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1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kits

1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit - Dark Brown

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1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit gives no smudge permanent colour for eyelashes and brows that lasts for four to six weeks. Quick and easy to use, it produces beautiful, professional results in three easy steps. It is waterproof, economical, safe and effective and gives a more natural look than mascara.


Pack size:
12 applications

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Beautorium December 2014!

I got this through the most recent Beautorium, and I would love to try the black-blue dye now! While I find that this does darken my brows well enough, given that it's a brown dye, it looks a lot more natural, but just isn't quite bold enough for my Asian skin tone.

This is a pretty straight forward product to use, but I would definitely recommend using an old mascara wand or spoolie for application. Just follow the directions and presto! Darker brows in 10 to 15 minutes!



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Holy Grail Life saver!

I was blessed with platinum blonde eylashes and eyebrows. Handy when I don't want anyone to know I haven't plucked stray hairs. Bad when I don't wear makeup and everyone thinks I'm sick.

So along came this beautiful little kit. So simple to use. Mix equal parts of the developer and colour creme. Apply with the flimsy plastic applicator. (No don't do that, use a spoolie or old mascara wand).
Have a little rest, I leave brows on for ten minutes and eyelashes for Fifteen.
Remove and voila, perfectly tinted brows and lashes. Ready to face the worled bare faced.
I have been using this kit for years now, the colour fades out after about 3-4 weeks.
This is my ultimate and will always be on my shopping list.



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Happy with the product for eyebrows

I have used it once so far. There was no irritation whatsoever. Easy to use. Nice, naturally looking colour. Durable. There are multiple uses in one pack, so it is inexpensive. You need to lay it thick, though. This is not a problem if you apply it yourself on the brows, but it is quite impossible to do the same with the lashes (unless you have very thick and long ones). Next time, I'll have someone help me with the lashes. I think it is going to work better, because when your eyes are closed it will be possible to put a thick layer of the dye on the lashes.


Ask someone to help you with the lashes. Self-application does not do it.

Ideal for

I recommend this product if you look for an easy way to enhance your eyebrows and lashes.



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Perfect brows

I love how my brows look after using this kit. They are filled in and they look bold but not too much darker than my natural eyebrows. I love using this kit and am happy I discovered as it is so easy to use.

My eyes are not irritated when I use the application on my eyes. The colour however on my eye lashes is not noticeable but I like it on my brows.



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Affordable and effective brow dye.

I have been using this product for a few years now and agree with most of the other reviews here.

I have only used it on my brows at this stage as my eyelashes are already dark. I have medium/dark brown hair and darkish eyebrows but they tend to appear thin and sparse. This product is great for adding colour to the little fair hairs that you can't normally see. This makes my brows look a lot fuller and it also helps highlight any stray hairs that need plucking. I find that I don't need to use any brow pencils or powders to fill in gaps for a couple of weeks after dyeing and for me the colour is good.

The little tray and applicator are a bit useless unfortuntely and make the job a bit messier and more fiddly than it needs to be.

I have had no problems with staining of my skin using this dye and removing it is as easy as wiping with a wet tissue or cotton pad a couple of times.

I think this is a great at-home product that achieves really good results quite quickly and easily. Improving the mixing tray and applicator could make this a 5 star product.



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Creates an illusion of thickness

I've been buying this in blue/black for years for my lashes. Now that I've got a single white hair on each eyebrow I use this in brown for my brows too.
The pack says 12 applications, but because I do my brows & lashes different colours, I get way more uses per pack. I've never counted but it's a lot! Very cost-effective! If you're not doing both brows & lashes, only mix up half the amount stated or less.
BEFORE YOU START: get your wet cottonwool balls or makeup pads ready. If you get it in your eye it WILL sting, you'll need something handy & you won't be able to see.
The little tray in the pack is OK but the wand isn't. I use an eyebrow comb to apply to my lashes but the wand is sufficient for use on brows. Imagine using a toothpick to put your mascara on with - that's what the wand's like.
When mixing the product, try to 'whip' it into a mousse-like texture.
I dye my hair & brows at the same time, roughly every 4-5 weeks.
I've repurchased this for years, & I'm only going to get greyer, so I'll be repurchasing this for many years to come.



Ideal for

Sparse brows appear thicker when you dye them. Hairs appear translucent from some angles, but when I dye them, they're opaque from all angles. 99& of my brow hairs are brown, they look much thicker when they're dyed.
If you colour your hair, you probably need to do your brows as well.



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I've been using this for almost 20 years and still love it

I've been using 100 hour products since I was in highschool. Way back then I used to dye my eyelashes with the 'Blue Black/ shade, which looked great against my blue eyes. If only I had left my eyebrows alone all those years ago!

Due to overzealous tweezing in my youth, my eyebrows are a lot sparser than they should be. Approximately once a month, I use the 1000 hour Brow dye in Brown to boost them up a little as it colours the little fine baby blonde hairs, which in turn gives the illusion of thicker brows.


This product is simple to use, even on yourself. A couple of handy tips:
- Spread Vaseline or similar product on your skin surrounding the area you are dyeing, you don't want to have to deal with trying to clean dye off your eyelids.
- If you are dyeing your eyelashes, try and use an old (clean) spoolie/mascara wand to distribute the product through your lashes.
- Make sure you add enough drops of the activating liquid otherwise the paste will be too thick, and hard to evenly spread through lashes.
-Lastly, try and apply lash dye when you have enough time to lie down and relax. If you are up and moving about whilst it is on your lashes, there is a good chance you could get some in you eye, and that stings like crazy

Ideal for

Anyone who wants to add a little 'oomph' to their eyelashes and/or brows.



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Don't be scared

I was hesitant to use this product because I was concerned about such products being near my eye and the fear of "staining" my skin however there is NO NEED TO WORRY! This product works to lightly tint lashes or brows and comes with a tips (i.e. using petroleum jelly) to avoid staining. I would have liked a darker result so next time opting for black!

Ideal for

Lightly darkening lashes and/or brows



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easy to use, great results

I bought this pack as I have very fair eyebrows and dont always have time to get them professionally tinted and sometimes dont want to mess about with eyebrow pencils lol. The instuctions are very clear and easy to understand. You also get a little mixing tray in the pack which comes in handy, along with an applicator wand, although I wasnt keen on this as it was a bit thin which made it too fiddly. I prefer to use a cotton bud. You mix the cream with the developer to make a paste, its easier to add just one drop at a time otherwise I found it difficult to mix together. Once applied I left it on for the required length of time and then removed it with damp cotton wool. The first time i used it the colour wasnt quite dark enough for my liking to I reapplied and waited another 5 minutes and got the right shade for me. The colour lasts for a 2 to 3 weeks which is around the length of time a professional tint lasts on my eyebrows so this product is very cost effective and easy to do yourself at home.


Make sure your eyebrows are free of oil or makeup first so the product can fully coat the hairs to get a thorough result.

Ideal for

I have very fair eyebrows and was worried the dark brown might be too dark but its perfect



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Loved this product

I loved this product , I have very fair eyebrows and was able to darken them gradually to the point when i was happy with the darkness, I didn't have any problem with staining either.
It mixed easily, the product was creamy enough to apply without mess and removing was simple. All in all i recommend this Eyebrow kit for easy application and great results.


Use wet wipes if you wish to build the colour gradually and keep re-applying till your happy with the level of colour.

Ideal for

Fair Eyebrows

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