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Benefit High Beam is a luminescent complexion enhancer that accents cheekbones and browbones for a radiant glow. It is suitable for all skintones, and it can be used as a spot highlighter or delicately blended all over the complexion.

To use, dot and blend onto cheek and brow bones on bare skin or over make-up.

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How-to: use liquid highlighters and illuminators

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high beam is brilliant.

This is amazing! I love contouring and high-lightening, and this year I received a benefit kit for my birthday containing the high beam!
Wow where have you been my whole life! I was so excited to receive this product as a gift as I know how many times it has won awards and wondered why I hadn't tried it in the past....
While this product might seem expensive, I find the tint is really thick and very rich creamy- and a little goes a very long way- so start small and build up as needed- you can always put more on if you need to! It won't run and is super easy to dot and blend.
High beam comes in a container just like the other benefit tints and looks like a nail polish- you twist the container and out comes a paint stick- similar to that of nail polish! High beam is quite thick and pink on the skin- and you need to work quickly- putting a few dots on the cheek and brow bones and then smooth with your finger quickly.Quickly quickly is the key and it is so nice and thick that it blends rich and smooth on the skin.
Like all highlighters you can apply on your cheek bones, your eyes, cupid bows and in between you eye brows for that extra glow. This product is amazing- it quickly and easily smooths and blends well- giving you a luminescent complexion and glow without anyone noticing that you have product on your skin.
The color, in my opinion I would call, a champagne pink and I find that it is perfect for my fairsh skin tone- however, benefit states its suitable for all skin tones. Beware this is a pink based tone. This enhancer looks senselessly on the skin- you wouldn't even notice it was there, which is the whole point. The glow lasts all day and night, and I love this. Long lasting and rich! Another benefit product to include in my permanent benefit collection- totally sold!



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Nice dewy highlight

I was a tad worried opening this that it was going to be runny like benetint but lucklily it is a grogeous creamy formula. I dot this on my cheek bones and blend in for a beautiful glowy finish. It really is that easy. I have fairly pale skin and it works perfectly with its pinky champagne finish. Once its on it stays there. I like to set it with a powder higlighter but I could easily skip this.
I usually apply with a brush also putting the product on my hand and dipping my brush is for precise application.
This bottle will last me for ever.



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One of my favourite products! Go through it so much!! I use it mainly as a highlighter and it's a bit sparkly which is good for youth my age as I am 19. Will be buying more! I'm disappointed though cause it is expensive for a bottle :/ looking for an alternative that is just as good

Ideal for

Brows, cheekbones



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Still looking for my holy grail highlighter

I received this as a Christmas gift last year. This is a nice product, the consistency is creamy and it lasts for a long time if you set it with a transparent powder. I find it to be a little difficult to blend though. It's a beautiful pearlescent colour and I think it looks great on lots of people but I don't think it suits me. For reference, I am NC35-40 and I have quite yellow undertones so I find it difficult to work with pink/silver based highlighters. I much prefer to wear golden toned highlighters so I haven't gotten much use out of this product. Still on the hunt for the perfect highlight!

Jess R


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Gorgeous highlighter

I recently purchased this little product to try out as a highlighter. I was a little hesitant at first because I normally use powder products to highlight and contour. However I'm glad a gave this little beauty a try.

What I love:
*cute packaging (not sure how it will go when I get to using the last of the product).
*gorgeous pearly shimmer-I find it compliments my natural pale skin but also looks great when I've had a spray tan
*easy to blend in
*only need a small amount
*gives a beautiful dewy glow
*verry faint floral scent which disappears after application

I love this little product and will repurchase (although you only use a little at a time so it should last ages). I removed one star for price and availability in Australia. For me it's easiest and cheaper to purchase directly from the company's US website.


Don't use when your using mineral powder foundation as your base - it just doesn't work!

Perfect over liquid or cream foundation.



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Favourite highlighter!!!

This pink-toned highlighter is super easy to be applied, with the small brush also connected to the lid that allows it to be easily glided across areas needed (cheekbones, nose area), at first I thought it was a bit too shiny, but after looking at photos, it looks amazing! it really makes my cheek bones stand out, and I think it's because of the nice radiant shimmery glow it gives to my skin. It's an amazing product, and it lasts ages!! Because all you need is a few dabs and it goes a long way.
I think the thing that got my attention to this is the packaging, it's so cute, isn't everything from benefit. But I love the packaging, and the nice colour matches so well and nicely with my medium toned skin!


- Don't apply to much on, a little goes a long way.

Ideal for

- Probably around the medium tone, as it does have this specific nice pearly pink that looks really well with the darker tones.



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Best in Beauty - Bottled Light!

I feel like it is Groundhog Day. It's the Glosscars again, and I'm nominating Benefit High Beam, yet again!

With this product, Benefit have done the impossible, and have bottled light! And what a wonderful thing that is!

The bottle and brush applicator remind me a little of a nail polish bottle and applicator, but lend themselves perfectly for simple and accurate application of the product.

