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PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator

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Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator is a lightweight liquid illuminator that works to instantly brightens skin. Designed to enhance skin’s natural radiance, it boosts natural illuminosity, minimises flaws, enhances skin with a hint of sheer colour and protects the skin from harsh environments. The illuminator features photochromatic pigments to bend and reflect light, banishing dullness and evening out skin tone.
To apply, use alone and apply to cheekbones, brow bones or wherever light naturally hits. Mix with foundation for a sheer, luminous finish. Available in Bare, Pink and Bronze.



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Using it as a highlighter

I use this product only on a small proportion on my face as a highlighter underneath my foundation. I feel like using primer, face illuinator, foundation and powder is way too much for my face everyday. So for me in order to minimise the heavy looking cake up face effect, but you want to illuminating effect, i just use it on my cheek bone and areas i want to highlight. So it so easy to blend and it's great for makeup beginners.

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Not for me

I don't like this product. It is too glittery and it tends to settle into my wrinkles too much... I also find it difficult to apply and prefer a powder form more...

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Glow from within

I had never tried a liquid highlighter before until a friend of mine suggested I pick this up. I got the pink toned one and it is gorgeous. I have oily skin so skipping powder is a no no so I wasn't sure if this would wear nicely underneath my powder or not but wow it does. I can put this on before my foundation which gives me a really natural looking glow from within look without it being to much like a disco ball. This is what I do when I am wearing this product during the day for a subtle highlight and glow. I also like to use this on top of my foundation but underneath my powder and it still shines through. I wear it like this for nights out where I want to limit the amount of powder products on my face and need something to last a long time. This highlighter is definitely versatile and has great staying power, very happy I bought this!

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Very surprised!!

I received this a little while ago in a monthly subscription box and just recently pulled it out to try it. I got the shade, Bare Light, and I have medium/olive skin and thought it wouldn't suit me. However, I thought I'd give it a try anyway, and WOW! I love it! A little goes a long way, and I mix it with my bb cream, for a really nice everyday, healthy looking glow. I will definitely purchase this in the future :)

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this highlighter is perfect! I have pale skin so I was happy to find one that blends well and isn't super obvious on my skin. The price is good considering you only need a pea sized amount for application. Definitely recommend!

Read the full review of PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator by Courtney123.



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Glosscars 2014 - Better than many powder highlighters.

I adore this versatile product! I own Pink Light and it looks so natural on my fair skin, whether it's mixed in with a foundation to help achieve a natural, luminous finish or used as a subtle highlighter. When using it as a highlighter I apply it straight on top of my foundation then powder afterwards, as the liquid illuminator adheres better to other liquids rather than powders. It lasts all day and gives a pretty subtle shine, without the sparkle I dislike about many powder highlighters. I even use this as an inner corner highlight for my eyes and underneath my brows. Like I said, this can be used for so many things which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

I also really love the slim, chic packaging; the top two thirds of the tube correspond to the colour of the illuminator, making it easy to find if you own more than one. It rests on it's lid, meaning the product will always travel towards the dispenser rather than away from it. And it's a very generous size, too; 30mls will last you a long time, even if used mixed in with your foundation.

The scent reminds me of the ColorStay foundation, also from Revlon, but not as intense. It definitely has a scent though, but you need so little product at a time that you wont notice it on the skin.

I've never branched out in to liquid illuminators before this product but it's certainly encouraged me to start. As I keep saying, it's such a versatile product that you'll always find some use for it; it's a very important part of my make-up collection and well worth the purchase.

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Glosscar 2014 - Still great

I am reviewing this product again as I still believe this is one of the best illuminators I own. It is a staple in my everyday makeup routine and I wouldn't want to live without it. I have this in Pink Light which is a light pick mushroom colour. I love using this on my cheek bones as it gives a gorgeous glow to the skin.
It can be applied with wither fingers or a brush and blends easily with the skin. The glitter is very fine and not overly harsh but does it job of reflecting light and brightening the face.
The packing is a flat plastic tube which you squeeze the product out. The hole which the product comes out is reasonably small so it is easy to control how much you use and not to waste product.
If you are looking for a liquid highlighter I would still completely recommend this to you as it is the easiest product out there to subtly improve any look.

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Glosscars 2014

I was very excited to receive a full sized bottle of this in a monthly beauty box. I love my highlighters and illuminators - I'm getting quite a collection.
I received this illuminator in the pretty pale pink colour, which is my perfect shade.
It's packaged in a hard plastic bottle that is an odd flat, oval shape....looks like a round bottle that somebody stepped on.
The size of the bottle is very generous and full of the product, so for the price I think this is amazing value.
This illuminator can be used by applying a few dabs on specific areas of the face to highlight; cheek bones, brow bone, side of nose to change contouring, cupids bow, and even a dab in the inner corner of the eye can brighten your look and make your eyes look wide awake and fresh.
Personally I mix a tiny amount in with my foundation and apply it to my face - this results in an all over dewy complexion which I love.
You only need to use a small amount with each application so this bottle will last for ages.

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Platinum Ms


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Photogenic Skin

PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator lives up to its name!
The texture is light as I blend it with my foundation/BB Cream to give my skin that photogenic finish. I use it on my cheek bones, or a natural looks for my eyes as I apply it on lids of my eyes to for that extra definition.
This product for me is a fun product to hightlight areas that need a boost while creating an illuminating healthy finish.
A great product that works well with any other cosmetic/makeup

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Glossars 2014-Iluminator

Why should this win a glosscars 2014- The revlon skin illuminators give skin a radiant glow, that is smooth soft, natural and boosts illuminosity to skin.

The revlon skin illuminator comes in a easy to use container; its a 30g gram container and it will last forever as only a small amount is needed. The skin illuminitor comes in three colours- and I choose the light based pink lotion; bare light.
The illuminator is a creamy lotion that easily and smoothly blends onto skin. The pink based illuminator applies to my skin nicely and smoothly- it doesnt sink into lines, or breakouts; unlike some other illuminators im not left with my pores looking bigger and more noticable.

This illuminator can be used multiple ways-for a subtle sheen mix with your favourite moisturiser, mix with your foundation to make your skin glow- or highlight the areas you want to bring attention to. Its great to put on the top of the cheeks, bridge of your nose and the top of the lids for contouring and highlighting. I love using it for contouring - its just brilliant for this as its a cream and smooths in to skin perfecty. - It wont look fake.

In terms of mixing with foundation and / or cream its also just superb- it is such a light weight cream that it mixes so well with these products (even thicker moisturiser cream), and wont seperate onto the skin.
I mix a tiny bit with my day cream from time to time and it applies lovely and fresh giving me a healthy glow that looks natural- you really only need a small amount to mix in. When doing this it hides imperfections, hides pigmentation, and contours my skin- I can even sometimes skip foundation depending on how im feeling.
The thing thats so great about this is that it gives you a natural glow without looking shinny or greasy- and not one glitter spot in sight.
The Revlon skin illuminator is amazing for contouring, skin perfecting, and making your skin glow!

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