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The Body Shop

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

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The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder is a compact bronzer that gives skin a matte, natural looking glow. Ideal to achieve a silky, even finish the formula can be dusted over the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. It contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia, beeswax from Cameroon and marula oil from Namibia. Available in three shades.


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Perfect for a subtle glow, average as contour for medium/deep skin tones.

I got this bronzer because it is matte and I wanted a bronzer I could lightly contour with. I got shade 03 Medium for my medium skin tone. However, this turned out to be a bit too light for contouring. I can build it up, but am not too keen on putting too much powder on my contour areas as it could end up looking over done and I'm keen on natural looking makeup. The shade is definitely good for a nice, natural bronzing though. Next time I would go for the darkest shade.


If you want this product mainly for contouring, go a shade darker.
Probably not great skin colours any deeper than medium- the shade selection is slim and even the darkest shade is closer to medium skin tones.

Ideal for

Light, subtle bronzing.



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Beautifully Bronzed

This bronzer is perfect if you instantly want to brighten and bronze your skin. It is a lightweight, slightly creamy matte powder that is absolutely perfect for everyday wear, and doubles as a contouring bronzer because it is matte.
I find the best way to apply it is with a fluffy brush. The powder glides on and creates a beautifully bronzed finish that lasts all day and doesn't need touching up. Because of the slightly creamy texture you don't get any fall out when you swirl your brush around, and it provides a soft and evenly distributed finish.
This is my holy grail bronzer and I absolutely love it! I use it everyday.
I can't fault this bronzer because it is so versatile. I use it to contour, bronze, warm up the cheek, down the neck and even as a soft eyeshadow.
The compact has a good sized mirror and the product lasts for ages! I can't live without this baby.



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Perfectly natural matte non-orangey bronzer!

My skin has gotten lighter now that colder days are coming but even in summer, I tend to be a light-medium shade at the most. I got this in shade 03, which is recommended for light-medium skin tones (it is only just a little more pigmented than shade 02 that I can also pull off. Shade 01 is best for pure english roses and shade 04 is great for medium skin tones. All the shades are quite light in colour and I don't think they would show up very well on darker skin tones) . It goes on sheer so it's difficult to overdo this bronzer and is definitely buildable. It doesn't look orange at all on the skin and is just a lovely matte light brown that accentuates my cheek bones and adds a healthy warmth to my face. I use the RT contour brush to apply this and it's super easy to blend for a natural bronzed look. It smells very faintly of honey and it's not sickeningly sweet; I wish the scent lasted on the cheeks too but it doesn't so it's great for sensitive noses. The packaging is secure (almost too secure because I find it a bit difficult to open sometimes) and comes with a generous mirror. The bronzer is also not powdery or chalky at all and doesn't break apart into loose dust when I dip my brush into it. It lasts about 6 hours on me when I'm out and about and it fades away evenly.


Line up your contour/bronzing brush against your face pointing from the middle of your ear to the corner of your mouth if you have difficulty finding your cheekbones; it's a foolproof way of contouring.

Ideal for

Light to medium skin tones/any skin type (lasting power may be shorter on oily skin so it may require touch-ups; may be appropriate for dry skin as well because it contains moisturizing ingredients)



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Holy Grail bronzer

I have quite a fair complexion, and this means that it is so much harder for me to find a bronzer that can suit my skin when i only want a subtle shadow. Several bronzers in the market are either too orange or too dark or even muddy, and I do relaise that people of warm undertones tend to be prone to such cases. I have the lightest shade and this bronzer is just the right one, and I have found myself wearing it everyday in any season or occassio. It has a matte finish, doesn't look cakey or muddy in appearance and best of all it comes in shades that is customed to suit fair skinned girls. When I applied it I couldn't find any signs of orange-ness under any lighting, which avoids enahncing the warm yellow undertones that every asian would have. I think this shade is perfect for people of warm undertones or those who have yellowness in their skin and want to avoid that. The packaging is so cute, it come sin a brown compact with a honeycomb sheet underlying the lid. The product inside is imprinted with honeycomb pattern which I think is a smart idea if you're looking to lure in those consumers who buy items for the packaging. I do remcommend TBS to add an extra scetnt to the bronzer, perhaps a hint of honey would give extra credit. But overall, TBS has done a great job for their bronzers for giving the pale girls that extra colour or sun kisssed look when they can't. I do recommend this product for those who are pale or warm/yellow undertones and I would continue to repurchase this until they discontinue it.

