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Benefit Cha Cha Tint is a lip and cheek stain that glides on smoothly for a long-lasting warm tint. Featuring brightening properties, the formula provides a mango-tinted flush where applied.

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How-to: get a perfectly pretty peach cheek

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Tropical Sunset Hue Compliments Lips & Cheeks

Cha Cha Tint comes boxed.
Comes in a round glass, metallic peach coloured, small bottle with an applicator brush lid. Its the same as a nail polish applicator brush.
Its a mango tinted lip and cheek stain.
The tint is a bright mango/peach/coral colour with a thick fluid consistency, similar to cream gel.
Texture is wet, smooth and light.
It has a mild fragrance which is pleasant.
Easy to use, lightly brush 3 strokes onto apple of cheeks and quickly blend with fingertip. Don't leave it sitting on skin blend the tint strokes straight away because it stains skin in no time at all.
The tint is lightweight and blends well, drying quickly. The blended stain layer is sheer, fine and thin.
Gives skin a flush of colour, sheer mango tint highlighting cheeks, a warm tropical hue.
Stays on skin, wears well.
To use on lips, dab a little on lips and blend with fingertip, it virtually dries as you blend.
Its a lightweight sheer coverage and gives lips a juicy healthy hue.
You can up the anti with the mango tint colour by applying extra coats.
Can feel a little sticky so I apply a nourishing clear lip balm over top.
Cha Cha Tint is excellent, a versatile and no fuss product to jazz up cheeks and lips within seconds.
Reapply if needed throughout wear, compact bottle great fit for a handbag.

Ashlee 849


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love this!!

This tint is amazing. The color pay off is sensational
I personally love this on my lips but on days when im not wearing much makeup ill wear it on my cheeks.
The color is so summery

Ashlee 849


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love it

This is amazing, stays on all day.
I only retouch after meals to keep the vibrancy



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Doesn't stay on my lips

It works just perfectly on my cheeks but not on my lips. Somehow it vanishes in like less than an hour, so that's pretty frustrating



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My lips love it

Once again I got the mini sample (4 ml not so mini) from the GO TROPICORAL kit. It is one more of the Benefit’s famous tint. I love original Benetint. I wanted to try ChaCha tint for a long time, that is why I decided to get that kit so I could trial more products at the same time for not such a high price. ChaCha Tint comes in a well know bottle with a while top, just like Benetint and HighBeam. And although it is a tint, its formula is not as runny as Benetint’s formula is. It rather resembles the thickness of High Beam, maybe just a tiny bit more watery. It is a gel like consistency. The product looks ORANGE in the bottle and on nail polish like applicator but as soon as it is blended either to the cheecks or to the lips it gives the most gorgeous coral shade. When it comes to applying ChaCha Tint to the cheeks one has to be pretty fast with blending and rubbing the product into the cheeks, so we do not end up with coral stains on our cheeks. However, when done properly, ChaCha Tint gives the most natural coral blush ever. The skin looks so healthy. I believe this tint is best for summer.
I also love using it on the lips, probably even better than on the cheeks. It gives a lovely coral stain and is very long lasting. It might be however very drying on its own, that is why I usually pair it with Coralista lip gloss. If one likes tints I think they should enjoy using this product. 


I just started using ChaCha tint with L'oreal lipstick Magnetic Coral 373 and it is just a match made in heaven!

Miss Danger


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Summery toned lip and cheek duo

I've never really been a peach blush kinda gal but for a bit of a walk on the wild side I decided to give this one a go. It’s a stunning vibrant mango tint that’s perfect for summer and adds a really healthy glow to the complexion.

This versatile 2 in 1 blush and lip tint comes in a cute brightly coloured, shiny nail polish style bottle complete with the brush applicator which makes application a breeze as it ensures only a small amount is applied. The simplest way to apply this tint is to either dab 3 or 4 dots or swipe a small amount of product onto the cheeks and quickly blend away. There is no need for makeup brushes as your fingertips work best in blending the tint evenly onto the cheeks. The colour is easily buildable by adding a little more until you achieve the desired depth of colour. The finish is like a second skin, neither powdery, sticky or cakey, and delivers the perfect peachy flush. Being a creamy tint, the product is moisturising and long lasting, and should you wish to touch up, you can do so without needing to worry that it will get cakey.

If you wish to use this as a lip tint, I would recommend that you apply some lip balm or gloss for added moisturisation or shine and a bit more hold as it can fade quickly from the lips. Because you only need to use a small amount of product each time the bottle lasts for ages so it's a great buy. For summertime, Benefit’s Cha Cha Tint is definitely a hot favourite.


Try using a little of this tint on the eyelids to add a sheer wash of colour and tie in the look.

Ideal for

anyone looking for a summery hue that's a great alternative to the regular powder blushes.



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Perfect lip tint, not so good for cheeks

This product gives your lips a beautiful coral tint and works wonderfully. It's relatively easy to smooth out but I find I always need to rub it with my finger so I don't get a stark line where it hasn't smoothed out. I've tried using it on the cheek, but found it quite hard to blend out. Mixing it with a primer before putting it on your face helps it apply evenly. Overall, love it - so many use out of one product!



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Nicer than benetint

I like benetint but I like cha cha even more! The colour is really nice for work with a touch of gloss and reminds of mango and the tropics.



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They've done it again

Another ACE tint from Benefit. ChaCha has the same nail polish style bottle as the other Benefit tints. This one, like Posietint is not see through so you can't be certain how much product is left. A little bit annoying as I like to know how long before I have to raid the piggy bank/ask Santa for another trip to the Benefit counter (my closest is 4 hours away!) I guess for some, the packaging might be a bit uninspiring for the $50 or so you pay. For me, I care more about the product inside, which is pretty darned awesome.

This is a BRIGHT orangey coral coloured tint which is awesome for adding a bit of a summery hue to your face. I have fair, pink toned skin and to begin with, I was a bit afraid that this would be too bright and orange on me. Make sure you get a sample or go to a Benefit counter and get one of the lovely people there to help you try it out. It blends out to a lovely peach/coral flush which suits just fine and freshens my cheeks up. As a lip stain, it provides a lovely bold coral that lasts all day and doesnt fade with eating. I have tried some other coral stains and ended up looking like I had been sucking an orange icy-pole. Not a good look.

This tint is a bit thick and has a gel like consistency. Don't be afraid of the full on colour that comes straight out of the bottle, but make sure you use it sparingly and blend, blend, BLEND. You can always layer it if you want a bolder colour. It dries quicker than Benetint so if you are doing cheeks, do one side at a time or it might look like you've tried to paint on some orange whiskers.... good for a costume party maybe, but not so great for getting down the street.

The bottle doesn't seem to last quite as long as Benetint which I'm guessing is due to the thicker consistency of the product, but it does still last a very long time. I think I am about halfway through after 4 months and I will repurchase without a doubt.



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Love at first tint!

A summer essential for myself. The product comes housed in a gorgeous orange coral bottle. Using the accompanied nail polish applicator I apply very thin amounts of my cheeks and blend quickly. The product blends well if I use thin amounts and the result is beautifully flushed cheeks that are or a mango shade! It looks so pretty and appropriate for work as well. Summer ready! Applying both on my cheeks and lips, this product lasts all day! Overall, I cannot find fault with this product. I look healthy and my complexion is full of warmth and radiance!


Apply a thin layer to ensure product blends seamlessly and doesn't appear blotchy. Store the bottle out of direct sunlight and upright where possible.

Ideal for

anyone seeking a gorgeous warm flush to their cheeks! Great for the summer days!

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