1000 Hour Artificial Lashes - Individual Lashes

1000 Hour Artificial Lashes

Individual Lashes

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1000 Hour Artificial Lashes Individual Lashes are available in: Black Flared in Short, Medium and Long.


Pack size:
60-90 pieces

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Perfect for a cute casual look

To be honest I wasn’t really thrilled about the idea of individual lashes, it sounded like an awful lot of unnecessary effort to me. I mean who really wants to apply full eyelid’s worth lash by lash? Who has time for that either?
These lashes are perfect for a cute casual look. You don’t actually need to put lashes over the whole eye to get an adorable effect, these are perfect for a cat-flick at the side!
The lashes I found them to be really good. I was really surprised at how durable they were, I’ve used the same 6 several times. The best thing that I found was that they were comfortable enough to sleep in… probably not something I need to worry about every day but great when you’re on a 7hr plane trip! I was worried that because they weren’t held on by much glue that they would be hard to keep on but I haven’t lost one so far. I really like them and I’ll be buying them again… though with this many in a tray I probably won’t need to for a long time hahaha!



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Great individual lashes.

These are inexpensive but of great quality and I highly recommend them. Various sizes make blending the lashes super easy. Perfect for any MUA kit. I like to blend and apply layer over layer to get a really lush effect.

Glue isn't so great, but good in a pinch if you don't have duo handy.



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Frustrating but worth it

Once I finally got the hang of applying the little guys I really loved them, they stay in place for a few days and look resonably natural.


practice using them before you try and put them on for a night out!

Ideal for

thickening your natural lashes or adding dramatic volume and length

Tulip Love


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Natural, but pretty lash effect

I have this set in 'short' (which funnily, are much longer than my own stubby lashes), and while I'm more of a strip lash user, I'm definitely agreeable to adding individual lashes to my beauty routine more often.

They're a bit tricky to apply (just need to practice!), but when I place about 5 along the centre of my eye, I get thick, long lashes that look so natural, but better :)



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great results, poor application

It took a couple tries to perfect the application, and the glue is cheap quality, not the best. I find the glue dries out too quickly.
Also they should be layered with a few on top of one another to acheive the natural false lash effect.



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Very natural

These are great, a little tricky to apply but once you have that mastered the individual lashes make it easy to control how much volume you want and can create a full dramatic look or a natural look.
Keeps in place for ages and lasts a long time before you have to buy new ones.



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Hard to get used. To

These took3 try's.
3rd times a charm for sure. Placed in all corners ,these looked great and for reuseable.
One 9$ pack would last the year for me...bargain!!



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It is a good price however i would rather my napolean quality is not so great

Layla Fields


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So gorgeous!

I have naturally very black very long lashes but they are sparse. Occasionally when I go out I want to make my lashes the feature and keep everything else pretty simple. That's when I turn to these little beauties! I use duo lash glue and place them between my lashes where there are some gaps. I also put a few extra on the outer corner to elongate my round eyes. The effect is so pretty!! I have these in short and they look very natural :)



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Cheat nature.

Love these, they have such a natural look. Definitely great for those not blessed with a full set of lashes. I place these more towards the outer corner of my eye and they give my lashes a much needed fuller affect. Fantastically natural, for when you don't want anyone to know.

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