Beeper Pad


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

The shade 'light' is perfect for beauties with fair skin

I am so impressed with this matte bronzer from The Body Shop. I have very fair skin and have been a bit scared of bronzers in the past as they can easily make my skin look muddy or orange. But this bronzer comes in three shades. The lightest one is perfect for anyone with fair skin. While it is 'light' it is still pigmented and has definite colour to it (a true tan colour - no orange in sight).

A light dusting of this bronzer around my face adds the perfect amount of warmth and glow, without looking fake. I also like to wear it as a blush and it works great for that purpose as well.

The powder is soft and smooth and not at all heavy looking.

The packaging is sleek and practical. It is a great size to use with a powder or blush brush, and comes with a handy mirror. The honeycomb pattern on the product itself is also cute.

This is my favourite bronzer by far!



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Almost comparable to the one and only Hoola!

I am quite impressed with this bronzer! I actually think it is very comparable to the hoola bronzer for benefit.
I did not really expect much from the body shop to have such outstanding cosmetics products, but I was so wrong.
And after hearing estee (from essiebutton on youtube) talking about it in her video, I decided to cave in and buy it.

Firstly again I love how its matte, just like the hoola bronzer, thus making it so great for contouring while giving warm to your face.
I use the lightest shade and its great for people with light skin. again does not go on muddy nor does it look orange!
I love how light weight and also how subtle it is on the skin.

It makes it look very natural and does not look fake at all. I am quite impress.
I think this is a great dupe for Hoola, even though the colour isnt the exact match its quite similar.
Love it!



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cant fault this bronzer

The honey bronzing powder is faultless in my book.
Firstly the compact is tiny yet compact, fits in my bag, flips open and comes with a compact mirror.
Secondly it comes in three shades which is amazing and allows for right choose of colour.
Thirdly its so easy to apply and goes onto the skin softly and smoothly, and I find it so incredibly easy to blend and smooth.
I have very fair skin and this bronzer helps me to blend my skin to my chest and contour my cheek bones- great for anyone. Because it comes in a range of colours from light to dark its easy to find a great bronze even if your new to this or dont know how.
I use this product every day, it gives me an amazing glow, helps to contour and yet doesn't look too dark, fake or too much.
This is the best bronzer I have tried, a must for anyone!



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This is an amazing bronzer that gives you a sunkissed glow without any shimmer, so it's great for contouring as well. It goes on smoothly and blends easily with buildable colour. Nice big mirror inside the compact too.



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Best Bronzer

This is my favourite bronzer,
It has a matte finish so its not very shimmery and blends in well with my foundation. It adds a natural, healthy glow to your skin - not an orange, dirty look.
Its very easily applied with the blush brush or body brush and doesn't fall over the rest of your face / chest on application.
Its a very cute appearance with the powder being a honeycomb design.
I find it works best for me when applied in the "3" motion.
Its a fairly affordable price, will last you the whole year and is a good investment if you're a lover of being bronzed :)



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Honey, you're so bronzed!

I recently started using this and I absolutely love it! It's perfect not only for bronzing but also for contouring. It comes in a nice little compact that clicks shut and has a mirror inside, and the product is in a honeycomb design - how cute! It comes in three shades so there's one for everyone.
One thing I love about it is that there's no glitter, so it's perfect for work or everyday. It's relatively matte, but gives a wonderful warm glow. And it lasts! No need to reapply throughout the day. Also, a little goes a long way, but it is buildable for those who don't have stark white skin like me!

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