To use, use the brush applicator to dab the pink champagne-hued liquid to the parts of your face that would normally catch the light - I highlight the top of my cheekbones and browbone, and the cupid's bow of the lip. Then blend this with your fingers to achieve a naturally glowing look.

It adds light and glamour to your face in the best possible way! I find that it gives me a fresh, vibrant look, no matter how I might really be feeling! What I really love though is that it blends into your skin to look as though the glow is coming from your own skin rather than a product. This is what raises it above all other highlighters for me.

I also like to add a little to my foundation when going out at night, and find it gives a great glow without being over the top.

Long lasting, a little goes a long way, making it fantastic value. If I ever get through this bottle, I will definitely be repurchasing!



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Best in Beauty 2014 - Liquid luminescent brilliance

Benefit high beam has been one of my favourite highlighters for a very long time now. The first thing that caught my eye was its unique nail polish style packaging. It comes with a nail polish wand applicator which can be used to apply the product in a number of different ways. It gives you the option of applying small, precise dots of the product directly to the face, or you can apply some product to the back of your hand, or directly onto a brush to apply the product. I tend to apply the product from the wand to the back of my clean hand in order to keep the product as clean as possible.

High beam is a liquid luminescent complexion enhancer. It is pink-tone based which gives off a lovely pink, silvery glow. What sets this highlighter apart from others for me is the fact that it gives the skin a lovely sheen without being sparkly. This is great as it adds lovely dimension to the cheek area when applied. High beam is great in flash photography as it really makes a lovely difference to the skin. Because the highlighter is not shimmery, it is versatile for both day and night and really makes a difference to your overall look.

In terms of where I apply high beam to the face, I usually use it on three areas: my cheek bones, brow bone, and my lip area. To do this, I apply the liquid highlighter in a C-shape formation starting from outside the top of my cheekbone and bringing it up around the eyebrow and brow bone area. Mimicking where light would naturally hit helps to create a natural look. Using the highlighter in this way makes my cheekbones stand out and gives extra dimension to my eye area. I also use a very small amount of the highlighter on top of my cupids bow to create the appearance of a fuller pout.

Benefit high beam can be used underneath foundation to provide a very subtle healthy sheen to the face, or it can be used on top of foundation which is what I usually do. A little tip is that since high beam is a liquid highlighter, it is going to have the best effect when used on top of a liquid base. Only a very, very small amount of product is needed to be used so I would definitely start out with a small amount, and build up if you want more of a noticeable look. Using excess product can leave the skin looking too-shiny. Another great thing about high beam is that it is very long-lasting, it doesn’t smear off the skin throughout long days and nights which is great. While it is $45 which might seem a little exxy, the bottle contains 13ml of product which lasts for such a long time so you will not need to repurchase any time soon. Overall it is a trusted highlighter that I will always keep coming back to.



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Best in Beauty 2014 - a lovely healthy glow

I reviews High Beam in the past, but this is such a good and versatile product that it deserves one more review to get some more points in order to win Best in Beauty 2014 award in best highlighter category.
I have tried many highlighters despite having combination skin. I like highlighting powders, but High Beam is better than them because it is more versatile. We can play a bit more with this product.
As a Benefit family product the packaging is cute. It looks very much alike Benetint or other TINTS or BEAMS. The bottle looks like a nail polish bottle, and the applicator is also similar to the nail polish brush. The formula of the highlighter is very creamy, not runny at all. I do not think there product is fragranced as I can't smell anything.
High Beam is very easy to apply, we can use our fingers to dab a tiny amount on the face parts we want to highlight and blend the product it. We might use foundation brush to achieve more natural look. We can also apply High Beam as a radiance giving make up primer or something that I love doing with Estee Lauder Double Wear and Double Wear Light.... we can mix it with our regular foundation to get a radiance enhancing foundation. Therefore, as one can see High Beam is a cult product and when use wisely can help us achieve that catwalk models glow and mirror like reflection on your cheek bones!
The colour of High Beam is rather on the cold tones side as it is pale pink with silvery pearl glow. It looks really pretty, even on the golden tanned face.
Although it might be a bit pricey, a little goes a long way and the little bottle will last you ages.



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More ethereal than moon beam

I have an adorable 6ml deluxe sample of this and I like using it when I'm in the mood for liquid highlighters. There was a time when I spent ages looking for the pressed powder version of this in other brands as I generally prefer powder highlighters since they last longer on my combination/oily skin but this isn't so easy to dupe. It is a pearly pink silver highlighter that is easy to blend to give only a sheer everyday glow or can be layered to really stand out. It has a very faint floral scent, which actually reminds me of the smell of moisturizer. A small dab from the brush (which looks and feels like a nail polish brush) is enough to highlight the high points on the face and I can see my sample size lasting me for quite a while yet beyond the 8 months I've had it for. I get about 5-6 hours wear of it before I notice some caking (it doesn't like my liquid foundations very much but is quite happy to sit prettily on top of lightweight bb creams and mineral makeup) and slight fading.


I love this particularly on my brow bones and cupid's bow

Ideal for

This is a universal highlighter shade that suits everyone

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