Mirenésse - Airbrush Minerals Soft Focus Blush Highlighter


Airbrush Minerals Soft Focus Blush Highlighter

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Mirenesse Airbrush Minerals Soft Focus Blush Highlighter is a 2-in-1 mineral powder blush and skincare treatment designed to create a healthy, blushing glow while simultaneously fighting the signs of ageing. Ideal for sensitive or acne-prone skin. Available in Diamonds, Peach Blossom, Nude Camellia, Rose Dahlia, and Mata Hari.


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Soft blush in great shades

I have this blush in a peach shade and I love that the Mirenesse minerals products agree with my sensitive skin! I haven't been able to get the 'knack' for a heavy application with the attached powder puff, but it's great for light day time use. On my nights out, I open the top and use my blush brush for adequate coverage.


Tap some product onto your hand before applying, otherwise you will end up with either too much, or not enough product on the puff during application.



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Subtly lovely

I love this product! I use Rose Dahlia and Peach Blossom for my makeup routine, and they gave me a natural flush on my cheeks. They add a subtle colour and glow without looking obvious.


It's better to use brush especially if you applied foundation and concealer since the applicator may tug the foundation. I found that tapping the top part before unscrewing the lid left just perfect amount to pick up using blush brush.

Ideal for

Lighter skin complexion, especially of you just want to add a subtle colour



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More highlighter than blush

I just received this (along with a few other products from Mirenesse) in the mail Thursday (after waiting just over a month for my order). Ugh. That aside, I was really looking forward to this product. I purchased Peach Blossom, thinking it would be the perfect summer colour for me and my olive/tan skin.

The box describes: "designed to create a natural healthy blushing glow". My thoughts? Not happy with the colour payoff. It is definitely more a highlighter rather than a blush so yes, you're going to get a glow. But for my skin tone... no go for colour. I will give them this, the shimmer is lovely and, as a highlighter is a great product to try. But not the 2-in-1 they say it will be.

The applicator is a sponge that you need to press onto your skin in order to distribute. It took forever to get through the sponge and I really did get sick of pressing. Once I managed to get some out (by opening the container rather than using as designed), I managed to get some makeup action.

As a highlighter: a little will go a long way, but I don't see me loving this product in comparison to using MAC or Modelco highlighter powders.


You don't want to be in a rush using this stuff upon purchase. Exercise some patience, which is what I didn't (I was getting ready for work). It is a mineral powder so a little will go a long way.

Ideal for

This is ideal for those who have skin sensitivities; it's par for course with Mirenesse and their emphasis on skin-friendly products. Also good for those with fairer skin (if you want the colour to really come through), otherwise if you've got a tan or you've naturally darker skin (I'm the latter), use only as a highlighter.



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Natural blush

I really liked this. It gives a subtle natural look without looking flushed


I use a normal blush brush instead of the puff



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I have Rose Dhalia and Nude Camelia and love them both. The colours are nice and subtle and you can build them for a more dramatic effect. I love the packaging, too - though I don't bother with the applicator and use a brush instead. Highly recommended.



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Quick n easy

This applicator brush is great for some colour on the go. You can control the density easily and its a great travel item.


Travel applicator

Beauty Bower...


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Blushing Beauty

At first I really liked this blush highlighter (I have Rose Dahlia and Mata Hari) as it’s just so lightweight and pretty. It really is superfine and allows my skin to breath. It colours the apples of my cheeks perfectly and I use the Mata Hari as a highlighter on my face and décolletage.

It’s great value because the bottle is huge and will last forever. The lid has a mirror (another Mirenesse genius moment) which is brilliant for when you are on the go!

My only criticism is that the puff applicator is difficult to remove (so I can clean it) and even harder to put back on. I ripped mine trying to gently ease it back on which makes a little harder to use.

Using a brush works okay, but because it is a super fine powder, it ends up all over the bathroom (and my clothes) if I’m not super careful.

As with all of Mirenesse's products, I highly recommend getting them on sale at TVSN or when Mirenesse sends a Specials email (which is everyday).



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a little light on

I found this foundation too subtle and too difficult to use. I think it is best to bypass the powder puff on the tip as it seems to puff more out into the air than onto your skin. If you have flawless skin to start with this is probably a good option for you as you wouldn't need much. If you have blemishes or large pores this probably isn't suitable.



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Blush Convert

Forget the 'powder puff' that comes with the blush and use a brush.


Light hints of glow or full on rosy cheeks.

Ideal for

I have this blush in Rose Dahlia. Gorgeous name, gorgeous colour, a dusty, dusky pink.
As with all Mirenesse products the packaging is beautiful and the lid has a very handy mirror on it.
I would have liked it if Mirenesse provided instructions on how to use the 'powder puff' applicator that comes with it. The blush sifts from the pot through the puff, but I found trying to apply the powder this way was akin to punching myself in the face. The transfer of blush to face was so minimal it wasn't worth the effort. Instead I open the pot and use a blusher brush, swirling it in the sieve to get the required powder. Much easier and more effective.
It is simple to apply just enough to give a glow and feels like wearing nothing at all. It doesn't clog my pores or dry out my skin. For a more dramatic look, or anyone with darker skin the colour builds up nicely. It also stays put, so long as your foundation does.
It may seem pricey but the pot is huge. I think it will last for over a year, even if I wear blush every day.

Kiama Diva


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Another great Mirenesse product.

I have this in 2 different shades and alternate using them depending on the colour scheme of the day/outfit etc.


Ideal to use anytime - day or night always looks great.

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