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Instant Brow Pencil

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Benefit Instant Brow Pencil offers soft, subtle, long-wearing definition. It glides on instantly and leaves a natural, powder-like finish. The spoolie tip allows for perfect blending. It is available in: Light to Medium, Medium to Dark and Dark.

To use, lightly draw pencil on the brow, filling in sparse areas. Brush brows in place with the spoolie.

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Benefit Boutique, MYER stores nationally, or 02 8353 5000


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Amazing pencil, amazing brow results!

This is such a fantastic high quality brow pencil. It leaves your brows with a wax texture which not only helps fill in brows but also keeps them in place. Definitely recommend!



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It does its work, gives a great intensifying look and is super blendable with the handy brush on one side, the only downside is that I have noticed that when you blend the color with the brush, a lot of the product sticks on to the brush and I need to clean it too often, otherwise my skin under the eyebrows tends to break out, probably due to the residue left on the brush.

Bonnie Rose


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Changed my brows forever

I tried several lower end brand brow pencils and couldn't find one that really worked for me and looked natural. I went to the Benefit Brow Bar in Melbourne Myer and the woman suggested this pencil. It is easy to apply and blends so well that it appears to be natural. It is a tad pricey compared with brands such as Maybelline and Rimmel but I think it is worth the price. I never leave the house without this now.


I like to fill in sparse areas with small upward strokes to create the illusion of natural, thick brows. I then use the spoolie to brush upwards and blend and lastly I use the spoolie again to brush them into place.

Ideal for

Anyone in need of a brow fix/transformation.



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good pencil

This is the best quality of brow pencil that I've used. I have used cheaper once that I found tugged out a few brow hairs and left me nervous before but this pencil is quite soft.

I've only stopped using it because I've now got Benefit's new Gimme Brow which I find very quick to use and natural looking.



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Perfect brows in minutes

After my second brow wax with benefit I inquired about the pencils as I felt it was time to step up my brow filling skills!

The girl recommended the shade (medium) and I suggest you test these out before buying to identify the right colour. It is a very soft pencil with a nice firm spooly on the end.
The pencil is pigmented enough to get colour but don't worry if you accidentally go heavy handed. The spooly is great for blending out and brushing the brows into place. It actually holds them quite well too! I haven't used a brow wax in a while since I got the pencil.

This product is an excellent buy especially for those who are just starting with filling in brows. Very soft pencil, creamy and easy to blend. Creates very natural but defined brows!


Light strokes first then the colour can be built up. Use the spooly to blend out any heavy handed areas!

Ideal for

Defining the brows to perfection everyday!

Anitas Artistry


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This is the perfect eyebrow colour, the consistency is waxy enough you don't need to use a gel, and the want on the end id perfect for blending it all in.
As it's so soft, it does get blunt easily, so keep a sharpener on hand.



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quick brow wow

This is my favourite brow pencil by a long way.
Its a great universal colour that seems to work on most brows (except maybe the very fair) and seems to be somewhat idiot proof to apply. I love that it comes with instructions and cute little information leaflet (as with all benefit products) and its great because it doesnt just fill in your brows, but helps the keep strays in place.
After using the pencil and finishing off with the handy little brush, my brows look perfect and polished and frame the rest of my face.



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Instant immaculate brows

I was quite surprised at the price of it but soo worth it. Whenever my sis uses it and misplaces it I panic and look for it like the world is going to end. I am asian and so having this colour gives me greater depth and makes them stand out.



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Nice but pencil is quite soft

This is a nice brow pencil. It is easy to apply and the brush on the other end makes grooming and blending the product simple. The problem with this is the pencil is very soft, so it wears down quite quickly and can be hard to sharpen to a fine point.



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Love, love, love

I can't live without this pencil! If I had to give up all but one makeup thing, I would keep this. It looks so natural and easy to use. I can't believe it actually makes my over plucked brows look full and healthy again. I do combine using this with tinting which gives an even better result for me as I have barely any brow left! But this is worth the money :)

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