Ardell - Lash Starter Kit #105


Lash Starter Kit #105

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Ardell Strip Las Starter Kit #105 contains a pair of lashes, LashGrip Strip Adhesive and an Easy-to-Use Applicator. Ardell Glamour Lashes #105 are reusable, easy-to-apply and give the desired, glamorous look of long lashes.



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oh dear

Lovely packaging and easy to open. Easy to use lashes provided....but for me this productgae me a terrible allergic reaction. My eyes burnt and were red and inflammed- it took a week for the swelling to go away and the eyes hurt. Just be super careful that's all I'm saying



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Best beauty product in 2013

A real winner, indeed!!! Love Ardell lashes especially applicator as picking the falsies with twizer always scare me but with the applicator applying glue on them is super easy. Glue has strong grip and no need to buy separately as comes in the pack. lashes are thick and gives eyes fuller look. Eyelashes strip, applicator and glue in one pack is quite handy and easy to carry while travelling no fear of missing anything in packing. Inexpensive and can be used for several applications.

Skye Kinsella


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Fabulous lashes

I’m so thrilled this kit won the Best in Beauty 2013. Truly, this is the most complete and glamorous lash kit in the market. I've been using this like 2 months now and loving my lashes since then. It enhances the color of my eyes and gives me definite look of a beautiful “ME”. I love the lashes because when applied it look natural, the applicator was so convenient and the glue really keeps the lashes stay on their place.


no need to buy adhesive glue or applicator, because the kit has each



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Best In Beauty 2013

I am a huge fan of Ardell Lashes and this kit is no exception. The kit comes with glue, an applicator and a beautiful pair of natural, glamorous lashes, everything you need to achieve a perfect look. The lashes themselves have an almost invisible band, with the lash hairs dotted against the band. This band makes it so easy to apply as it is more flexible than those with thick black bands as it can curve to the contours of your eye. They lash applicator securely holds the lashes in place so you're able to place the false lashes on your lash line and then push in the edges to glue it securely in place. They minimise fiddling and accidents. The glue is great as it keeps the false lashes in place the whole day without lifting at the edges, just let it go tacky on the false lashes band then apply. They lashes give you both length and volume in a glamourous yet natural way. They're comfortable to wear as they are light weight and don't hit the brow one nor poke into the eye. They're reusable and and of a great quality.



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Top Cheap Lashes!

The Ardell lashes are by far my favourite on the market because they are cheap and fantastic quality. Not only do I get at least 3 wears out of these, they always look fresh and open your eyes for a glamorous look without weighing down your eyelids.
I find application of these is an utter breeze thanks to the very thin band that is flexible and enables even beginnings to apply them (I recommend using tweezers!), and they mould around the curve of your eye really nicely. The glue it comes with is super convenient and great to pop in your clutch on a night out for touch ups, but it really does keep them on.
What I love most about these as someone who has very naturally sparse and straight stubborn lashes that never curl, is that these curve upwards beautifully and even with mascara over the top they don’t droop down for the whole night and stay perfectly fluttery. The #105s are lightweight and have just the right amount of fullness without making you look too doll-like, and I would say they are suitable for even day wear if you want something a little more glamorous!
A personal favourite trick of mine to do with these since the lashes are very symmetrical is to cut them in half and voila, two sets of half lashes for the price of one! Just apply to the outer corner of your eyes and you’ve got fuller and more voluminous lashes.
Could not recommend these enough and they are a great comparative for MAC false lashes and for a fraction of the price!



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Best in Beauty 2013

Ardell lash starter kit is a great way to get started with false lashes. This kit includes lashes, lash adhesive and easy to use applicator. These lashes are very easy to apply, they’re comfortable to wear and stay secure until you take them off. They’re lightweight, reusable, permanently curled, and also waterproof.
I also love the fact that they’re made with 100% human hair for perfect uniformity and an absolutely natural look. This is such a great product, i absolutely love it and i highly recommend it.

cosmetic crazy


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great price!

i love ardells lash glue and there 105 lashes so of course i love this starter pack, i find the little applicator thing kinda useless tho, its alright for holding the lashes while u put on the glue but thats it. the 105 lashes are deffinately my favorite, they're dramatic without being noticeably fake and look amazing on! your getting 2 great products wich are normally around $8 each($16 for the both) for $12.95 so its a bargain too!



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Lash extreme

I have never tried false lashes before so I am a bit bias as I have nothing to compare it to but I had an overall pleasant experience.

This starter kit comes with the lashes, the tongs, and glue.
I personally had trouble using the tongs/clip to apply my lashes. They are good for picking them up and applying the glue but I liked to use my fingers to actually attach them to my eyes.
At first its a weird feeling and they sort of feel heavy, also I had to make sure there was more glue at the ends coz they tend to flick up in the corner of my eyes.
I love the look of this lash. The lashes feel thick and full so it gives you a great boost of confidence.
Only thing is that I would not wear these on a regular basis. Perhaps they are only good for parties, special occasions and dress up costumes.

Its a great price as you can get reuseable wear out of them but I would defiantly say keep the packaging to store them in and give them a wipe with a soft makeup wipe after wear.

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