel thick and full so it gives you a great boost of confidence.
Only thing is that I would not wear these on a regular basis. Perhaps they are only good for parties, special occasions and dress up costumes.

Its a great price as you can get reuseable wear out of them but I would defiantly say keep the packaging to store them in and give them a wipe with a soft makeup wipe after wear.

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cosmetic crazy (Australia)
great price!