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Revlon Lashes Fantasy Lengths Glue on Lashes are easy to apply glue-on eyelashes that add instant Hollywood glamour. The precise glue applicator tip delivers a perfect glue line for a comfortable all day or all night wear. Simply peel, trim to size, glue and apply. Available in five different lash styles: Intensifying, Defining and Flirty.



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Great for dancing/cheer etc or really over the top looks.

As much as I feel these lashes are over priced, they are very good. They are huge and have so much volume they just make you look very over the top done up and glamorous. On stage or from far away they make a huge difference to the eyes and make you much more expressive looking.

Marshmello b...


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Long lushious lashes

The first time ever applying falsies I used these ones. I did struggle trying to apply them but I put that down to lack of experience. The glue that came with the lashes was very good and I did like the final end result. I tried washing these for re-use and the lashes ended up getting ruined so not too sure if these can be re-used.



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Not for a novice!

I received a pack of Revlon Fantasy Length lashes in "Intensifying" to trial.

From the outset I liked the look of them, especially as the strip the lashes are attached to is clear. Once on, it certainly helped make them fit fairly seamlessly with my own lashes. They are fairly long but not over the top, and I really liked that they seemed to kick out at the outer edges to give a bit of a cats eye flick. They felt light as air. They didn't have that extreme false look, more a "natural lashes with extra oomph" type look.

However I don't think these are a good choice for a beginner. I found it tricky to apply the glue - the glue applicator has a fairly large hole so getting a thin line of glue was so hard! I just can't get them close to my lashline either so got glue all over my lids.

In short, they look great, but self adhesive would make it a touch easier.



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I really struggled to apply these REVLON Fantasy Length 91002 Intensifying lashes.
I really loved the look of these lashes, they were very natural looking and the lash band was virtually invisible which is why I struggled to apply them.
The difficulty of application is not Revlons fault but mine, as I wear glasses and find applying any eye makeup difficult.
I could not get the right amount of glue onto the nearly invisible lash band which made application virtually impossible for me.
I tried several times but ended up ruining the lashes by putting on too much glue.
I did read Revlons instructions regarding application but I really struggled to see wear to put the glue.


Beautiful lashes for lash experts.



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Very light lashes and easy to apply.

Have had a lot of fun using these lashes as its the first time I've tried false lashes, have always been hesitant to do so as am a total klutz for tricky intricate stuff. Was so surprised how easy it is and will be using them in the future as my own are pretty short and non curly at all.

The Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Intensifying was incredibly light to wear! The pack is simple and classy in silver and black and clear in the front so you can have an idea about how thick/long the lashes are according to what kind you prefer.
The eye lashes come along with a little black adhesive glue tube in the pack.
The band end is very thin and kind of dotted, you need to twist it a few times before applying and trim it to fit your eye length. I found it best to position it nearer to the outer corner of my eye lid but not till the very end. It took me a few tries till I got it right, but once I figured it out the second eye was much easier.

The black glue tube was a bit messy to use, used a cotton tip and makeup brush end to apply the touch ups of extra glue needed. The tube is sealed and punctures by reversing the cap.
The eyelashes did not look over the top, but required heavy eye makeup to help them blend in so definetly evening wear for extra Glam. They are very black in colour much blacker than my natural eyelashes so went over the whole thing together once they were attached. They felt incredibly light did not even feel like I was wearing anything. They stayed on all day without any problem and removed easily with oil based makeup remover.


Evening wear unless you already have thick heavy lashes and large eyes.

A Lil Kuki


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Beautorium SCORE!!!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on these gems through the Beautorium! I'm not really a false lash girl, but tried these puppies out on a date night with hubby and ADORRRRED them!

Had a few compliments from friends we saw out who actually thought they were my NATURAL lash which I think says alot about the product! :D

Application is nice and easy, the glue that comes with the lashes is easy to use, especially with the lid being able to puncture the foil seal. The glue was easy to distribute on the lash without any lumps. And the lashes themselves went on to my lids easily as well.


Let glue dry a little until it's slightly tacky! This ensures there is no glue transfer on to your lid if you make a mistake.

Also curl and coat mascara both these and your natural lashes at the same time, this will ensure your natural lash gets blended with the false lash flawlessly.

Ideal for

Anyone wanting a natural lash look.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar


This product was really good! Albeit, the glue wasn't as strong as I had expected, so I had to apply more than necessary. But the finished look is beautiful!


Apply after curling eyelashes!!

Ideal for

People with really short eyelashes. Haha.



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Great flirty looking lashes!

I managed to get this at the last beautorium and this is a great product! I hate thick, unnatural looking lashes so I'm pleasantly surprised. From the picture, it looks like something that is not suitable for everyday, but it is. The eyelashes come with a handy step by step method so it is easier for new users. The lashes itself is extremely soft and handy. Easy to apply and remove. Great product Revlon!



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Lashing out WOW

Another great find I received from Beautorium.

I was a falsies virgin and these lashes were a fantastic first attempt. I like that the packaging as it's easy to take them out and the instructions are clear albeit smallish in print.

They were too easy to apply and didn't weigh down my lids as I've been told can happen. They did look fake when you looked closely as they were quite long but not overlly so. My eyes looked amazing and they lasted all night long.

Taking off was scary at first but surprisingly easy.




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Great lashes

These were the first brand of fake eyelashes I tried properly. Properly being actually wearing them for more than 5 minutes before ripping them off because I was terrible at applying them.

The bands are pretty flexible so they are quite easy to apply and they are very light. The glue that comes with them is great, even better than the MAC eyelash glue!

However the range in Australia I think is quite limited and I couldn't find ones full enough yet still natural looking. They're also a bit expensive (obviously not as expensive as highend brands). Now I use Ardell lashes and like them a lot better because of the range and they're so much cheaper (off the internet they're about $4 each)

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