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Kittens meow


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I own a few of these and have converted friends and family, they last for years (my first one bough 9 years ago is still going strong) and are great for wrapping up your hair, no matter how long or wet, this towel soaks up every last drop and it's thin and dries easily. It's my must have and protects my hair - no rubbing required like with a usual towel.

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Hair saver

I have very fine hair that tangles easily, so I never rub it or anything like that with a towel. I have literally been using these towels for ten years now, I buy a new one every year, and they are fantastic. I squeeze the excess water out of my hair, blot it with the towel, then wrap my hair up in it turban style. The longer you leave your hair wrapped up, the drier it will be, because these towels literally suck all the water out. Possibly the best hair product ever!

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A must have!

I've been using this towel for years now, it's something I'll never be without again. I love that it helps to dry my hair super fast, it's small and easy to use.

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Gem xxx


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Supa Dupa Little Towel

This little towel is no ordinary towel, it cuts drying time in half, it helps maintain in keeping the hair in good condition, time pressed people should invest in this wonderous innovation. It is a mystery to me how this works as there must be something in the weave/material, it is terry-towelling but has a unique feel to it.
Drying your hair with this supa fast, supa absorbent towel, you'd be out the door in no time..

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