Hello Kitty Cosmetics

Compact Powder

Hello Kitty Compact Powder is a silky-smooth pressed powder that helps create a flawless finish. Available in Pashmina Rose (pink ivory rose), Pashmina Apricot (pink beige), Pashmina Miel (beige), and Pashmina Ambre (amber).

  • rrp: $14.95

Diamond Gloss

Hello Kitty Diamond Glosses are roller sparkle glosses that feature fruity fragrances. Available in Strawberry Fields (fushia), Pink Paradise (pink), and Snow Coco.

  • rrp: $9.95

Diamond Stars Roll On

Hello Kitty Diamond Stars Roll On adds glitter and sparkle to your face and body. Available in Angel Rain (white).

  • rrp: $9.95

Duo Eyeshadow

Hello Kitty Duo Eyeshadows are highly pigmented and long- lasting. The eyeshadows can be used wet or dry to create different eye looks. Available in Felicity Purple (pink and purple), Bleu Forever (blue and grey), La Dame Au Camelia (parma and purple), Drug Stone (double grey), Gun Flower (pink and green), and Grand Canyon (orange and brown).

  • rrp: $11.95

Kohl Eye Pencil

Hello Kitty Kohl Eye Pencil offers a highly pigmented texture for intense colour. The long- lasting eye pencils are available in Black and Dark Brown.

  • rrp: $9.95

Lip Balm

Hello Kitty Lip Balm is a rose-fragranced balm that nourishes and softens lips with shea butter, apricot kernal, and vitamin E. Available in Sweet Kiss (nude), Kiss Me (pale pink), Kawai Kiss (fuchsia pink), and French Kiss (red).

  • rrp: $9.95

Magnetic Gloss

Hello Kitty Magnetic Glosses are highly pigmented lipglosses that are non-sticky. The applicator features a sponge tip for easy application. Available in Girlie Lip (fuchsia), Baby Lip (light pink), and Crystal Lip (clear).

  • rrp: $13.95

Matte & Kiss Lipstick

Hello Kitty Matte & Kiss Lipsticks are semi-matte lipsticks that contain vitamins A and E to keep lips hydrated and soft. Available in Barcelona (rosewood), Sevilla (dark red), and Bollywood (fuchsia).

  • rrp: $12.95

Mini Nail Colour

Hello Kitty Mini Nail Colour offers glossy colour in a miniature size. Shades include Creamy, Milky, Lily, Gold, Silver and Pinky.

  • rrp: $4.95

Mono Blush

Hello Kitty Mono Blushes offer longwearing coverage to define cheeks. The blushes help to brighten your complexion and sculpt your face. Available in Venise (pale pink) and Rome (coral).

  • rrp: $12.95