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Really nice product but awkward packaging

I love the shade and finish of this product. It looks nice and dewy on the skin but has a terrible applicator in my opinion. The lid unscrews and has a nail polish type brush. I feel like this product would be much more practical in a tube where the liquid could be squeezed out.
I normally put the product on the back of my hand and use a sponge or brush to dab on my face. I sometimes add on after blush and face powder but it would look great over foundation and under a bit of setting powder.
Besides the packaging it is really nice.

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I love this! The most gorgeous glow to the skin and you don't even a lot of the product so it will last a long time! I apply it to my cheek bones, brow bone, chin and bridge of nose and you will have a healthy glow to your skin. I will forever repurchase this amazing product.

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Peek my style


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glow glow glow

initially i used benefit high beam as just a highlighter on my cheekbones and nose bridge, but later i found that mixing a bit of high beam with my foundation gives me the glow and dewy effect. it gives a subtle glow, not over powering your face and other component of the make up. It also blends quite easy and your can slowly build on the highlight. My recommendation is to use small amount first and if you want more, you can always add on.

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under blush over makeup.

I wear this under my powder blush but over my foundation. It gives a subtle luminance without making me look like a shiny toy. It gives a great look even when by itself without a full face of makeup for a little pick me up paired with mascara and lipgloss.

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Pretty pearlescent glow

This is a gorgeous highlighter, particularly if you have never used one before. It is so gorgeous on cheekbones and on the brow bone.
The texture is a creamy liquid. The colour is gorgeous, a pearlescent pinky white. It leaves behind a natural sheen that looks just like the perfect amount of light hitting your face at all the right angles. I think it's popularity is due to this as opposed to the many shimmery and glittery highlighters on the market. Even with my oily skin, this product still makes me look glowy as opposed to shiny.
It's very easy to apply, you can either dot or lightly spread with the applicator and then blend out wards with your fingers. Better to go lightly as you can always build it up if you want more. You can mix it with your foundation for an overall glow as well, however I prefer to use it for targeted areas.
This bottle is small but will last you an incredibly long time, each use is only a minimal amount.

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best illuminator

Ive had this product for a while and adore it.

The silver pink shade is very flattering and I find the brush much more convenient to use than other illuminators in tubes.

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My fave highlighter

I've tried a few other ones and I keep coming back!

I got High Beam first when I received a Benefit kit for Christmas a year or so ago.
Then *shock horror I lost the mini High Beam from the kit.
It was a void in my makeup draw. I tried a few other highlighters, but kept wishing I could afford a replacement High Beam. I finally bought a new Benefit box kit and I have my fave Highlighter again! The pinky tone is 100% perfect for my skin!

I use it as both a brow bone highlighter and a cheek highlighter and I haven't been able to get the same finish with any other. Some others look like a shimmer or glitter, but only High beam manages to give my skin a healthy glow without looking oily or sparkly.

I need to buy a full sized one!

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High Beaming!

I have tried many highlighters in my time, and each has had a drawback, be it too glittery, too porous, too oily or too drying. Benefit have struck an ideal formula in High Beam, in that it is versatile enough to be used wherever you choose and doesn't leave behind a trace of irritation on the skin, nor does it erode the underlying products (if there are any).

High Beam is quick and easy to apply, and has real lasting power when coupled with a primer. It is painless to blend, beautifully packaged, and best of all your product distribution can be controlled with the brush applicator, unlike many highlighters that are dispensed from tubes.

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Neutral Shimmer

This has a very pearly finish which went on very beautifully on my skin. I find that it has a hint of pink in when I stand under the sun. When I applied to my cheekbones - I fell in love with it! Not only did it accentuated my cheekbones giving me a uplift look with it has a pearly shimmer which made me looked more natural at the same time. The colour is very soft and I love how it is since I can wear as an everyday makeup.

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Beautiful Liquid Highlighter

This is my first pearl liquid highlighter and I love it! It applies beautifully onto the cheekbones and blends in nicely. It has a beautiful sheen and provides a radiant, youthful and healthy look. I received a deluxe sample of this in the Benefit Little Love Potions Set and will definitely consider purchasing a full sized product when mine finishes.

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