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Easier than I thought.

Easy to apply. I didn't use the paper cut outs that came with the product that protect under the eye I used Vaseline, so easy.
I took my time measuring the liquid/cream.
Result was quite good and I was happy as I cannot go without mascara for one day! Needed to re-do after three weeks as it didn't seem to last quite as long as the salon but much cheaper!

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Love it!

I absolutely love this dye kit. I originally gave it ago because I'm naturally blonde but dye my hair black, so I just wanted my eyelashes to match my hair! But after the first use, I was hooked because not only did I love the colour, but my eyelashes look quite a bit longer!
No more blonde eyelashes for me!
Also this is great for those of us (like me) who don't generally use mascara on the bottom lashes.

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Painful but works

I was so pleased when I had this on and it lasted me 12 weeks (fading). It works perfectly for those lazy days when you don't want to wear mascara because your eyes have some colour from this. I would say the only problem will be when you remove the excess dye from your eyes it stings a lot.

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Saves me spending $$ at the salon

I use this product for my eyebrows & it saves me heaps on having my eyebrows tinted at the salon.

I use this shade and another, both work really well & give a result I'm very happy with. The kit is very easy to use & in under 10 minutes I've eyebrows that look like I just left the salon.

I find the spoodle applicator easy to mix & apply the product, and excess product is easy to remove.

I'm very happy with the results & how cheap it is for each use too ie around $2 each time. The colour lasts a good couple of weeks each time too.

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Look good without mascara!

I am one of those girls who will not go anywhere without mascara. When getting my eyelashes tinted in a salon, I would try and sneak in so I wouldnt run into anyone before my tinting. This kit allows you to tint your own eyelashes in the comfort of your own home and for the price of one salon visit, you get the kit which lasts at least ten tints or more.

The kit si easy to use. All you have to do it mix some dye with some drops that they give you and apply to the eyelashes. The kit also comes with some cut-outs to put under your eyes to stop the dye from running. You leave it on for about 10 minutes and your lashes will be nicely tinted! It last about 2 weeks.

Definately recommend the product!

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Noir, dramatic colour

I already possess fairly dark lashes and brows, but upon spying this DIY tinting kit whilst browsing in the pharmacy, I decided to give it a go. I was curious to see whether it would deliver the same expert results as a salon lash and brow tint. My first application was a bit clumsy, and I found the plastic mixing dish and flimsy wand rather fiddly. The peroxide solution came out a bit faster than anticipated, but I managed to whip up a bluish cream that I carefully applied to my brows and top lashes. Being a novice, I ended up dyeing the skin around my eyebrows as well. I waited the recommended ten minutes, then gently wiped away the excess colour with a wet paper towel. I have to say my brows and lashes were definitely darker and much more dramatic, and I was pleased with the bold contrast against my porcelain skin.

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Do simple to apply by yourself without getting irritated! The colour stains the lash from the root to tip. My eyes didnt even water.

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I got this to try as I hate going out to get colour applied to my brows,I found it easy to use and it does my brows a beautiful colour and whats more it lasted the distance not like the salons which seemed to wear off fast.Yes I will be buytng from now on and have told my friends to give it a go and I don;t think it expensive.
Dianne 542

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Make Up Vigi...


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Easy shiny glossy lashes, but could last longer.

I bought this on impulse, as my fair colouring means that without mascara my eyes look very poorly defined. My first attempt resulted in unbearably stinging eyes but afterwards I was super impressed by the result. It didn't look like I had mascara on, as there was so extra length or volume; but when I looked in the mirror my eyes looked defined and more awake!

Next time I refined my application technique to avoid the pain and I've got a packet of this on my shopping list at the moment. My only gripe is that the dye doesn't last longer on the lashes, the effects probably fade after 3 weeks - however I still wear daily mascara and use eye make up remover so this must be the equivalent of daily shampooing over your new highlights.

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Stay C


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So easy

I love this product, there are plenty of days that I skip wearing makeup in Summer but I still want to look done and darkening my lashes and brows is the way to go. I have dark brown to black lashes and my brows are a tiny bit lighter so depending on my hair colour at the time I find that blue-black makes a noticeable difference to both but I only leave the dye on my brows for a couple of minutes. I do my own to save time and money and I find the best way is with a mascara wand so that I can get really close to the roots and cover all of the hairs without getting it everywhere, I don't even bother with the Vaseline but just use a q-tip to remove any boo boos straight away and all is good.

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