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1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kits

1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit - Blue-Black

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1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit gives no smudge permanent colour for eyelashes and brows that lasts for four to six weeks. Quick and easy to use, it produces beautiful, professional results in three easy steps. It is waterproof, economical, safe and effective and gives a more natural look than mascara.


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12 applications

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Enhance your natural look

My lashes look thinner and shorter than they are as they are are brown that fades to blond at the tips. I probably only wear makeup a couple of days a month now that I don't go out much. I wanted something to bring out my eyes a bit so I gave this a go. The kit comes with a tube of colour and bottle of developer. It's hard to mix it exactly as the instructions state so a bit of guess work is involved. There is a small plastic applicator included but I found an old mascara brush works better (I use a rimmel comb type brush rather than a bushy type brush). Mixing the developer and colour takes some patientce as the they don't tend to want to blend and the colour just moves around in the developer.

To apply I first carefully put vaseline over and under my eyes, trying to avoid getting it on my lashes. Then very carefully try to liberally coat my lashes with the colour. I keep cotton buds handy to clean up any mistakes immediately.

Be very, very careful to not get this on your eyeball it hurts so much! If you do rinse immediately until the pain goes away.

I notice a dramatic difference after colouring my eyelashes and would estimate the colour lasts for over a week but it does fade and if I wanted it to last I would have to dye my lashes every two weeks but I can live with once every 1-2 months.

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Katy Potaty


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Easy peasy, but not a long-lasting colour

I tried this product and hoped it would be a fail-safe 6 week dye, but it seemed to fade (or wash off with my makeup remover) quite easily. I will definitely try it again, as there are twelve applications in the box and at under $20, it's a great deal cheaper than a professional eyebrow dye.

Read the full review of 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit - Blue-Black by Katy Potaty.



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great for light lashes

This is an excellent product for those with fair lashes, but not so good for people whose lashes are naturally dark. It didn't make much difference on me, my lashes were slightly darker but it doesn't replace mascara and really, it's an extra step that I don't need. I think if you swim a lot, don't like wearing mascara or have fair lashes, it would be great, but for me it's kind of pointless.

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Style by Kir...


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Good home product

Be careful with application - can stain skin! Follow instrutions well and if you make a mistake and get it on your skin - wipe off immediately!

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Parisienne Chic


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EVERYONE SHOULD TRY THIS.I use exactly this colour on my lashes,and the dark brown on my brows.As i am very fair,i carn,t really get away with nothing on my eyes (it looks like i have no lashes / brows otherwise ) and this is perfect.I have used it for years,and yes,have had my eyes burn like hell after a few minutes on,but i have got better at it.I find it lasts almost as long as a salon tint,gives amazing results and looks amazing.A little tip i have is to tint your lashes,then apply a clear mascara over it for the length and thickness you don,t get from a tint alone.Curl,then you have eyes to die for with NO SMUDGING AT ALL.You get a full six months worth of product for less than the cost of one salon trip...BONUS.

Read the full review of 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit - Blue-Black by Parisienne Chic.



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Love it.

I use this all the time to give some colour to my pale lashes. The colour compliments perfectly my blue eyes. When I use this I feel so much more confident without wearing any makeup at all. Although it is not enough to completely replace mascara, it is great to define my eyes nicely for those occasions, like going to the beach, when I don't really want to be wearing makeup.

Read the full review of 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit - Blue-Black by Paula680.

Mrs SJGallagher


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Not bad but not great either..

I've only used this product twice on my eye brows so I dont know if it probably requires more applications to see an obvious result. What I can see is that my eyebrows just turn slightly darker but not to degree where I expected them to be. I tried once for my lashes but when the chemicals touch the roots of my lashes there was a slight burning sensation so i stopped.

Read the full review of 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit - Blue-Black by Mrs SJGallagher.



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Great Stuff!

I used to get my eyelashes dyed professionally until a girlfriend recommended this product. I always thought you had to be super-coordinated to be able to dye your own eyelashes, but my girlfriend is, shall we say, a tad clumsy at time - if she could do it, so could I!!

I'm blonde, but always use the Blue-Black version, as it gives the most obvious results. I luckily have naturally dark eyebrows (thanks Dad!) so I've never used it on my brows. It will take quite a bit of practise to become completely comfortable with the process, but it's sooooooo much cheaper than getting someone else to do it. Most places charge around $15-20 for one session - a box of this stuff costs around the same and you can get a minimum of 6 applications out of it.

I highly recommend following the instructions to cut out little under-eye patches from baking paper & sticking them on with Vaseline to prevent staining under the eye. Once you're better at it, you can just use Vaseline, which will wipe away when you're done. Take care not to get it in your eyes, as it stings like a &%@#!!

I will always have a box of this at hand, especially in summer when I'm at the beach/poolside lots, as there's no need for mascara. It won't give you volume or extra length obviously, but at least there's a decent amount of colour there.

Highly recommended!!

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Not as good as it sounds

Not as easy and as good as it sounds. Doesn't last very long and can be messy I found.

Read the full review of 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit - Blue-Black by clarissa435.



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handy for home use

I love this colour for lashes, it makes them stand out a little bit further. Great concept for doing them at home instead of a salon, also it lasts some time so good value for money.

Read the full review of 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit - Blue-Black by princessxxpeach.

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